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    Blacksmithing!, making traditional archery equipment, hunting, teaching others, a good walk in the woods, Mattie the wonder dog, camping and fly fishing, reading and relaxin'
  1. Nice lookin with good lines. I like it Steve
  2. nice job as usaual on your work. No forg marks is ok but don't abanden your own style.
  3. great looking knife. love the gard and has real nice lines.
  4. good idea Jerry I have ben a little conserned about that. I make shure to not leave the knife in the vise when not working on it. but things can happen so a gard is probabley wise.
  5. Thanks I hope it gives you some ideas. I always enjoy when other people post pictures of homemade tools and tooling. Making your own tools allows you to customize them the way you like them and saves money. Mattie my red healer thanks you for asking me to give her a treat.
  6. Here are some photos of my knife vise. The swivel set up as you can see in the photos is made in out of a trailer hitch ball. The vise is made out of aluminum and HTML plastic and I used bicycle quick releases to make clamping the blade or Tang fast and easy.
  7. Hi welcome to the forum and WA. I live in Everett you can allways stop by any time
  8. Nice Job Sam. That is a great way to stay tunned up on your skills. I will have to try one Just to see if I can get close to what yours looks like.
  9. I like it aloght. looks good and very usable. The sheath goes good with the knife. Great Job. I no your frend will be proud to carry it.
  10. looks like you could kill a few hogs with that bad boy. great job.
  11. steve m


    looking good Geoff. You definitly haven't wasted any material. I also want to see the ring pommel when finished.
  12. Awsom looks great together. How do you get the 1095 so dark? If you don,t mind telling. I have made a few san mai carbon stanless knives but never could get that mutch contrast.
  13. I did a knife with 302 and 1080 I welded all the layers up tight all the way around so no air could enter the stack. then forge weldded as normal. This worked for me. I am shure there ar outher ways like welding in a box that would work also. Not shre of stanless to stanless though.
  14. Grant was a great man. The amount of knowlage he had and the truely great Ideas he was willing to share with others will be missed. I can't think of what the NWBA blacksmith conferences will be like without him. I consider myself luckey to have met and talked to him over the past few years but wished I had known him longer. A sad day. and thoughts go out to his family
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