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  1. Howdy!! I do miner a bit differently than most folks as I draw down the whole spike and to me that gives a much better "feel" in the hand..as well as providing "extra" material for the blade.. JPH (Off to pick up after Elsa's visit last night)
  2. Hello: Nice knife..great to see someone else doing fullers and yelmans on a blade.. as far as long feathers.. you haven't even started to get tortured until you get above 18" and anything over 22" or so is just agony to draw out.. Still..nice clean lines..very very nice... I use an old HF axe that I rolled the edge down a wee bit for the smaller/shorter stuff..on the longer pieces..well I am saving that for book IV..a man has to keep a few things to himself until the time is right.. You should of heard the vast amounts of very creative profanity that is st
  3. DL: I tried SS hose clamps like 25+ years ago..the idea does work but I wind up welding the clamps to the bar...which can be a nasty problem with some projects.. I have been wiring stacks together from my start 50+ years ago..never had any problems at all..but I really get the wires tighter than a Scotman's purse string..that is the key there..get it TIGHT..especially when you are welding shim stock and sheet like I do.. JPH
  4. Hello: Hope no one minds.. not heated through..IE not hot enough where it counts...that is what it looks like to me anyways...heat soak it for what you THINK is long enough and then wait an additional 30 seconds or so at temp.. That should help a bit.. JPH
  5. Al: More or less..it is,,,everything is held together with cutler's resin..which works great due to the fact that the grip panels are basically the same stuff...resin/rosin. The hard part was putting the bezel around the frame and then rolling it over the copal to get it together..Thankfully I have strong hands and instead of using one of those bezel burnishers that everyone seems to be in love with I used a stainless steel teaspoon that I modified for this purpose..you can really get down on that much better than one of those thin burnishers.. Made it a bit easier to roll over th
  6. Hello.... As far as JJ Perret's work..that is in the hands of my publisher.. I should bug him and see what is up there..he has had it for a year now... Hummmm JPH
  7. Hello! Thank you all for the kind words..As to the copal..there is copal and there is copal.. Some of the "younger stuff" under say 1500 years or so is more like rosin and that is usually used as incense ..however it can be processed into material that looks and acts a lot like amber. Then there is the "ancient" copal..this is the material that beads, bracelets and other items are made from..It is harder, a bit denser and usually deeper in colour. This is what I used..broken trade beads..it was an experience and a good deal more to it than I originally thought but the results
  8. Howdy.. Well it has been an interesting last bit...took a bit of maneuvering , wheeling/dealing and being creative to stay afloat with minimal (if any) studio time but now that things have turned around and orders are once again coming in..I am BACK!! I did get some serious writing done on book IV as well as figure out how to get a bigger chuck of that wavy feather pattern I have been worklng on..here is the reult of one blade for the cover photo of book IV.. I am keeping this one for myself. 31" blade, double fullers, file worked spine..(wore out 3 files do
  9. RT: As far as the horn goes..you have to get on the critter's good side and really convince them that by growing their horns to you needs will give them a certain degree of immortality.. Now the best way that I know to get this through to them is doing the following...After you explain that you are their key to immortality...This may take a good eal of alcohol for you as well as the critter,,,,after that is established... You need to strip down to a diaper..smear shortening all over you and then sit in a bathtub full of lime jello and while it sets.. stat
  10. Alan: No...no iguanas yet and I have the slow cooker ready too!! Did see a couple way up in the trees a couple days back but they had no intentions as far as I could tell about coming down.. could knock them down with the blowgun though if I wanted to... As far as this new one..the real trick was getting that antelope to grow his horn the exact way I needed it to be.. JPH
  11. Howdy... Been slowly trying to recover from all this covid infringements on my supplies and materials... so decided to get my mind cleared of all the stuff that has happened ion 2020...Wanted to make a Bowie and well..it didn't turn out quite the way I intended.. This is what happens when my feeble old mind starts to wander off... 19" recurved blade, in a feather pattern, welded in 1070 and L-6 with some meteoric iron thrown in just because I can.. Twin fullers (which are not all that much fun to forge in on a recurve..I tell ya that..) Forged phosphor bronze mounts
  12. JPH


    hello.. I am sorry that I have not been around much of late,,,my brother passed on three weeks ago....48 years old...would of been 49 next month,,,so things here are all shook up...couple that with us trying to survive through this corona BS and things are not good...but we are plugging along as best we can...and that is about the best we can do.... will pop in again when I can.. take care all.. JPH
  13. Hello.. Just got this one finished..this would of gone to RPFS out in California.. but since that is not running this year..on the website it goes... 22" long blade..hugs and kisses pattern in 1095, L-6 and some meteoric iron with full length fuller each side...forged and file worked phosphor bronze mounts and some of that bowling ball material that I happened to stumble upon a while back that I fluted for the grip.. Sheath is mounted in phosphor bronze and has a gem quality carnelian inset on the throat.. At least I am starting to get caught up on some thin
  14. Howdy..I hate grinding and I was taught by one of the best blade grinders in the world..the late Bob Engnath...He showed me alot of things to make more "dramatic" grinds and all but I still detest it. That is why I built Frankengrinder...14" serrated wheel...5 HP motor moving 6300 SFM belt speed...Cuts fast..cuts deep and it doesn't care what it grinds...steel..copper, you...it just grinds.. JPH
  15. JPH

    Fancy One

    K.C.: Since you asked.. My front yard is approx 1.75 acres in area..my back yard is a wee bit larger at 2.25 acres and out back there is where my pistol range is...( 25 yards is it..sad I know but better than nothing ...PLUS i can use my SMGs as well back there so ....). The first thing you see when you clear the jungle that is my driveway coming in to our property once you make the turn is the studio....(our driveway is about 175 yards long or so..it is so long we had to have custom signage made and posted to show UPS/FedEx/USPS and DHL where we are.. includi
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