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  1. It doesn't seem as obvious in a true Scagel blade because there is a transition curve that puts the handle inline with the spine of the blade at some point on the handle. It's like he was using a french curve to align the handle and blade spine to give the hand some distance from the work area, and offset the alignment at the juncture of the tang and guard. This is probably why they feel so good in the hand, at least the one Dr. Lucie let me hold at his table at last years BLADE Show felt good
  2. Dee- D. (thus far resisting the urge to bake kiln cookies) Give in to your inner voice... Use the force Dee, use the force..umm use the kiln...bake cookies. Me luv coookies Mike
  3. Dee, Did you clean the interior of the furnace prior to initial burn in? Are you going to test the heating elements with another run with temperature increase set to normal operating range? You might want to read this Paragon pdf for a Paragon KM HT furnace. Some of it is model specific, but there is a lot of good information in the start up and preventive maintenance sections that can prolong the life of any electric furnace/oven. You also want to consider finding a couple of ceramic insulator rings for the power wiring going through the top of the junction box you made for the element connections. This looks like an eventual short circuit... smoke and flying sparks, at the very least, with people running wildly about crashing into things forgetting there is a power kill switch handy. Ask me how I know Be sure to check into the paintability of those soft fire bricks, I'm not sure if they would like that, but I don't know for sure. I've been told that I'm real anal about safety, double checking, and testing stuff. I don't really care though, as I have all my fingers and toes (whole too), both ears and eyes, my nose and mouth are working fine, and I am fully mobile without back pain issues Please show us something you've made using your new furnace when you can. I love your sword work you have posted on your website. Mike
  4. Dee, Great going!! I knew you'd get it, and I figured that the electrical supply house would give you grief that you had gotten the SSRs from originally. Sadly that is normal policy with purchasing most electronic components...no returns on electronics unless it is in a sealed package or you are well known to the vendor I'm eagerly looking forward to the conclusion of your epic saga HOW TO GET ZAPPED 101 Now please show us the rest of the story Mike
  5. Dee, You've found the problem. Now you have to find a way to get them to exchange the AC input SSRs' with DC input SSRs' You will need an SSR with these inputs I've sent you a PM with an option. Mike edited with picture size change...sorry Don
  6. D- Just a thought, but you know all new electrical devices are made or overseen by humans. We all tend to screw up occasionally, and it wouldn't be the first time I've encountered a new part that was DOA from the box. If you have a switch inline with your power feed to the SSR try bypassing it by putting both wires under the same terminal. If your elements start heating up it would indicate that your SSR isn't responding correctly, and there is a good probability it was bad out of the box. If the SSR is the problem get another and you'll be all set. Of course you'll just have to deal with wasting your time troubleshooting and tracking down the replacement You're on the right trail - keep on posting Mike
  7. Hi Dee, You're too close to let a little electrical glitch get you down girl. Pic's would be helpful for troubleshooting, but here's a couple of things you can check out. Using a volt meter carefully confirm that you have power going to the SSR load side and the controller comes on with the power turned on. Make sure that your thermocouple has the correct polarity hooked up to the controller input . Decipher those usually mystic directions of the controller and confirm that it is set to match the type of thermocouple you're using (i.e. Type K...). Adjust the setpoint value higher than the process value on the controller and using the voltmeter, again carefully, while the power is on confirm that voltage is going to the SSR. Then check that you have the correct polarity wired up to the SSR input, they are normally fed with DC voltage from the controller. It is critical that the polarity is correct at the SSR if it is a DC input, DC input SSR's won't work if wired in reverse. If these don't help you find the problem please let me know what was found, I'll check this thread later today and will help in you in any way I can from over here. I hope your shift at work went well and you got a good nights sleep to let go of your tension. Believe me when I say I am sure you will work this out. Be cool Mike
  8. Hey Dee, You're most welcome for the little bit of fine tuning advice I have to offer. It seems you've already been given the best training available for working with electrical devices-ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZAP!! Keep posting more pics, you've got a great WIP thread going! By the way I'm Mike , My Dad is Mr. Barton
  9. Dee, Just to add to the safety notes, you really should mount the SSR on a heatsink and install a cover on its wiring contacts. You might want to find an aluminum enclosure for the PID/SSR/electrical that is a little more heavy duty and large enough to hold everything. Nothing like smelling, then seeing plastic on fire to make you realize its too late to fix! Go with your Frankenstein instinct for the electrical control box and you'll be fine edit: electricity and metal need proper spacing between connection points, but it won't melt/burn when mounted against the side of the oven
  10. +1 on the Optivisor with #5 lens.
  11. Jesse, It was waiting for me when I got back from Batsons. Thanks Very Much, Mike
  12. Was I first??? THANKS FOR A GOOD LAUGH
  13. Jared, If it is a matter of economics that forge might work. I have no experience with square internal forge bodies, or a burner with a 90 degree tangent input. The best forges I've seen in use have round or oval internal forge bodies. The burner is installed at an angle to produce a flame swirl that wraps around the inside of the chamber for even and faster heating. It wouldn't hurt to look around for a better designed forge. I have no idea of your budget, but quality is always worth paying for in the long run. You might try looking at the offerings from Chile Forge, Dave is really good to deal with.
  14. This Grinder has been adopted She's going to meet her new owner at Batsons. Thanks to everyone for looking.
  15. Jesse, You should receive notification of payment today. Let's hope they can carry it down the hill to my house without getting injured.
  16. Okay, I'll try it one last time. I'm going to Batsons in two and a half weeks. I would like to deliver my NIB Grizzly 2 X 72 grinder to someone that is also going there that wants a good belt grinder for a great deal at $325.00. I'm asking that they reply to this posting or PM me so we can work out the details. This grinder plus shipping to my home in Florida would be $474.89 from the Grizzly Website when I checked it today. I'm hoping someone will please agree to adopt this little guy.
  17. Okay, let's put it BTT with a price drop to $325.00. I really would like to make this a good deal for someone. My shop planning went out the window when I fell into a deal I couldn't pass up on a Square Wheel Grinder. Having earlier swapped for a DC motor set up that I was thinking of making into a disc grinder, that turned out to be an exact fit for a Square Wheel, clinched the deal. I don't have the room in the shop anymore as another DC motor set up from that swap of daytime job skills is now becoming a disc grinder for flat grinding. Please help me give this grinder a good new home.
  18. I would like to sell the Grizzly grinder I got awhile back when I go to Batsons next month for $375.00. It is still in the original boxes and I am hoping to confirm the deal here, and I will bring it to Batsons to complete the sale. I'm currently unable to arranging shipping. Thanks for the heads up Will, here's the grinder picture from their website
  19. I am now pre-registered as well. Looking forward to seeing everyone I know and those I haven't had the pleasure to meet in person yet.
  20. Here's a pdf copy Hope to see everybody there:lol:
  21. I don't know if Aldo has any 1095 in 3", but you might try contacting him.
  22. Well as I was updating my new e-mail address and thought I might as well update my dedication to this site by making a donation. Thanks a lot for hosting this forum Don.
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