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    Imboden , Arkansas
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    Family , building and riding motorcycles , muzzle loaders , venomous snakes .
    After a lot of time spent on this forum , if I ever manage to make a nice blade , handle , scabbard , etc .,,, all credit would have to go to the members here . The knowledge shared freely here is incredible , and is much appreciated . I am very grateful for it , thank you Mr. Fogg .

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  1. Ken Burbank

    Almost stepped on a rattlesnake, again.

    Steven , there are some well respected herpetologists who have a theory that rattlesnakes are evolving to rattle less and less , because when people hear a snake rattle , they tend to hunt it down and kill it . This is just a theory , but it might explain what is happening .
  2. Ken Burbank

    Almost stepped on a rattlesnake, again.

    There is a theory that rattlesnakes are evolving more toward not rattling , because rattling gets them killed . It would make sense , but I have no idea if that is the real cause .
  3. Ken Burbank

    Quigley Style Bowie

    I believe that rifle would be a .45 110 540 . A very good long range round . This knife looks to0 be very well done , nice work .
  4. Ken Burbank


    When are you gonna make a big one ??? Some beautiful work there , but I don't think I'd want to be tickled with it !
  5. Ken Burbank

    Something Not My Usual

    Different , and I like different ! First class job sir , love that blade .
  6. Ken Burbank

    A Pair of Pattern Welded Leaf Blades: WIP

    Very high class work Dave ,,, beautiful steel !
  7. Ken Burbank

    Scottie Dog Sgian Dubh

    Beautiful work Mr. Cleland .
  8. Ken Burbank

    Virus ?

    Ok . About what I expected .
  9. Ken Burbank

    Virus ?

    When I opened the site ( before sign in ) a couple minutes ago , I got a warning from Avast that it had found something wrong and stuck it in the chest . The same thing happened a couple weeks ago . Anybody know what is causing this ? I'm using IE , and it would be easy to blame this on that , but I'd like to get a better idea of what it is , because it's making me nervous about wandering on the site .
  10. Ken Burbank

    pop - up at sign in ,

    Can anybody tell me why I'm seeing a pop - up from something called zulila when I try to sign in ? I punch it off ( upper right corner like closing most pages ) then sign in normally . But why is this showing up ?
  11. Ken Burbank

    Falcon nest in a tree, rare and lovely site these day

    Caught me clean unprepared , and same as everybody else it cracked me up . Good job !
  12. Ken Burbank

    Hey Sam ,

    Sorry , Mr . Salvati .
  13. Ken Burbank

    Hey Sam ,

    Sent you a pm . I put this here because I don't know a better place for it .
  14. Ken Burbank

    Damascus chasing hammers

    He's going to use these ? Get a rope ! Just kiddin , but they are very good lookin hammers ,
  15. Ken Burbank

    Pinned topics

    I went to the pinned show and tell section , and the first thing I wanted to re - run was Sam's integral hawk tutorial . The pics have been replaced by the little rectangles with a red X in the upper left corner . Once that happens is it all just gone ? ( should be able to tell I'm not AT ALL tech wise )