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  1. Very cool!Dee, I have really enjoy reading this thread. The knife looks great, it just goes to show you that you don't need good tools to make good knives. I too am interested in sharpening my old files. Hogan Baker
  2. Wow, that is so cool! I didn't relize how little it was until the picture with it in your hand. I think its small size makes it all the more impressive! The box is a great idea! I might have to steal it... Hogan Baker
  3. T├Ánu, I really love this! I keep coming back and looking at it. I can't imagine how hard it must have been to do the fittings. It looks awesome, Hogan Baker
  4. Spalted is wood that has been colored with mold. It is normally black lines running through the wood. Hogan Baker
  5. Hello Michael, I use a Tim Lively style charcoal forge. Dan gave some great info but, "Smoke can be both toxic (always use a respirator) and annoying to neighbors (not to mention you will smell horrible after forging, not sure if this really matters much)" I think he might be referring to a coke/charcoal mix because I have always found that charcoal smells really nice. Also I have heard that the fumes aren't as bad for you as gas. When you have a good forge going and the forge is hot, charcoal will heat up your metal just as fast as you could ever want it. It gives you just enough time to rest your hammer and maybe take a drink of water. I make my own charcoal. I find it to be a fast and rather enjoyable process, plus I would have to do something with all of those fallen limbs around my house. Welcome to the forum and good luck with what ever forge you decide to make. Hogan Baker
  6. I saw this online and thought it was very good! This fellow has a lot of good tutorials. Hogan Baker
  7. Nice little knife Isaiah. EDC= everday carry Hogan Baker
  8. That looks amazing! Have you finished it yet? Hogan Baker
  9. I really like how it is coming. How were you able to make the surface look like iron? What was your method of etching? I like how it looks now; I hope you don't polish it anymore. Hogan Baker
  10. Joey, Your forge looks great! I am not sure about the anvil though. I think you should still set it on end and use it that way. I had a one inch thick bar that I started forging on, but that wasn't very good. Then I upgraded to a bobcat pin. It is only two inches in diameter but it makes forging go a lot faster. You certainly are very thorough and exact. I think you will make some very good blades! Hogan Baker
  11. I think it looks good. I like the shape and the sheath is nice. Personally though, I am not sure if you would want a rough finish if you were skinning, I think it would rust and blemish a lot easier plus it may be very sanitary. I am not a hunter though, so I really don't know. How hard was it to peen the guard? Serge Panchenko makes some very cool knives. His tutorial is found here... http://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?showtopic=13512 Hogan Baker
  12. Amazing! I certainly don't see anything wrong with it. Hogan Baker
  13. Thanks everyone for the encouragement and advise. Originally I was just going to trash this blade and start another one. I really didn't like the "swoopy" ness. My cousin said that I should finished it because even if I didn't like the blade I would gain valuable finishing experience. Normally I just forge in the bevels and then straighten it by laying the spine of the knife on the anvil and then striking it with a piece of wood. Thinking back, I am not sure why I didn't do that with this knife. I also had been planing on using either linseed oil or tongue oil to seal, but this one was going to a friend so I needed to hurry up and finish it with what I had on hand. Hogan Baker
  14. Finished my fourth knife, a trailing point skinner I hope everyone had a very good Christmas! Despite the torrential rains we had a very nice Holiday season down here in South Carolina. Here is the picture of the finished knife! I believe it is my best yet. The handle is red oak stained with homemade wood stain and finished with poly urethane. The blade is forged from a large coil spring. Taking pictures of knives is hard, but I have found that photographing them outside on a cloudy day helps a lot! The blade was made without the use of any power tools. I made the wood stain out of iron filings and some white vinegar. I made it by mixing about one Tablespoon of iron filings in one cup of vinegar and letting it sit for several days. After that you just need to filter it through a coffee filter. I used a paint brush to apply two coats of the stuff. I was happy with how well it worked. I know that I made some mistakes with the recasso area. I would appreciate any critique you could give me. Thanks, Hogan Baker
  15. That looks really great! It must have been terribly hard to carve that handle by hand. The case looks really good. When you cut the lettering, do you have to cut into the sides of the letters, like dovetail it sorta to make the solder stay in the wood? I tried it the other day after seeing this but had the tin fall out. Looks great. Hogan Baker
  16. I really like this! The hot bluing in great. Does it wear off with use? The contrast in colors, the grain of the wood, and the "grain" of damascus make it look really spiffy. I also like you website, lots of info and inspiration. So far this winter has just been rain for me, in fact it is raining now... Hogan Baker
  17. I think it is looking great! I cannot wait to see it finished. BTW, thanks for the info about soldering, it worked great. Hogan Baker
  18. I like it! I think it looks really nice. Are those copper plugs in the blade? I think they are a very clever way of dressing up a blade. How did you attach the false pummel? I have heard that you can weld a wood screw onto the pummel, then just screw it in. I don't know how well this would work, but it sure seems like it would. I don't think that the light box is the trouble, I think you just need a better camera. If though, it is an issue of light, than try putting the box in front of a window. ~Hogan Baker
  19. Willie, that is a very cool blade shape! It certainly would be useful in vanquishing the living dead. How heavy would you say that it is? I think that the handle should defiantly have a lanyard. C. Daniel - he said it was stock removal.
  20. Actually that blade has been finished, but the rest of this thread was lost in the time warp. You can see the finished pictures on his website. http://fowlerblades.com/web/?page_id=65 . It is a very nice knife Mr. Fowler! Hogan Baker
  21. I love it! Your carving is beautiful, I especially love your carving on the pommel. It is interesting seeing the pictures of the knife before and after carving, it went from a good quality knife to a true work of art! Hogan Baker
  22. He has inpressive hammer control, but I think that it is really just a waste of time. Wouldn't it be faster to forge in flat bevels and then hollow grind? Hogan
  23. I love those! Very impressive work. Hogan Baker
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