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  1. Wow, That is amazing!
  2. Kevin, No I had not thought of that, I suppose I might as well give it a go. Thanks, Hogan Baker
  3. Thanks for the complements and suggestions. I think that I will probably leave this blade for now and forge another blade that I will actually like and appreciate. I really don't want to spend the time finishing this since it will not be what I really want, plus I found a cold shut . I will try pre bending the blade this time and hopefully it will be a broken back seax when I am finished. Maybe I will try again this weekend. I will post pictures if I do. Thanks again for all of your input, Hogan Baker
  4. I forged this on Friday and rough filed it today. It was crazy, it took me like 4 hours of filing, I really need to get a grinder. Anywho, here is the blade. and the other side Originally I had planed on this being a broken back seax, but I couldn't keep the edge down for anything. Now it looks more like a really crazy long bowie. I was thinking that I would either finish this one up or else file the tip into something more like a broad seax. So what should I do with this? Can it still be considered a broken back seax? My brother says that I should leave it how it is, my dad says I should shorten it and reshape it into a bowie, and my mom says that it is too big . Any ideas and/or suggestions would be very much appreciated! Hogan Baker
  5. Oh Man! That is a huuuge anvil! Nice score, but what in the world can you do with a one inch pritchel hole . I think that the double horn will come in really handy. Hogan Baker
  6. I am glad to see it finished! I was afraid that you had forgotten to post the rest. It looks really super! The wood is just plain amazing. Nice work! Hogan Baker
  7. A very interesting series of shots! Almost like a tutorial. Thanks for taking all the time to post them. How much did the sears grinder cost you? Would you suggest it for a beginner? I think though, that you should take very seriously some of the safety suggestions that the more experienced smiths have made (Lining your forge, safety glasses, and guides for the press) they know what they are talking about. I am eager to see how they turn out. Hogan Baker
  8. How in the world would you do a oval shaped handle on a lathe? Hogan Baker
  9. Oh, I had totally forgotten about paint. Here is what I was thinking. But oh course this isn't much like your original design and I am in no way trying to tell you what to make. It is just what I think would look cool. I also added a false edge on the spine which would really make it look a whole lot more like a fighter. Good luck. Hogan Baker
  10. Hello RH Clark, Welcome to the forums! It is a really great place to learn about all things knives. Sounds like you have a good shop already, better then mine lol, I am still using files and sandpaper. You should post some pictures of you work! Also you may want to post your general location, you never know there might be a smith in your area. Hogan Baker
  11. My vote is for the top one. But with a pointier point and also the point not coming up so much. I don't like the second design's little lump in the back (excuse all of those technical terms). I think with a subhilt you should definitely go for a fighter over a chopper or camp knife. What ever you do though, i am sure it will be cool. Hogan Baker
  12. I think it looks great! I hope that the buyer commissions a sheath from you, it would make a crazy set. Now maybe you can get back to the German Messer Hogan Baker
  13. Haha nice! I use the EXACT same model hairdryer from Walmart. It works great for me. I just taped down the "cold shoot button" and it works fine. Some time i need to get a rheostat for it, even on low it seems to be a little much from my washtub type forge. Good Luck, Hogan Baker
  14. I just sent a donation via Paypal. Thanks for the wonderful forum. Sorry it couldn't be more Hogan Baker
  15. It was a good buy! I wouldn't have passed that up for only $30 usd. Even if you can't really use the face very much, atleast you have a first rate horn. Good luck with the forge. I think that a beard is a very good idea, but no matter how hard i try, i don't seem to get anywhere with it.. Hogan Baker
  16. I think that you didn't mean "I still have financial interest here, just helping out". You may want to change that. Those are some very nice looking anvils, I shall be sending him an email. Hogan Baker
  17. Looks cool! I can't wait to see how it turns out. Hogan Baker
  18. Amazing! I really like the top one! Hogan Baker
  19. I like the new look a lot! It is really great. BTW, your screw press is insane! Hogan Baker
  20. Very impressive! I really like it. Hogan Baker
  21. Thanks for uploading those videos, they are really good. Hogan Baker
  22. I think that it is looking great so far! Your roughed in handles and fittings look way better then my finished ones... Hogan Baker
  23. Well, I tried using paint to show what I mean. This is like what you have.... And I was thinking you should shot for a hole more like this.... It would be stronger just because you could have a bigger handle. I don't think I was able to make my pictures work, I shall have to try again later. Hogan Baker Edit: What do you know, they worked
  24. Hello Oldanvilyoungsmith, Welcome to the forums. I think that the tomahawk looks pretty good. I would only suggest two things. I would curve down the spike slightly. Not much, maybe only an inch or two. I think that would make it more aesthetically pleasing. Also you should try to drift a more elliptical shape. You don't want round hole because it isn't as strong, plus the handle can rotate. Keep in mind though that I also am a beginner. I am sure that some of the experienced smiths will chime in. Where are you located? Hogan Baker
  25. It sure sounds like it will be an interesting piece. Good luck and keep us posted. Hogan Baker
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