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  1. JPH

    Front Yard Follies

    Kevin: WELL......the shop is in the front yard. 75 yards from the front door heading out to the front gate...hence..I work in the front yard.. JPH
  2. Owen: That is really the eel's hips...You know your onions on that ... JPH
  3. Howdy!! Here are a few of the latest from my front yard.. The Kard s 1095, L-6 and some meteoric iron with a red Bovine Ivory grip.. The white gripped dagger is in a maiden hair pattern with a blade of 1095, L-6 and meteoric iron with some pre-WWI white Bakelite. The sheath is set with a 12.78 ct star ruby The darker griped dagger is in a ladder pattern in 1095, L-6 and meteoric iron with some more Pre-WWI Bakelite . the sheath has a 14.56 ct star ruby set into it..These were going to RPFS in Irwindale, CA but that is canceled so up on the website these go! These didn't turn out too bad considering an old man made them out in his front yard.. Hope these come out properly.. JPH
  4. JPH


    Hello: Well..as mentioned in mt past post I have re-examined our position and it is not good.. I lost all of the trade shows/faires that I send my e-vile minions to due to their being canceled..This translates into no income..which is not a good thing...However I have made some moves that will lessen the negative impact a bit..hopefully to the point where we will make it on one piece.. Royalties do help bit as well... On the same subject of this damn panic..Seems that three nights past a couple of idiots tried breaking into our home through the back door off of our deck.. They were so focused on what they were doing that while my wife was on the phone to PCSO I slipped out the front door and well..they spent a while sitting down with their shoes off staring at the business end of my shotgun. The sheriff deputies were more than happy to put them up for the night..came out a day later that these two apparently have been breaking into places to get easy money.. Now I do not know if this is due to the present situation or if these two are just deadbeat burglars..All I do know is we are safe and they are off the street for a while... All in all...I am populating my website as much as I can and hopefully I can generate enough lucre to stay afloat..Going balls to the wall on this... JPH
  5. JPH


    Hello: As a full time maker I am pretty much dead in the water..So far I have gotten notices that 5 of the 7 shows that my e-vile minions attend and move product for me are closed..the big one..the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire out in Irwindale, CA is not going to be held this year and that was due to start in a couple of weeks...we were told they needed all the vendor/artisan booths moved by this Sunday off the site.. Just peachy... Several others that I sell at are closed as well ..I am regrouping this weekend and seeing what the prospected damages are to my cash flow (it is not going to be good..I can see that already)..and try to figure out how I am going to make if for however long this damn thing is going to last.. I will just load up my website and hope for the best while I see what sort of moves I can make.. The book royalties do help but this is BAD NEWS for me..This is hitting me hard but there should be a few things I can do to lessen the impact.. On the lighter side of this...I have noticed that all that has happened and is happening is exactly like the start of one of those low Budget Zombie movies..a mysterious pandemic..society goes crazy..folks die and then the zombies arise..Well I am all set cause you can't find any sort of ammo right now and lucky for me I am a bit paranoid about running out so I have a nice stockpile of everything from .22LR up to .50BMG and 20mm.. Folks use to make fun of me doing all of this "prepper" stuff..well they ain't laughing so much right now...I figure when this really gets bad it'll be between the Mormons, the Amish and folks like me to set things back right... So in a nutshell I am getting a bit concerned as to what my future looks like as swinging a hammer is my rice bowl..two more years and I can get my pension from the NG..but what happens between now and then?? This I do not know... This is going to be interesting... JPH
  6. Hello: Actually it is 125..and I still have three numbers left to fill which I am going to build as time allows while working on book IV prototype photos and techniques... As it is it is a bunch of blades.. JPH
  7. Howdy: On the photos...hey it is tradition that I have lousy photos...If I start getting good ones folks will start to think that I am not me any more... I never said I was any sort of photographer person ..far from it but I do my best.. On the pins,.,.they are domed and I have to pre-drill the right sized hole so the grip material will not split/crack.the last thing I want is a grip to crack open...not a good thing to have happen at all... Ref the twin fullers...doing these are a bit tedious as far as spacing and depth but using a fly press makes it a good deal less nerve wracking but still they are a pain..but they sure look nice..makes the thing look "finished"..at least to me it does... Happy ya'all like it...this is going to the Gator Knife Show down here next weekend.. if it lasts that long..these things have a way of selling rather quickly.. Which in itself isn't a bad thing.. JPH
  8. It turned out OK... Howdy.. OK this was suppose to be a really looong seax but...it sorta got away from me and well..this is what I wound up with.. I am so sick of doing the Japanese stuff that I needed to get something European done..so I wanted to do a three core Seax for that show we are going to next weekend as an eye catcher... you know... lure the unsuspecting in and then.. I got them!! It didn't quite turn out that way though... Now I started out welding up some 1070, L-6 and some SS heat treat foil in my starting faggot of 75 layers.. welded that up...drew that out and split off the cores and did a twist/counter twist off set interrupt and then welded on the edge steel...cut and did the tip...all was well...BUT.....this is where I got lost and this is what happens when I loose my train of thought and let my feeble mind wander all over..thought about doing something with a yelman and then that turned into something recurved and double fullered and then...well...it is a terrible thing when a mind melts into forge jello in the middle of a project..So here it is... Oh,..twin fullers are a PITA enough on a straight blade..on a curvy one??? ouch!! Blade length is 31"...two fullers each side..on to the Yelman and the other a wee bit short of the tip. Yelman length is 11 1/2" Fittings are forged phosphor bronze and the grip is fossil Bos Taurus Ivory.. This is one mean puppy of a sword..Looks like something out of E.R. Burroughs's John Carter series if you ask me...You will never know how many times I laid up on a hill side in my youth wanting to be taken to Barsoom...That didn't work either...I am starting to see a pattern here... Well here it is in all of its glory... Hope these photos work out. JPH (By the way I was 100% sober when I did his...alcohol had no part in the design...)
  9. I like it..A LOT!! But...it would be drop dead gorgeous with a PW blade...with a nice fuller down the back.... still it looks great.. JPH
  10. Alan: No open work.. it is black enamel ..when it is fully polished up the black and gold colours tie in with the general theme colours of the Ito... JPH
  11. Al: yeah.. the Hamon isn't a total pooch..but it isn't what I was going for but it did work up to a point......so back at it one more time...I will figure it out..Just wish that Bob E. was still with us..Between the two of us, he and I could figure most anything out as far as these things go.. Working on a couple more of these for book IV as well...should have them done in a few weeks.. JPH
  12. Hello: Here is the first sword I finished in 2020...The blade is 1070..the Hamon.. well, I dunno what to call it... Togari Gunome maybe?? finished with temple lion motif fittings from my art foundry guys in Taiwan..They do a great job..yes they do!! Much better than an old ham handed reprobate like I could do..... Black samegawa under that black and gold Chevron Tsuka-ito that I adore.. This is another proto for book IV which is coming along splendidly even if I do say so myself.. The siya is black lacquer that I dripped/ "flicked" Testors model airplane paint (metallic gold) on and then sealed with 6 coats of hard, clear lac.. I got the idea from a siya that one of my friends down here showed me a while back...turned out non too shabby but there is still room to improve on that...I do know I need to find a better price on that stuff..it is $$$...Hope the photos work out... Note: This Hamon didn't turn out like I wanted.. I was going for more of a crashing/breaking ocean wave/surf sort of thing but that isn't what happened.. Like I have said before...Experience is what you get when you don't get what you wanted to.. Happy 2020... JPH
  13. JPH

