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  1. Wow! That looks fantastic!
  2. Cool trick with the hose clamps on the rotary tool! Stealing that.
  3. Here's a trick I use to get thin, parallel lines onto guards and such. Put a cutoff wheel from a dremel in a drill press or milling machine. Clamp a small square of aluminum or other material in the mill vise to act as the "bench" Lower the head of the mill/drill until the edge of the cutoff wheel is as high off the bench as you want the line inset on the piece. Keep the piece flat on the bench and slowly rotate it into the wheel. I have a picture of this somewhere on one of my posts. I'll try to find it. It really help if you can slow the speed of the spindle down. Dave -- Found it!
  4. Looks great. Love the dedication. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Thanks Alan. Sure appreciate your years of service to the forum!
  6. And . . . THAT, gentlemen, is why you should turn off the vacuum on your vacuum caster right after pouring! It's okay, I have more wax! lol Dave
  7. I like the blade shape. I'll bet fitting the scales onto the back of the integral bolster took some "quality time" with a file. Bold move going full tang instead of hidden tang with an integral. Turned out nice! Dave
  8. Wow. Nice!
  9. Beautiful. I love the way the wood grain in the grip compliments the PW on the edge. Really cool mosaic use. You've seen Dick Sexton's work w/ mosaics? Dave
  10. Always love seeing your work. The collars on both are awesome. Thanks for posting. Dave
  11. Nice! Heat coloring on the leaves, or some kind of patina? Dave
  12. For one thing, the flux drips down into the bottom and doesn't puddle up under the blade.
  13. Cool videos! Nice feather pattern variation on the chef knife, too. I like the "dragon's breath" metaphor. It works visually. Thanks for sharing! Dave
  14. That's pretty cool. I have a pool que vice that is similar, but the tilt mechanism of yours is a really nice added feature.
  15. Beautiful! And with the highly polished finish there is no where to hide any sloppy finish. Bold choice, and well executed. Thanks for sharing it.
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