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  1. I really like it--can't think of any criticism--I like that simple style for an EDC: just the blade and handle with a prominent choil to keep your hand where it needs to be. I like the simple pouch sheath too--nice combo.
  2. The White Company by Arthur Conan Doyle --set in the time of the hundred year war about a company of mecenarys. It reminded me of the last robin hood movie with Russel Crow.
  3. That's just awesome...pattern, handle material, bolster...understated...just awesome.
  4. I have to bail- my life is crazy busy right now and will be for some time so I have to cut loose all my extracurricular activites. So to be clear-I won't be participating in KITH 2013- Sorry for being a flake.
  5. ] My stamp is really simple. If I remember correctly its a germanic rune for "P". I just think its a cool symbol. And I can electroetch it also.
  6. Congrats on your first demo The glass front tank is awesome.
  7. Nice blog. Its great to be able to see a lot of your inspiring work in one place.
  8. Amazing--just awesome
  9. Awesome knife--I bet the 14" version was nice too (I like BIG bowies). Thank you very much for the video. Your forging-to-shape skills are very impressive.
  10. Wow, I think that might be my new favorite sword-knife package. The fuller's awesome--and I also really like the guard on the sword.
  11. I'm with Christopher--I hope springs aren't out--I was looking forward to making a Navaja.
  12. "Did you forge the mini hammer. That's cool. My first blade is in the finishing stages now. I'm going to try the salt water etching method." Hi Brandonbuford yes I forged the mini hammer glad you like it. Electro etching with salt water has worked well for me.
  13. My stamp is really simple. If I remember correctly its a germanic rune for "P". I just think its a cool symbol. Big and small. And I can electroetch it also.
  14. I'm in--haven't done a folder yet--been wanting to try a Navaja. 1. Scott Roush 2. Nate Runals 3. John Page 4. Dion Grethen 5. Zeb Deming 6. Christopher Price 7. Petr Folderianek :-) 8. Michael Taylor 9. Mark Green 10. Kip Kaiser 11. Kevin Hopkins 12. DJ Pratt 13. Pete Dirksen
  15. looks good--I like the forge marks you left in and that walnut's real pretty
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