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  1. Pinned for fear this might slip beneath the first page and therefore easy reference.
  2. Thanks Josh! Episode 6, for those who might be interested, is Hemingway's short story: "A Clean Well-Lighted Place," and is themed around the contemplation of death (or at least non-existence). https://www.buzzsprout.com/admin/episodes/1470508-episode-6-a-clean-well-lighted-place-by-earnest-hemingway
  3. Thanks Bryan! If you haven't already done so, check out this interview I did with Don back in 2013.
  4. Episode #5 is now live. Cheers! Dave https://www.buzzsprout.com/335183/1398409-episode-5-terence-this-is-stupid-stuff-by-ae-housman
  5. Thanks Josh! Glad you enjoyed it.
  6. All: We were going through some old footage from AF 2012 and found a raw, unedited interview with Don. There are some parts that should be edited (some zooms, pans, some times where I'm asking him questions with no microphone) but it's still amazing. Don is a great speaker, and so eloquent on the philosophy of the craft. Here it is, no edits, just the raw footage but I think it's still pretty amazing. Enjoy! Dave https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6X22DSdnzE
  7. I do have a long list, but I'd be happy to take suggestions, Joel. I do have to be cognizant of copyright, however, so old stuff is fine (anything older that 1919 is generally non-copyright). I can do selections of copyrighted works under fair use doctrine, but would need permission to recite the whole work. Episode 3 will be released in a couple of days. I'm reading a short story by John Steinbeck in this one. Thanks! Dave
  8. Very cool! What's the steel mix? Any wisdom to impart on thickness/sharpness of the cutter used to "smear" the feather? Have you noticed that different cutter shapes produce different feather angles/lengths? Dave
  9. Hello All: For me, the link between Literature and bladesmithing is not something I can sever. Many of you might not know that I was once an English professor teaching Literature to college students. It's been nearly 20 years since I left the University to become a capitalist heretic, but I miss teaching. So, I've started a podcast about poetry and literature. I thought I'd share it with my brothers in this craft, because I know enough about the type of people who are drawn to this work to know that you're all warrior poets at heart. The first two episodes are up. My goal is to produce one a week. You can subscribe on Itunes, the podcast app on your phone, Stitcher, Alexa, Spotify, most of the podcast services. Just search for "Belletrist." Anyway, below is a link to the podcast. Hope you enjoy it. If you do, I'd appreciate it if you'd drop it a rating, subscribe, etc. Like this forum, I'm not doing this to make money. No advertising or anything. Just a labor of love. Cheers! Dave http://www.BelletristPodcast.com
  10. I love it! Thanks for sharing it, Jim! The collars in front of the bolster are a nice touch. The feather is just awesome. The wood grain of the end of a log on the top of the bolster is a great touch, too. Tell Don he's missed! Dave
  11. If you clean the bolster carefully with acetone or another solvent, then apply clear packing tape on it, it resists the FC well. The other thing to do is just suspend the knife in jar of FC with the blade point down and the handle out of the solution.
  12. Great minds, Clifford. I did that. Went out and robbed the little 20# tank from the BBQ and hooked it up. The forge worked normally. Guess that eliminates the regulator. After venting the 100# bottle for about 2 hours (opening it for about 10 seconds every 15 minutes or so) I still have it at over 180lbs. I think the lesson here is don't tell the guy filling your propane tank that you're a bladesmith. He asked "is this for a forklift?" . . . next time I'll just say: "Yup." Dave
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