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  1. Hi all: Michael is doing his magic and recompiling (or whatever you call it) the videos from the DVD's generously loaned by Alan. So far we have Don's hand finishing techniques, Peter's sword construction, and my crushed W's pattern welding video. You can find them on his channel or the Arctic Fire website. Thanks Michael! Dave https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCONxF6KdMJN9ymPa2pT5S6A/videos http://www.arcticfire.org/videos.html
  2. Excellent. I'll add the videos back to the Articfire.org site and post youtube links here when done.
  3. Thanks Alan! Thanks also, John for the backup. I am very relieved we can get these pieces back online. Cheers! Dave
  4. I presume it was just out of insane jealousy of my charisma, talent, and rugged masculinity. Haters gonna hate. Right? (;
  5. That would be great, Alan. I'll DM you my mailing address. Thanks! Dave
  6. Our Arctic Fire youtube channel and Facebook page has been hacked or vandalized or whatever you call it. All the videos were deleted. I had a copy of the AF 2013 event on a local computer, so I was able to re-upload it to http://www.ArcticFire.org, and Michael Bergstrom, luckily, hosts the 2016 videos on his channel, but I have no access to our old 2012 videos. As you know, some of these are pretty popular and have significant historic/sentimental value for some of us because Don Fogg was one of the presenters. Does anyone have a copy of the 2012 DVD? If so, can we "b
  7. That is really cool to hear, David! I do think there will be another AF in the next couple of years. I am going to be moving my shop to a warehouse in Anchorage so there will be more room for equipment. For a build against the clock AF like 2013 we will need multiple work stations. Dave
  8. Great lines. Well executed, elegant piece.
  9. Hi Matthew: Glad you liked them! We sure worked hard to produce them. The last AF was in 2016. If you haven't seen the videos you can find them here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCONxF6KdMJN9ymPa2pT5S6A/videos I spoke to Michael Bergstrom (who did the video work for AF 2016) a while ago and asked if he would be up for producing a future AF, and his response was something like: "Abso-F***ing-lutely!" So, I hope we can produce another one someday. If we do another one, I think it will be more like AF 2013: An ambitious build collab with only a
  10. Enormously impressive and inspiring, Matt! I absolutely love the inset pattern welding in the pommel. Also, the complex W's PW center bar designed to align with the fuller is a very clever move, indeed. I may be stealing some of these ideas if I can ever get time in the shop again. Thanks for posting this! Dave
  11. I've never worked with Olive wood, but have you tried just buffing it? I've never used any oil or sealant on my handles. I just sand to a fine grit and buff with a fine pink or white rouge. Sometimes I put a coat of floor wax on the grip after, but not often. This only works with hard, dense, oily woods of course. Ironwood, ebony, blackwood, cocobolo, all look pretty good with this technique. Dave
  12. Update: Here's a shot of it on the new custom trailer (the old one was falling apart). This boat wasn't really designed to be trailered, so it required cutting custom bunks to conform to the hull. Also, some shots of the old engine being lifted out in preparation for the new engine install. The engine is a 110 HP Yanmar. Link below. New transmission, cutlass bearing, and dripless shaft seal are also being installed. https://www.yanmarmarine.com/Products/Sailboat-and-small-craft-engines/4JH110-391/ Note
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