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  1. Those are very sweet Serge. Your work is always fascinating. Pat
  2. Those are really Tough looking Uli. Awesome job. They work so well together. Pat
  3. That knife is beautiful and the sheathwork is awesome. Great job Peter. Pat
  4. Nice job on both knives Wade. I really like the bigger knife and like the dyed handle. What did you use to dye it with? Love rustic users. Pat
  5. Serge, all your work is excellent. I am fascinated by your design and style. Simple elegance. Pat
  6. Yeah Peter that 4 burner you have is a beast. Cost an arm & a leg to fire it up for small stuff. Let us all know how that forge works. Patrick
  7. Serge that is really cool! That blade is wicked.
  8. WOW Peter! That is pretty frickin wild. You always do awesome work. Will you have it at the blade show? Pat Burns
  9. Wow! That is Sweeeeet, Peter. Wish I could have made the show, but I'm headin' to Batson's '09 on Friday. Pat Burns
  10. Thanks Caddy! I brought home a 19" piece of 1.5 tubing earlier this week and hadn't even thought of using it. Took me 5 minutes to drill, a quick trip to the hardware store and my 5/8" wheel is working already. Appreciate all the knowledge on this forum.
  11. While looking for 1.5 x 1.5 x 20" solid steel bar stock to mount my small diameter wheel to, I found that I have to purchase a whole crapload to place the order. My question is...Is anyone interested in spare tooling arms for their KMG grinder? Beaumont sells them for $80 drilled and tapped. I was thinking about selling 8 or 9 of them for $25-blank only no drill or tap plus shipping. I would be able to bring to Batson's in two weeks if their is any interest. Thanks, Pat
  12. John that is a beautiful hawk. What a lucky guy that gets to sport such a nice piece. Great work!
  13. Dang Peter, that is awesome. Love the whole knife. Truly an inspiration.
  14. Excellent leather work. Love the design, it really pops out at you. Wish mine looked half that good.
  15. I have one that I use all the time for rough work like shaping a blade off the bandsaw. It is nice to keep a 36 grit belt on, that way I don't have to switch belts on the KMG. I'd never use it to gring a blade but there are so many other operations in the shop.
  16. That is beautiful Peter! Truly Sweet. That damascus really pops. Have any folder pics?
  17. Great idea Bearclaw! I'm sure i can find one at a yard sale cheap. I did want to be able to see inside but I'd rather make something that will last. Now, how long do you keep the vac on with nelsonite? I'm sure different materials take different amounts of time. Soft to hard wood, real pithy antler to solid antler, mammoth ivory. How long do you keep the pressure on? BTW thanks everyone for all your input!
  18. Thanks Ken, that's a good way...but glass don't last long in my shop. Can I use a 3 or 4" PVC pipe with a cap on the bottom and thick plexi on top with a seal?
  19. Hey Everyone! Does anyone have plans, drawings or links to make a vacuum chamber to stabilize handle material? I can't seem to find any solid information on the subject. There is so much material that needs to be stabilized and I like to do it all myself. Any help would be great. Patrick
  20. Excellent work Peter! BTW I like the first one best. I miss you guys at the Badger Knife Club. Going to try to start a knife club around here in southern-middle Tennessee. I have that bowie blade you gave me hanging on the wall of my shop waiting to make it into a proper knife. Pat
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