    Book IV Cover sword

    Alan: As far as Bo-Hi/fullers go..I have no idea why "modern makers" tend not to do these.. I mean they not only serve a purpose hey also make a piece look "finished" if you know what I mean... Ref polish..this was done using wet/dry paper to 2000 grit wet then a hot vinegar dip (used that harsh white vinegar) followed by a rub down with automotive rubbing compound cut with a light oil on a leather buff stick... then another hot vinegar dip followed by more rubbing until I was happy with the results.. I do not know what Mr White does so I can not comment on that ... JPH
  14. Howdy! Well I finished the first of the "cover swords" for book IV..here it is...didn't turn out half bad if you ask me..especially for a bald barbarian.. O-Katana in 1070 Electrite (that is 1070 with a small amount of Si..) 31" blade...Shinogi Zukuri with two scraped in Bo-Hi full blade length .. Koshi-sori (most curve in the first 1/4 to 1/3 of the blade up from the habaki) Choji Hamon that is very frosty and has nice activity.. Dragonfly motif mounts in bronze with gold and silver leaf detailings.. Black samegawa under black and gold chevron pattern silk tsuka-ito.. I think this one came out especially nice.. Hope this pics turn out.. JPH
  15. JPH

    Nightmare Tanto

    Howdy!! Thank you all kindly.. Yeah..getting old isn't for wimps or sissies..but it's not the years per se in my case...it's all my misspent youth getting shot,,stabbed, blown up, ran over and generally FUBAR'd.. All these injuries are now making themselves known..in spades!! But that's OK..I am a human cockroach...I sometimes need my walking stick..especially when the weather gets bad..had to use my walker a couple of times..Thanks to Uncle Sugar they gave me this hot rod one.. padded seat..back rest..arm rests..4 wheel suspension...the whole Magilla..... Regards publishers..thanks given to Alan L for fixing me up with a new one who has been very VERY good to me.. Now I am not saying that my old publisher wasn't... but when the owner died..Paladin Press went slowly out of the business...I have to give them the credit they deserve simply due to the fact that without them giving this strange LEO/ Dog Faced MP a chance I wouldn't be enjoying the "status" that I have now....what ever that is... Someone called me an "Icon" the other day...But I don't want to be hanging on some church wall!! I'm not even Christian!! Anyway this one cut me up one side and down the other..the worst part is it makes everything so sticky and all with the blood..hard to keep a decent polish going.. But it turned out ok.. So it's onto the next batch of high carbon swords for my e-vile minions that rep for me... Here's a "mini bastardsword" I just finished for site stock... JPH
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