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  1. what about any of the 40xx or 41xx steels are they any hard enough
  2. I know it doenst have alot of carbon content but I found some big chunks of it fairly cheap.. Before anyone says it I have yet to find a scrap yard willing to let me look around there yards I live in Phila PA so not sure if this will work or not as an Anvil any advise that be great
  3. thus why i need convinceing for new ones lol
  4. I have a good sized tool box filled with files there just throwen in there and my guess is they allways have been throwen around these were my grandpops and my fathers so some of them are old and well none are new at all lol should I invest in new hand files alot of them are nicked up and dirty I plan to buy new ones for my knife making iv just been using the old ones for the time being but im starting to think a newwer file would cut the metal better and faster then these older shitted up ones... am I right?
  5. ok heres cell phone pic my gf took one morning as I was cleaning it out cause I got rained on ha just a brake rottor from a car not a truck in a metal grill like thinggy (I have no idea what it is to but its thin metal but it works) 40 bucsks worth of 2" black pipe and I was using a hairdryer for an air sorce bt it was way to loud for my area so i bought a cheap bathroom fan and some air vent hose and boy oh boy it made the world of a diff. pluse i drilled out my air grate with some 3/8 inch holes that works alot better too... yes Im planing on building the forge a little better just
  6. if you used copper I say give the copper an aged look just like the blade and maybe age the bone as well of you could go brass and let it oxidize thats a cool color and its a little closrer to the blade so the trasition wont be to much diff.
  7. mine?? lol fighters kinda too traditional needs something more fancey lol
  8. looks like its from another world in a very cool way.
  9. HarrisonF

    HI all

    man thats a nice knife
  10. yea theres deff smaller then 3/8" i was thinking of cutting slots in another peace of metal to use insead maybe I just might do this. and yes iv been using way to big of pieces. thanks for the help next time I fire it up ill see if this all helps thanks again.
  11. I use hardwood char coal store bought lump it comes in the bag with pretty big pieces and im having trouble getting steel to forging temp also im using a brake drum forge set up with a steel plate as a grate with small holes drilled in it for air I think the holes are too small and its probably part of my problem but how big should the coal be you know roughly lol
  12. well theres o pullies the grinder is right on the motor bar that spins. but yea I know there not any more safe then a grinder but its beeing moved to a safer place I used to work on buffing out guitars with a huge buffer fun times.
  13. well it is curently set up to be a 6" grinder and that worked verry well it just wasnt safe and I now have my kids around the shop so I said enough ill buy a real grinder if I need one but do you think its enough power for a wire brush wheel and a buffer wheel
  14. yes it might be a cheap price but maybe he doesnt think hes name is out there enough to charge more.. idk the maker so i really couldnt tell you about that but i think the knife is awsome looking I just would have to hold it before i buy a knife.
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