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  1. i started out with the kitty litter and stuff ended up have to make numerous repairs before i switched to kaowool so i would suggest to go with the kaowool type liner bit of a start up cost but will save you in the long run
  2. the exact same as me, even got mine at walmart too
  3. whats the best around. for lager i say sam adams. they also have an ale but i havent tried it yet. would love some suggestions of things to try.
  4. beautiful knife and a great idea
  5. my brother just got me bout 150lbs or more , dont know how much each ways yet, it is in plate form but is different shapes. was wondering if it would make goods knives? hadn't had the chance to spark it yet.
  6. thx man couldn't remember what all i put in it last time.
  7. I am making another BBQ forge, other one got thrown away during during major cleaup, and i don't remember the amount of stuuf to put in it I ave kitty litter, sand, cement, and perlite. Is there anything else i need and what is the ratio for the ingredients if there is a link or another post plz let me know. THX
  8. awesome knifes. and beautiful bows i have a Bear Kodiak Magnum 60#, would love some advice on were to get a good deal on some traditional wood arrows.
  9. Mjohnson


    Thanks for the help. i found an old BBQ grill about foot wide and am going to use that for now. will engine oil be fine for quench or should i use a light oil like vegatable or such
  10. Mjohnson


    goin for a Forge i was going to get something like a 55 gal drum or a big pressure tank and line it with adobe or some other fireproofer but don't know what would be best.can probably get hands on old BBQ grill though
  11. Mjohnson


    I'm building a charcoal furnace and was wondering what would be the best way to do it
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