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  1. Starting a New WIP

    Great stuff, Gary!
  2. More Francesco: I believe the grip is ash (but that looks like maple to my eye), the guards of antler, the pommel will be of cast bronze. I'm unsure what the silver metal of the ferrules is. Dave
  3. Petr asked me to upload these progress pics because his connection is giving him trouble. Check out the cool Bear theme. Really looking forward to seeing this thing finished! Dave
  4. What I love about this forum (among other things) is it seems to be the one place on the internet that isn't filled with people hating each other over politics. We just make cool stuff, that's all. 


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    2. Joshua States

      Joshua States

      Right there with you bro! We make cool stuff and we talk about it too. The best part for me is the distinct lack of attitude and the abundance of humility.

    3. Clifford Brewer

      Clifford Brewer

      I too left another forum for this one because of belittling arrogant asses..........

    4. Jerrod Miller

      Jerrod Miller

      We don't just make cool stuff though, we also teach and learn about really cool stuff!  

  5. The Lake Sword

    A project to be proud of! Well done, man! I dig it.
  6. Renaissance Sidesword WIP

    Wow. This looks awesome. Luck on the build! Dave
  7. Matthew Parkinson

    You're a madman, Matt. So many cool blades . . . boggles the senses! Do you sleep? Grins, Dave
  8. Back in the game

    That is awesome, Alan! Love the little inlay of the knife on the hawk. The browning on it is very nice, also. Just a great overall presentation! Welcome back, man! Dave
  9. Cheap Sword Quench Tank!

    Awesome tip! THanks for sharing.
  10. Therapy Dagger: A little PW Dagger

    Michael, Sorry it took me so long to see this and respond. The "clean little lines" are actually quite easy if you use my "hack." Here's a photo that should explain it. Shhh. Don't tell anyone. I want everyone to think that I have the steady filing hands of Peter "The Human CNC Machine" Johnsson. (; Luck! Dave
  11. Therapy Dagger: A little PW Dagger

    Thanks everyone! I appreciate the kind words. Now I'm back to working on that huge PW sword I'm doing with Petr. The contrast of going from working on a 3.5" blade to a 48" sword that's 6" wide at the base is pretty dramatic. My shoulders hurt just from using the 7" disc grinder to knock all the scale off of it yesterday. Cheers! Dave
  12. hollow grind

    "Staying as pure as possible." Not sure what that means, actually. The hollow grinds you see from the earlier times often came from grinding wheels made of abrasive stone, many of which were powered by water wheels or other mechanical means. Were they not "pure?" And, as Vern said, fullers are a whole different story. A bit of advice: It's important to realize that this craft is an exercise in discovering that you know less and less about more and more as you progress. There is a lot to learn. I would advise not assuming you know what is "real" or "pure" at the beginning of the path. It's a long road. Luck in the quest. Dave
  13. hollow grind

    This is all good advice . . . but I wonder why you want to hollow grind if you don't have a grinder? Try a flat "grind" with draw filing. It's kind of the accepted method of putting in the primary bevel after forging if you don't have a belt grinder. It's surprisingly fast, too. There are a dozen or more long threads on the forum on draw filing techniques. If you go to google and type site:bladesmithsforum.com "draw filing" You'll get a lot of good info. Also, you'd be surprised how well some members have done using inexpensive hand held 4" disc grinders. At the right angle, they do a decent job of putting a shallow hollow grind into a blade, plus you have the advantage of being able to see the grind as it happens. Luck! Dave
  14. The Lake Sword

    Really a great project! Thanks for the detailed WIP!
  15. "SnarkNado" Fighter.

    I think this is the first time I've seen a san mai weld with the PW on the inner layer. I really like the effect! Awesome work as usual! Dave