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  1. Hey guys. I got a bunch of this stuff a while back and it has been sitting around collecting dust. Time to thin the herd and generate a little cash to buy other stuff I don't need. I have 3 things for sale. 1- Iron City Post or Leg Vise. Complete and in good shape. The threads are all good and not chewed up, opens and closes nice and square like it should. I think the jaws are 3" to 4" wide....when I can get out in the garage tomorrow I can measure for sure. My guess around 35-45lbs. Asking SOLD. 2- Champion hand cranked forge blower. Nice smaller size that you can make a mount for pretty easily. A lot easier to handle or mount than the big 400 blower. I have not pulled it completely apart but it turns pretty smooth and moves a lot of air for its size. The wooden handle is long gone but thats pretty common. You almost can't kill these cast iron tanks as long as you don't use 'em as a boat anchor. Asking SOLD 3- Group of 17 tongs. These all came from the same estate of a lady who's grandfather had been a blacksmith back in the day. A couple of them he actually welded extensions on to the ends of them to for wahtever reason I haven't a clue. There is a good mix here of ones for flatstock, rounds stock, square stock, and even a couple for balls. The whole group for SOLD. If someone wants to buy it all I can give them a better deal. As an entire package this makes a pretty good shop full of tools especially for someone just starting. Any questions give me a shout. Shawn
  2. How long are the nails on average? These things are great for period furniture repair.
  3. Cleaning out the ole garage. I've got 16+lbs of wagon rim wrought iron for sale. Asking $35 shipping included. PM me if you are interested. Thanks a lot. Shawn
  4. Thought I had sold all this wrought but found about 15 extra links in the corner of the garage when I was cleaning the other day. Like to turn them into some needed cash for fuel, supplies, etc. I am asking $15 per link + shipping. If you get a single link I can get it in a $5 flat rate box 2-4 links in a $10 flate rate box in the USA. The links are about 9inches long and 1.5 inches thick. Comes in at right around 8.5lbs of wrought per link. Shoot me a PM or email and I can hook you up. Thanks! Shawn
  5. Met a guy at the flea market today pulling out with a Hay Budden anvil. Probably around 175lbs or so in good shape. Edges had some chips and some marks on the top but overall pretty flat and useable. Told him I didn't need it but I would pass the word along to some people I know who might be able to put it to good use. He was askin $350 but I think he was willing to negotiate. I'm not makin anything on this deal just trying to help some local guys out if they are hunting. If interested PM me and I'll pass you his name and number as I'm not sure he would like me to post it online. Shawn
  6. For a HB that would put it around 1901 so says "the good book". At that will be our sermon for today. haha. After looking at Bobs horde I find myself rather depressed....or is it jealous? Maybe a bit of both. Sigh. Shawn
  7. Is that an upside down saw makers anvil I see? Like to find me one of those. Looks like you certianly have a bounty of anvils.
  8. I've got "the book". haha. If you are refering to Anvils in America. Shawn
  9. A bit surprised there isnt a serial number of some sort on the front foot. Looks like a good anvil and whether it is Trenton, Hay Budden, or Peter Wright they are all good anvils. As long as you like it and it gets the job done thats all that really matters. Shawn
  10. Any markings like a serial number or such on the front foot? Almost looks like a Trenton to me though im no expert. If I recall PW's should also have another handling hole in the center of the front foot as well. That super slim waist makes me think it isn't a PW. Shawn
  11. BEEFY. Great as usual Wade! Shawn
  12. Any time you can get a Peter Wright (or any good English/American anvil for that matter) with good edges and the top isn't swayed for under $2 per pound it is a good buy. You could stumble across one cheaper one of these days but I wouldn't hold your breath(or you'll find one when you really don't need or aren't looking for one!!). I agree with Ty I'd leave the face alone. Just check it for rebound and as long as she bounces snatch it up! Good luck. Shawn
  13. Need to get an updated pic but here's my 250lb Fisher. I do like it ever so much.
  14. Hey guys. Selling this one for a relative of mine so this anvil is in York, PA. It is an early 1860's-1870's Fisher anvil. Good edges and rebound though at some point the tip of the horn was snapped off and someone welded something "hornesque" in its place. You can see it all in the pics. Haven't weighed it on a scale but given the dimensions and comparing it to a similar anvil of the same time frame she weighs in at 250lbs. Asking price for someone on the forum is $325 OBO. Any other questions feel free to get in touch with me through email or here. Thanks a bunch! Shawn
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