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  1. JPH

    Cowboy Knives

    Hey!! Not a "cowboy" per sey but a "farm boy"..Up at 0430...feeding chickens and gathering eggs..milking cows.. slopping the hogs... mucking out stalls..tending to the chickens, ducks and geese....as well as the horses and all the other critters..all that plus going to school and it all started over when I got back home...rain or shine..all sorts of weather..didn't matter it still had to be done.. So I know what you are saying..it is a rough life but it is a good life.. JPH
  2. Alan: I am starting to really like the stuff..It is different I will say that. Here is one I finished today that is going up on my site tonight..got to get some lucre PDQ..all God's Childin' gotta eats! I forget what this colour combination is called...something like molten lava? JPH
  3. Hello!! First off I totally DETEST grinding..it's boring and monotonous and just un-fun.. So I run my grinders to the point where grind time is minimalised.. And the Frankengrinder cuts everything..it doesn't care..steel, iron, bronze. wood...meat ..bone or anything else that it gets to chew on it'll do it!! Just have to be careful.. besides just about everything in my studio can get ya..some to the point you are FUBAR... So best keep your mind on what you are doing.. On the feathering in of the bevels..these are done free hand..Pretty much everything I do is freehand ..besides I was "taught" to grind by my great friend the late Robert Egnath...he ground more blades in a day than most folks do in a year..His personal record was 193 if I remember correctly... I have ground so many that it is second nature to get that nice transition... It's all practice..just like most other things.. Here's another one with that really shows the feathered in grind...finished this one yesterday.. JPH
  4. Chas: This was ground on a 14" serrated wheel at a SFM of 7200. I do that "feathering in" on all my double edged pieces..I think it looks a lot better than just having them abruptly come together..It just looks "right" that way. JPH
  5. Hello: Been sorta busy around here with family stuff since we have a brand new granddaughter so this is something I whipped out real quick.. This one is welded from a mix of 1095, L-6 and a bit of meteoric iron thrown in ..8 1/4" Maiden Hair blade...Phosphor bronze mounts...Some of that bowling ball material for the fluted grip..This piece looks like a deep reddish maple burl! Turned out OK...at least I think so... The sheath is set with a 17.65 Ct star ruby.. cut this one myself.. All in all I think it didn't turn out too bad.. Hope the photos work... This one is website stock and is currently listed there... JPH
  6. just saw this myself...that is really NICE... Ya know they say a man isn't complete until he is married..and once he is..he's finished... JPH
  7. DB: I am more or less fully operational now...I am trying to save my shekels to replace my vertical mill that "walked off" from my storage in Nevada last year.. That and I am still trying to find where I put stuff in the studio...moving up on size from 850 sq feet to 1200 is a majopr change..I am still spending way too much time hunting stuff down...but I am figuring it all out.... Thank you all for the kind words..I am still trying to get this stuff figured out as far as doing this stuff......probably will get it all sorted out three days after I die...that's the way these things usually work... Started working on some PW sgains today...should have all six done by Thursday..still gotta figure out grip woods... JPH
  8. Hello!! Here are a few pieces I whipped out this last week or so....yes I committed forgery! All are hilted with some of my Bovine Ivory (I love using that stuff..very nice material when done right)... Pic heavy so...with out further adieu ..away we go!! JPH
  9. I got that beat.. Scene: A forge area..an old man..late 60's..built like an ex-football player, stoved up and somewhat crippled, yet still virile and manly..moving with a cat like grace ... with hair growing everywhere OTHER than the top of his head..wearing nothing more than an grease and sweat soaked loin cloth as well as a light coat of oil generously rubbed into his tough, leathery hide, all of this while holding a red rose in his teeth..quickly and with deliberate movements, removes a white hot bundle of steel from the flaming, fiery mouth of the Hell-forge, and with great haste, and yet, with the greatest of care.. places it on his anvil and with massive blows from a 8# hammer, he welds the bundle into a single piece of pattern welded steel..With an immense shower of sparks, flux and slag raining over and around him.... the sizzling sound arises as each glowing star strikes his naked skin.. his glistening sweat extinguishing the hot, molten metal.. steam rises from his sweat soaked brow.. in the background plays Verdi's "Anvil Chorus" from his opera, Il Trovatore... (OK I will rat myself out...this is just a description of me actually working day by day,.and what kind of mental picture does THIS give ya?? HUH???!!) Waa Haa HAAA ha!! FAB- JPH
  10. JPH

    Tatara Samurai

    Here is an interesting movie... rather odd but still decent.. I rather enjoyed it.. JPH
  11. Hello!! I am still here kicking and screaming....getting ready to do something I haven't done in like 6 years..a knife show!! It's this weekend (the 12th) so I am cranking out more stuff so I can make a decent showing.. Will let ya'all see what I have new if I can before the show... JPH
  12. DL: Yes, you are 100% correct SIR!! That Is the very rare and unusual Bovine Ivory from the wild and woolly Bovines that once roamed over the American continents a while ago... Note: their descendants are still running wild here today.. but they are seldom seen..(case in point: When was the last time you have ever seen a Bovine in the wild??) JP...( I am off to get some rack time.)..H
  13. Hello: Here is this last week's work..One worked and the others are what I call a pattern fail.. well.. as I have said before..experience is what you get when you don't get what you want so...while they turned out OK as a knife in general they are not what I wanted... Materials are 1095/L-6 and a small amount of meteoric iron.. Now the one that worked was the one I was sure wouldn't..that is the wavy feather pattern..THAT one did work and I think it came out pretty spiffy..I just wish I could make a longer piece cause a full length sword in this pattern would be totally unreal..It was a real PITA doing this pattern and I think I found a way that isn't so nerve wracking...More on this later once I work it out and get things sorted.. Hope these pics work.. This old man is back to work... JPH
  14. JPH

    Return of New Stuff

    ZC: How do I do what?? It's just a simple ladder pattern..and it's just 6 small knives... As far as speed..when you have been doing this for as long as I have been...and if you are constantly learning and not being "stagnant" ..you get to be quicker just by repetition and practice ..You'll be surprised at how fast you can get on some things... Now on the pattern welding..I start with sheet 1095-1070 and sheet L-6 usually.. and there are anywhere from 60 to 75 pieces in the faggots and these are 1 1/4" square and between 12 to 18 inches long.. These remain at a working heat for a long time and I can draw them down considerably in one heat using my LG and truing the bar up on Julius. I cut this into 4 to 6 pieces and do another weld and then I am basically done with the lamination part and I can go to patterning.. I will wind up with a bar that's close to 6 feet long and 1 1/4' wide.. That is a lot of steel to make knives from... Plus while thing are heating I am not standing around sucking on a prune pit..I am usually doing file work..or while blades are etching I will be doing hot work...filling any "down time" as they say.. I always have 5 or 6 projects going and I work on them all in turn.. Work in batches of the same "nature" of work.. Work time "wise" and you'll see how much more you can do in a given day.. Simple as that... Right now I am finishing up more barstock for another 10 to 12 pieces...I should have that done and ready to pattern today as well as working on that feather pattern variation I am working out... So.. Anyway..I hope this helps explain how I get stuff done..I simply WORK.. Thank you all for the kind words.. JPH
  15. Hello: Here are the results of the last 5 day's worth of studio work... all PW..some with Bovine ivory some with hardwood grips.. All in all turned out OK... Hope these photos work.. JPH
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