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  1. Sonny: I believe most kitchen knifes do have distal taper.
  2. Hi all, Its been quite a while since I've worked on anything let alone post. I thought I'd share a kitchen knife I made for my brother and sister-in-law. Specs: Steel - 440C OAL - 12.5" Handle - Black paper Mycarta with nickel silver Corby bolts. ps: Please excuse the photo quality. I only had time to do a quick and dirty pic before leaving back to college.
  3. Is there any commercial store that carries Acraglas? Or do you have to order it online? or would it be smarter to use the corby bolts and forget the epoxy altogether?
  4. Maybe I can convince my brother to convince her not to put it in the dishwasher...
  5. I agree, but the kitchen knife is for my soon to be sister-in-law and I'm not sure if she will take the time to wipe them down instead of putting them into the dish washer.
  6. Great! Also, I'm going to be using 440C Stainless..
  7. Hey all, The title pretty much asks it all. So do you think it is? I'm wondering because I'm thinking of putting some homemade paper micarta on some kitchen knives. I'd hate to find out that the resine is leaking some chemicals all over the other dishes. Thanks, Tim.
  8. Hey, I thought I'd let you know that Alabama State has a very good Metallurgical program. I have actually decided on attending ASU instead of SDSM&T. Acouple of the reasons: 1. Tution is about the same as SDSM&T(about 16k). 2. Top of the line equiptment that you not only learn about but get to use. 3. If you wanted, you could prob get a paid position as a research assistant as a freshman. I thought I'd share what I saw there since we are pretty much in the same position. -Tim
  9. I have actually been looking for schools too. So far I have narrowed my choice down to South Dakota School of Mines and Tech. Reasons: My brother graduated there and had a really good experience with them, tution is pretty darn cheap, 98% of the students graduate with job offers, the average salary of the offers are about 47k, and last but not least they have a forge too! Here is their website: http://sdmines.sdsmt.edu/sdsmt I hope this helps. -Tim
  10. You know! I do see them! I used a sharpening mask on ps and this is what it came up with:
  11. Hmmm, I'll have to ask my parents about that. It won't be for awhile though till we find a house. But, after then possibley. Would I have to bring anything?
  12. Hi all, I just recently moved to Ft. Worth, TX and was wondering if anyone is around that area? -Tim
  13. Oh okay! That explains alot! In pictures it looked like a type of damascus, but yet it was called san mai. Anyway, thank you for explaining it to me! -Tim
  14. Can anyone explain what San Mai is? What makes it different from damascus steel? I've been seeing alot of knifes made out of it and can't figure it out.
  15. Hmmm... What would be considered short? Can we do a comparison? If so I'd like a full size Katana compared to that temple sword that was posted awhile back. Anyway... I'd have to go with a Wakazashi or a Gladius...
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