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  1. Welcome to the forums! I really enjoyed looking though your photobucket. You do some great work. Hogan Baker
  2. Here is another good series made by Graham Fredeen. His website is http://www.fredeenblades.com/ and he is also a member of this forum. Anyway, it is a very good series showing him making a damascus blade from welding to finish. Hogan Baker
  3. Wow! Great work. I enjoyed reading your thread on the British Blades. Those edge strips are awesome! Good luck on the heat treat! Hogan Baker
  4. I know that this is a really old one, but I figured it was a good thread and I would add to it. Here is one by our very own umbo. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JsowemSAj0&feature=related It is in six parts and is very good.
  5. Kenon, You are crazy! Well, at least you are going to put a sheild up... Good luck, Hogan Baker
  6. Great WIP thread! Thanks for showing your process. The blade looks great. Hogan Baker
  7. I don't really have a specific steel to suggest, but I do think that you should probably stay away from the mystery steels. I spent a year playing around with random springs and I really did think that I was getting a good blade with them, but just recently I got some w-1 steel from deker , here on the forums, and made a blade out of it. The difference in quality between the "known" steel and the random stuff that I picked up is amazing. When you are using scavenged steels, you will find that you need to do a test heat treat on every single piece that you work with. I wish that I had started using "known" and good steels earlier, it would have saved me a lot of time and effort. More information about the w-1 from deker is found here: http://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?showtopic=14058 . Good Luck Hogan Baker
  8. Super great! I really like the shaping that you did on the handle, though I just can't figure it out, Why is the handle white in the first picture and almost black in the second? Are there two knives? Or one knife with different color handle scales, or is it some sort of lighting/photography trick? Very very nice, too bad about the small flaw,but I don't think it subtracts much from the over-all beauty of it. Hogan Baker
  9. Wonderful! It turned out much better then I thought it would, and I thought it would look great . I can't even hardly see the seem. I had to look at it a couple of times and tilt my screen before I saw it. Totally not what I was expecting, I mean, it is hardly even there. Looks awsome. Hogan Baker
  10. Haha nice, I will be sure to remember that. I had at first thought that you were going to say it just fit in cold, but at wlding temps it was too big to get out . Hogan Baker
  11. That is very impressive! I can't wait to see how it will turn out. Could you take a shot of the leather seam when you take the string off, I am curious how it looks, all the pictures I see only show the front side (I think). How obvious will it be? Great work. Hogan Baker Edit: You posted the scabbard while I was still writing my post. The scabbard looks amazing! Great stitching.
  12. I am sorry if I am not describing this correctly. I am going to have both a guard and a ferrule. Made out of two different pieces. I am going to make the S guard out of 1/4" mild steel. The ferrule is just for decoration, not actually part of the guard. I planed to fit the handle and guard normally, then mortise about 3/4" of the handle and cast a pewter ferrule on, file and polish it flush to the wood and then attach the handle as I would normally. I am not sure if that made any sense or if it would even work. Thanks, Hogan Baker
  13. That is looking very good! I see that you say it is 18 inches long, but I would like a picture for scale, maybe like in your hand or something. The thing looks massive! The handle is nice also. Hogan Baker
  14. Thanks for all of the info guys! I suppose I should have posted this in design and critique or maybe beginners place because I have another question. I don't really want to go through all of the trouble of fitting a ferrule, so I have been thinking about casting on to the handle. Would this work? I mean would it be strong enough? The stuff that I am going to is 95% tin and 5% antimony. Here is a test run I did on a scrap chunk of pine... Do you suppose it would work? Thanks, Hogan Baker
  15. Wow, that is going to take a whole lot of grinding. I wish you luck! The last one looked really great. Hogan Baker
  16. Luke, in the process of trying to remove the hammer marks from the spine and some others near the edge I had to file the edge all the way to zero, it almost cut, so I had to file the edge. The problem is that the blade is now about 1/4 less wide everywhere. And because of that, I think the blade is too slim for a false edge to look good. I finally got the blade ready for heat treating. The blade is currently at 60 grit. I am still not sure if I am going to try to make a hamon on it. How thick should the edge be when doing a differential heat treat? I was also practicing some photography. It sure made the blade look really good. Thanks for looking, Hogan Baker
  17. It looks really good! It reminds me a lot of this knife by Kyle Royer : http://royerknifeworks.com/2009/08/25/valkyrie-specter-sold/ Hogan Baker
  18. John, check this out http://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?showtopic=11747 It is a very nice knife Chris! Hogan Baker
  19. I got mine. Good stuff. Thanks deker. Hogan Baker
  20. WOW! That looks really great! I like the carving. I am sure that you should be able to sell it. Hogan Baker
  21. Thanks for the suggestion Jzegenbein, I really like that design. And thanks John for the complements, it means a whole lot coming from you. Well I had to go back to the forge and straighten it, and now I think it is pretty good. Sadly though I had some deep hammer makes near the edges and I had to file a lot of material off. The blade shape is very different now. I am not even sure I can make it into the type I knife I want. I would appreciate any design suggestions. And maybe I could still do what Jzegenbein designed. This is after about 2 1/2 hours of filing ( I did the other side also) but I have yet to file in the plunge cuts (I hate that part) Thanks for looking, Hogan Baker
  22. Well, this is my first work in progress post. I am hoping that some of your imput will help me with it and also that posting it on here will encourage me to finish it up in a reasonable amount of time. I forged this knife out of W1 from Deker. It is my very first "known steel". It moved pretty easily under the hammer. I was able to forge it in about 3 hours. The original dimensions of the W1 were 5/8 round by 7 inches long. I would suggest anyone looking for a little bit of steel to try to get some from Deker, he is a really cool guy and his prices are great (plus the little surprise gift didn't hurt either). Here is what it is looking like right now along with the original stock size. Sorry about the poor picture, it is just taken with a phone. And another one prior to any filing. I think I did a fairly good job at forging this one to shape, hopefully it will cut down on my filing time. And finally the design that I am thinking about. What do you all think about it? And suggestions? Thanks, Hogan Baker I hope you guys like it!
  23. I think that it looks really good, it is also a reasonable price. I would suggest making a light box or taking the pictures out side in the shade. I think you will be surprised at how much better they look! Not sure how it will show up a hamon though. Looks good, Hogan Baker
  24. I remember reading that article and being impressed, but I didn't make the connection that it was you (I never read the little print at the end..) Nice work! Hope you get lots of business from it. Hogan Baker
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