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  1. 1095 Bowie Hamon

    I spread it on at about and 1/8 and then went back to add the ashi same thixkness but with an exacto blade. I ended up with a bit of alloy banding which is throwing things off a bit though its hard to see. Same piece I had an issue with before but didn’t soak it this time. I quenxhed it in Parks. The activity is good but I think I may need to just do it in the forge next go around instead of the oven.
  2. 1095 Bowie Hamon

    I may need to dial it back a bit then. My old tank was at those ratios but it wasn’t etching so well. Probably too much windex contamination over time. It didn’t seem to differentiate the division as much so thats probably why. I usually get a cripser white line. I’ll correct that on the next one, appreciate the input! My wife kids me about getting into “literal mode” all the time. It’s like being stuck in gear. Anytime I’ve been reading legal docs or doing accounting it takes me a few hours before I can even laugh at a joke.
  3. 1095 Bowie Hamon

    Oh duh. Haha. Thanks for catching that Wes. Yeah I run it pretty strong but it seems to work.
  4. 1095 Bowie Hamon

    The acid wasn’t hot. That was the temp i quenched it in Parks at. Acid is room temp.
  5. 1095 Bowie Hamon

    Ferric / Water at 50 / 50 ratio. That was new Ferric and it was quenched in Parks right at 1480 with Satanite for clay. I think the temp really is the most crtical. Seems like 10-15 degrees kills the results, at least as far as I can tell.
  6. 1095 Bowie Hamon

    Thanks Charles. Its pretty much white IRL. Lots of polishing with parafin oil and rottenstone. The ricasso was really based on a need for a curve to complement the blade. It looked funny with things sqaured off.
  7. 1095 Bowie Hamon

    Finally wrapping up the polish on this 11.5 inch bowie. 1095 from Aldo. Now to get a handle on it.
  8. 1075 Resin and Burl

    Thanks a bunch Wes.
  9. 1075 Resin and Burl

    Only thing left is the sheath. 1075 straight from New Jersey. Flat ground, hand forged and clay coated, 2500 grit finish. Resin and burl scales. Stainless maker's mark pin and two additional stainless pins handle pins. 4” inch blade, 8 and 1/4 total length.
  10. Little Fella

    Wes I hate it but that’s what the wife wanted. I told her that it would just show how lazy I was sanding it but she didn’t care. I would have preferred to leave it a satin 320 or 600. This one has no hamon so I was already disinterested. Haha. After the copper liners came off the first time and I had to redo the scales, I was ready for it to be done. Those pins are great, just can’t get them hot. Initial roughing with a sharp belt is ok but it’s totally files after that.
  11. Little Fella

    The wife wanted a small gp knife to throw in her purse so this is what I came up with. W2 through hardened, dyed camel bone scales, copper makers mark pins and copper liners. This little sucker was more work than a big knife but the sheath came out quick and painless. Back pins should have been peened a lot more but I worried about cracking the bone. I’m not much on buffing a knife but she wanted some shine. Now you can see the scracth marks I missed really well. Ha
  12. Another 1095 Bowie....

    So it's coming along slowly. I went back, thinned it down a bit and cleaned up the taper. Unforuantely I had to grind down my mark but luckily I have some of the swanky pins with my mark in them. This marks the second hand sanding I've done to this blade. As shown is nearly finished with 120. Just have to take out a few marks where I had some help from my die grinder. Maybe it'll be finished this month. Haha.
  13. Another 1095 Bowie....

    Thanks a bunch Doug. Fingers crossed!!
  14. Another 1095 Bowie....

    Well folks we finally have a survivor. After the last one where my defeat was due to errant clay application and not dealing with decarb from the oven, I may have managed to redeem myself. So here it is: 1095 from Aldo, clay coated (Satanite) 11.25" to the start of the ricasso 90% flat ground with a bit of convex roll along the edge especially at the belly. So far its gone through one tmpering cycle. Have to deal with a warp near the top third on the second but barring failure at that point I think we made it. This was not a completely forged knife. I forged the tip and most of the tang. The rest was ground. Its an awful big knife and its just too hot to forge much right now So far I've sanded it down to 80grit on one side to check for issues. Should have a pretty nice hamon in the end.
  15. 1095 Bowie...I Guess

    Unfortunately I lost that blade in a secomd quenching round. The hamon wandered too close to the edge and I redid the quench. It cracked about a minute after I quenched it in water. I waited too long to temper.