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  1. Please post a picture when you finish it. ~Hogan Baker
  2. WOW, that is brilliantly simple! I need to make one... ~Hogan Baker
  3. WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!! That is insanely awesome!!!!!! How strong are the coral scales? Did you have to dye them? ~Hogan Baker
  4. Would you please change my name to "Hogan Baker". Thank you Thanks!!
  5. This is sort of off topic, but, is the steel from saw blades any good? I have a lot of old saw blades lying around. I have hacksaw blades, big wood saw blades, circular saw blades, and even a couple of big huge two person saws. Do you know if I could use any of these saws for making knives? Thanks ~Hogan Baker
  6. WOW!!! That looks GREAT! I really like how you made the guard and the buttcap out of buffalo. Very nicely done!
  7. I buy Craftsman brand files from Sears. I don't know a whole lot about files and techniques, but these files seem to work very well. Also because they are made by Craftsman, they have the unconditional lifetime warranty, meaning that you only need to buy files once . I have also used the harbor freight files, but as far as they go, you get what you pay for . ~Hogan
  8. Thank you to everyone who posted here, it really got a lot of my questions answered. Doug~ Don't worry, I understood you perfectly!! Thank you for taking time to write everything down! Noah~ Thank you for getting those diagrams! ~~Hogan
  9. Wow, that thing is pretty cool! Good pictures. How big is it? I saw one the other day, but it was only like 1 inch long. ~Hogan
  10. Thanks for the suggestions guys! Archie- I was hoping for something a little more portable than that. Matthew - WOW that looks easy all right. How would it compare with a brake drum forge? What are the pros and cons of the Tim Lively forge? KPeacock - I found a YouTube video about making the brake drum forge. He says that he is making a brake drum forge, but he is actually making it out of a brake rotor. One thing about his forge though, shouldn't he put some sort of a screen between the flange and the fire pot? It seems like that with his design, all of the hot coals would fall down the pipe out of the fire pot... Is that basically what you guys mean by a brake drum forge? So which forge would you guys suggest that i make?
  11. Thank you for all of your advice! I will see what i can do about making a brake drum forge. ~Hogan
  12. Oh, ok. That makes sense! THX ~Hogan
  13. Yep! I would much rather spend my time making knives than fixing a forge. Thank you for clarifying. ~Hogan
  14. I would bet that I could complete the first and last steps! But I could never have the patience or the skill to make something as amazing as one of your pipes. I can pound away on a chunk of hot metal, than file it so that it will look remotely like a knife, but wood working is beyond me..... Good work Alan!
  15. That is AMAZING!!!!! I wish I had a little extra money.... ~Hogan
  16. Tony, thank you very much for taking the time to make the that illustration! Do you still use that forge? Also, how do you know that cinderblocks explode ( )? It looks like a nice easy set-up that doesn't cost to much . Dee, Thank you. But are saying that my "forge" was not a proper set-up (i agree) or are you saying that Tony's forge is not a proper set-up? It does make sense that i should make as good of a one as i can to start out with, but what do you mean by a good one ? Thanks Again ~Hogan
  17. Hi, I have been looking for a cheap easy way to build a forge. Today I had an idea, why not use a flower pot? I took a clay pot ( about 4 inches deep and 14 inches across), a tin can, an old piece of sink drain, and a hairdryer. The whole set up cost me $1.00 for the hairdryer. I started out by cutting up the can in order to use it as a grate type thing, the thingy at the bottom of the forge, to let air in but not let coals out. I put that in the pot, attached the pipe to the bottom of the pot (the air goes through the little drainage hole in the bottom of the pot). Next i attached the hairdryer to the pipe. I was than finished with my "forge". I filled the pot up with about 2 pounds of charcoal, put a couple of drops of gas on it, and lit it. It worked like a charm! I was able to get a piece of steel to non magnetic in a matter of minutes. After it had been in there for about 5 minutes it started to burn ! I will confess that i don't know very much about forges. I don't know if that was a good time in heating up the metal. Was it? When the pot started to cool down though, it started to crack. Big enough cracks to make me think that the forge would sell destruct after a few uses. Is there any way to keep the pot from splitting? I am sorry if flower pot forges have already been covered, but i didn't see one.... ~Hogan
  18. LOVE the website, I enjoyed looking at your shop set up and how you make your knives. You make very beautiful knives! How do you ventilate your shop? Also what is your ALO exactly? I don't see any errors. Good Work !!
  19. Thank you both for the info. I shall now proceed to make a forge. Hogan
  20. I have decided to make the Lively washtub forge. What i want to know is whether i can use a galvanised tub? I found out that galvanised steel is toxic at 400 degrees, do you think that the washtub whould get that hot? Because it does have a lot on inslation around it. I know that that sounded like a stupid questino, but i want the forge to work without killing me in the process. Thank You, Hogan
  21. I am trying to start bladesmithing, but i don't have an anvil. Nor do i have the money to buy one. I have heard that RR track works well, but i havn't been able to find any. I live in SC, does any body know where i might get some? Thank You, Hogan
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