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  1. Always love seeing your work. The collars on both are awesome. Thanks for posting. Dave
  2. Nice! Heat coloring on the leaves, or some kind of patina? Dave
  3. For one thing, the flux drips down into the bottom and doesn't puddle up under the blade.
  4. Beautiful, Jul! A real accomplishment.
  5. Cool videos! Nice feather pattern variation on the chef knife, too. I like the "dragon's breath" metaphor. It works visually. Thanks for sharing! Dave
  6. That's pretty cool. I have a pool que vice that is similar, but the tilt mechanism of yours is a really nice added feature.
  7. Beautiful! And with the highly polished finish there is no where to hide any sloppy finish. Bold choice, and well executed. Thanks for sharing it.
  8. I'm sorry I didn't post this earlier. All the equipment has been claimed. Thanks guys. Dave
  9. The milling machine is gone. Everything else is still available. I'll keep it exclusively to this group for a week. If no interest after a week I'll offer them to the local school shop program.
  10. All: I am selling my home in Florida and need to get rid of my bladesmithing equipment. I thought about selling this stuff, but I'd rather see it go to a Bladesmith that will use the equipment well. I have four large pieces of equipment that any bladesmith can have if they come to my house in Florida and haul it away. You have to have a truck and the ability to load the equipment. I'll help, but some of this stuff will require at least three guys. I will have an engine block lifter for the milling machine. Please DM me if you can get to Lake Mary, Florida in the next 14 days and would like some of this stuff. 1: Grizzly G0640X Metal/Wood Cutting Bandsaw. This is a vertical bandsaw, 220v, variable speed. saw. It is currently set to wood cutting, but it only takes a couple of minutes to change it to metal cutting. I have the manual. This bit of equipment needs a minor repair. The rubber insert on the bottom wheel needs replacing. It's a very minor fix. I have wood and metal cutting blades that come with it, as well as a custom aluminum table that makes precision cuts easier. 2: Grizzly G0619 Milling Machine with Vise: The machine only comes with the drill chuck attachment, and no bits. I have the same machine in Alaska so I'm shipping all the end mills, collets, etc. up there. (This thing is SUPER heavy. I'll have an engine block lifter to get it into your truck, but you'll need something similar to unload it at your shop). 3: Grizzly G0489 Hogging Grinder. 3"x79" belt, 4HP motor, 220v (it's 3 phase, but I have a singe phase converter that comes with it). This is a great grinder for flattening sword blades. 4: Beaumont Metal Works EF-48 Horizontal Variable Speed Belt Grinder: This is a handy thing to have for squaring up bits of wood and metal for stacked hilts. Also can be used to cut finger grooves. It has the extension that allows it to run 2x72" belts. Only comes with one small wheel, since I'm keeping the others for my KMG up North. https://beaumontmetalworks.com/product/ef-48-1-hp-variable-speed-horizontal-belt-grinder/ Misc: I also have a tall (suitable for swords) 4" square quenching tank, a metal cut off abrasive wheel saw, and a few other odds and ends. I'll probably update this thread as I continue the moving process with more stuff. DM me, and please be patient if I don't get back to you right away. Also, I will update this post as soon as the equipment has been spoken for from someone I'm sure will actually show up and haul it off. Cheers! Dave
  11. It's a great looking EDC. If it was me, I would shorten the ricasso, or grind a finger grip with a small wheel into the long ricasso. Also, the plunge cut might be cleaned up a bit. Consider cutting it in with a round file before grinding. Another tip with plunge cuts is to cut a half round notch into the profile at the meeting point between the ricasso and the edge. This removes the gradual transition between the edge and the "bar" of the ricasso and creates a binary (either sharp edge or blunt ricasso). Just minor points that are mostly personal preference. A really great little knife. Thanks for sharing it. Dave
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