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  1. What I love about this forum (among other things) is it seems to be the one place on the internet that isn't filled with people hating each other over politics. We just make cool stuff, that's all. 


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    2. Clifford Brewer

      Clifford Brewer

      I too left another forum for this one because of belittling arrogant asses..........

    3. Jerrod Miller

      Jerrod Miller

      We don't just make cool stuff though, we also teach and learn about really cool stuff!  

    4. Adam Betts

      Adam Betts

      I think a lot of the credit for that goes to the admins for setting the tone. This forum is for sure a gem of the internet.

  2. Gosh I miss the old forum software. I feel lost in the mist.


    1. Gabriel James

      Gabriel James

      it gets better with time! i felt the same way for the first 3 days

    2. Collin Miller

      Collin Miller

      I'm with you man, I'm sure we'll get used to it though. I do like the new feature that you can tag people. Other than that I'll take the archaic forum website that we all knew and loved...

  3. Minor fire in dust collection system tonight. Fun! Luckily happened while I was grinding. Replacing all plastic lines with metal tomorrow. I look like a 19th century chimney sweep after frantically dissasembling the system to douse the smoldering flames. Be careful guys!

  4. Ah . . . that moment when you realize you forged the tang too short, and it's too thin to forge out longer. I keep telling myself I do this craft for the Zen. Yes. Very relaxing.

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    2. Collin Miller

      Collin Miller

      At least you didn't burn your tang off! I've got to spend some time with a welder now...

    3. Al Massey

      Al Massey

      Look up my how-to on forge-welding a tang extension on Sword Forum.

    4. Al Massey

      Al Massey

      Did you read the tutorial I did?


  5. Finally off the road and back in the shop. Metal makes sense. People are friggin' crazy.

    1. Salem Straub

      Salem Straub

      Yeah buddy. So true!

    2. Caleb Harris

      Caleb Harris

      I'm using that quote.

  6. Finally back in the states. The beer is cold! Yay!

    1. Karter Schuster
    2. Josh Burrell

      Josh Burrell

      you didn't have to drink it if you didn't like it..... just saying...


      good to meet you Dave.


    3. Dave Stephens

      Dave Stephens

      Actually, I kind of had to . . .


      Nice meeting you as well Josh!

  7. Geeking out in anticipation of attending the upcoming Bushfire Forge Symposium in London.

    1. Ondřej Borský
    2. Matt Todd

      Matt Todd

      Take lots of pic for us to geek out on. You know we love knife porn

  8. Just watched History Channel show "Vikings." Can't decide if I'm depressed or amused.

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    2. N. Runals

      N. Runals

      Haha, I agree Tyler.


    3. Scott A. Roush

      Scott A. Roush

      There were things I liked about the first season.. but the season opener this year was terrible. Yeah.. Soap Opera.


    4. Eddie Eggleston

      Eddie Eggleston

      oh how I wish there could be TV without the drama. numerous shows would be tons better. or at least tolerable.

  9. Garnets are inexpensive ornamentation . . . unless you keep dropping them and losing them on the shop floor. Then they kinda get expensive.

    1. Caleb Harris

      Caleb Harris

      Ha, you should try black pearls.

  10. Aspiring to be a heathen fatalist.

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    2. Karter Schuster

      Karter Schuster

      By Woden's beard!

    3. ShawnShaffer


      Aha ! i see interestingly enough i have decided to do the same when i was small listing to the history of warriors of old and such i wanted to be just like them fearless and never timid living safely in my home. didn't know they had a term for it though.

    4. G Baughman

      G Baughman

      Good to see others following the path of the old folk

  11. Applying ice to burns from a failed bronze casting. Holy cow liquid bronze is hot! (;

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    2. Scott A. Roush

      Scott A. Roush

      :-) Have precaution when/if you get to attempting a bronze water cast. I had a water bomb go off in my shop a couple of months ago. Some water must have gotten trapped inside the bronze blob. Hope your burns weren't too bad!

    3. Stephen Olivo

      Stephen Olivo

      Ouch. I have taken part in 2 bronze pours. Hot stuff. What were you doing and where did you get burned? Alovera or burdock work really well for burns.


    4. J.Arthur Loose
  12. Still geeking out over no flux welding!

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