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  1. This one definitely needs to be in the Hall of Fame!
  2. Anthony try looking at the ABANA website and finding local blacksmith chapters in your area. Then check the local blacksmith chapters' websites for sale sections and you might find some pricing on hammers. I have attached the 50 foundation plan pdf from the Little Giant website. Hope this helps out some and good luck on the hammer acquisition. 50 LB FOUNDATION.pdf
  3. I just received one of these wrenches; it's well made and works very well. Bruce thank you for offering them here.
  4. Dee, Congratulations. You need to write the letters for LEZAN backwards on something and hold it up to the mirror.. Then you'll see that heavy industrial equipment must be in your future. Mike
  5. Hey Dave welcome to my world; 80 degrees and 94% humidity when I left for work this morning. Where are you at in the Sunshine State? If you are going to be here for longer than just your business trip give me a shout. It is going to be a busy thunderstorm run this week so remember you don't need to hear thunder before you head inside.
  6. Ray, If your forged blades didn't always look so superb, I'd say what the heck you should do stock removal. Enjoy your time off from forging, and get back into it when you're good and ready. Do we get to see your take on a Scandi sheath in the future?
  7. Glad your home safe and sound Dee. Hopefully your trip home was uneventful in comparison to your journey to the States. Those beautiful knives you presented managed to show your abilities quite well. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with now you're at the next level. Mike
  8. Brent, I have been patiently waiting for your version of a carbide faced file guide since getting one of your regular ones a while ago. I am still only using it with my Simonds hand files and it is as flat and true as the first time I used it. Please put me down for a cabide faced guide when, not if, you get it figured out. I've got a lot of faith in you Thanks, Mike
  9. +1 on these Simonds files. I watched flea bay and got a great deal on a quantity...I'm still on the first one after over a year
  10. is somewhere on the third rock from the sun

  11. Dee, You knocked my eye's out with this one Between this and Don's Seax I might never get my eyesight back right. I'm really glad to see you back in full swing. Mike
  12. Dee's Thread is a sticky at the top of this subforum click here for a shortcut Furnace Building Mike
  13. Well I've been in my adulthood for a few decades and still call some of them a "damnyankee" Now you tell me it's actually two words??? I guess that's why they were mumbling about that stupid old redneck.
  14. Mike Barton

    New Forge

    Mutt, Use the search function and you can find more than you want to know about building forges. Here's a link to one topic Links to Forge Plans that has more links within the thread. Good Luck, this stuff is addicting!
  15. Don, Thanks for all the time and effort you put into keeping this place running. Even when you have to change it to make it better! We HOPE!?!? Hey who moved all the Smileys to that side ---->
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