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  1. It actually seems to cut well enough. I'm not really torturing the edge to test it though since it's got that crack =/ (don't want to destroy my first knife lol). It did develop a hamon...but it's pretty faint and I don't think it's really all that hard. It could be sharper along the convex areas though...I'm going to have to figure out how to do that. The scandi area is hair shaving sharp. Any area of the blade will cut paper with a bit of a draw. I've been given a recipe to replace the 'mud' I was using to clay temper. I'm getting my clay (the mud I used last time) from off our dir
  2. Yeah I think I'd seen that somewhere before lol. I figure once I have a few knives under my belt I'll probably do at least one or two of those...just to learn something different. I downloaded about a hundred instructional pages over at iForge...and once I get settled and comfortable around my setup, I'll probably start tinkering with some of them in order to actually learn the craft of smithing =). I'd considered doing a standard twisted or ground grip railroad spike deal, but in the end I wanted to see if I could make myself a good looking functional knife. The railroad spike aspect m
  3. Thanks guys! I'm really enjoying this lol, and I think it's coming together pretty well if I do say so myself =). Well, I did most of the fine filing last night...and the blade doesn't look bad. I did find some strange cracks in it though. They look almost like stress cracks? I'm assuming this means that at one point or another I was working the steel too cold. In general what color should the steel be when you stop working it? The cracks seem to be only in the skin, so I'm hoping that my final filing today will remove them. Even down on the edge, where the blade is thinnest they do
  4. Thanks Bruce for the link and the advice on the work and quenchant! I need all the help I can get for certain lol. I got about 2/3 of my final forging done tonight before a HUGE dust storm hit (gotta love AZ Monsoons eh?). Stupid storm gave me just about an hour. Luckily enough, I actually was able to finish the blade, and shaping the tang in that time and all that remains is drawing out the tang flat. I'm...well, I guess satisfied with how it turned out. It doesn't look bad at all (to me anyhow lol), but it is just a tiny bit shy of the picture in my head =/. I ran out of meat in th
  5. Isn't that the truth. I know pennies aren't made of copper...however, when I wanted more 'copper' in my mokume, what did I do? Yep, grabbed 5 pennies like a moron lol. Lined them between each and ever freakin coin in my stack. Applied the torch and literally stood shocked while the pennies melted within the first 3 seconds, sending molten zinc all over my hands, my shoes...etc lol. The pressure of the tongs holding the outer nickels literally squeezed out the molten zinc like a squashed grape. Luckily I came out of it mostly unscathed (it takes a HELL of a long time for molten zinc to co
  6. I've seen some of Ariel's mokume...and wow is about all there is to it lol. As for what forge...I actually used a mapp gas torch and tongs lol. Stacked some fire bricks to make a 'housing' of sorts, and stuffed my little stack of coins in. Apply mapp gas until nearly molten and away you go =). When I try my cannister billet (ala Ariel!) I intend to use my charcoal forge though. On the air supply...my setup is actually a little different. My tuyer is actually a completely open pipe on both ends. I knew the shop vac would probably be 'too much' so I just connect it to the 'front' en
  7. First I'd like to thank everyone that contributes to these forums. Much of my interest in forging my own knives is a direct result of browsing around on this board. Special thanks to Don Fogg for providing it, and to Graham Freeden for finally pushing my 'interest' over the edge into an actual determination to make my own blades. I don't know Mr. Freeden personally, but I was browsing his site and had just signed his guestbook when the 'urge' solidified into a real 'intent' lol. Thanks again. Anyhow, I've finally got started. I went out yesterday and spent $25 on a 'forge' lol,
  8. Agreed completely! I've been bugging my wife for the last few weeks about wanting to begin forging knives. She, of course...saw no practical use for it lol, and while she wasn't exactly 'against' it...you know how tough it can be when they're not 'for it'. So I went out, picked up some of the things I needed, and made her a nice heart shaped pendant (pretty basic!). Next thing I know it was 'Honey? When are you going to go pick up the rest of the things you need to make more of those pendant things??' lol! Worked like a charm! Thanks to Mr. Price, I was able to pick up all my forg
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