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  1. Those pics are superb!! I bought a 200mm Orion reflector scope off fleabay, It came with a few lenses and an equatorial mount, I looked at the moon not knowing that the filter that said 'Moon' should have been fitted, It almost blinded me!! I bought a T ring adaptor to connect my dslr and then it got put away in the loft!! I tried taking a few pics of the moon but as it has to be set to manual, I have to focus but can never tell whether I have the focus correct, I have to take twenty shots moving the focus slightly each time!! I bought the 500mm lens cheapl
  2. The lady over the end of our garden has chickens and ducks, She frequently forgets to lock them away at night and finds them all headless the next morn, She says, 'It's what foxes do' You can't educate pork John..
  3. Hi all I bought this years ago with the intent of pounding some steel in my garage but one of my sheds collapsed (Rotten at the bottom!) so the contents were crammed in to the garage! I bought a bigger shed some years later but somehow filled it withough getting any space back in the garage!! I think it's a cast anvil with a hard face somehow sweated or welded on, It was in a bit of a bad way when I brought it home so I used a 4" Belt sander going down the grits, I got through two or three packs of them until it was much better, Still could have done with more grinding though!!
  4. Hi all Not been on here in along long time!! Yesterday I went to the bottom greenhouse to check on my overwintered Bonsai and saw two little furry fellas playing near the shed!, They ran and hid when they saw me but I stood still and they came back.. I couldn't get a pic as the sun was very bright behind me, I couldn't see the screen on my phone so I went in the greenhouse and snapped a couple of pics and a short video of them through the window! If anyone wants to view the vid it's HERE, It's only 11 seconds long! Cheers, John
  5. hello chris i have a knife (was told it was a kurdish knife) very similar to yours but it looks to be of lower quality.. here it is... and here anong some of my other knives.. here's another from the middle east that belongs to a friend.. regards, john
  6. hi here in sheffield, england there is a museum that houses a cutlery collection (all locally made stuff), there are bowie knives that were made for export to the US and most of them are nothing like i expected a real bowie knife to look like there were also some folding bowies' that looked reaally strange as the blade was stuck out of the handle when closed... most of them looked like nothing more than carving knives that one would cut the sunday roast with and as stated, were nowhere near the thickness they are today... here are a couple of modern-ish sheffield made bowie kn
  7. totally awesome pair there ray, beautiful shape, fit & finish, i'll bet you're (justifiably!) proud B) john
  8. ooooh chris, that is stunning, it looks very much like an argentine gaucho (cowboy) knife, i think they're called a criollo (or something similar!) totally superb hamon there too, and covers every working bit of the blade as it should B) B) regards, john
  9. WOW- christian, they are awsome, love chainsaw 'mascus (rather like cable damascus too ) kind regards, john
  10. Hello all here's another that i hammered out, this time it was a piece of mild steel packing strip and so is nothing but a wall hanger... and together with the other blade.... the finish wasn't great, it undulated a lot all the same, at the end of the hand grinding with the big file and emery wrap, it got to the stage where i couldn't grip it anymore (hardest work i've ever done ) i have a couple of bladed that i hammered from old files and partly ground on a cheap hobby linisher that wasn't really up to the task, i'll get a couple of pics into photobucke
  11. hello all i'm a newby to the forum and as such, i thought it would be nice to make my first post all about the first blade that i made! a little about myself first to begin with, i'm the wrong side of fifty years old , i've worked at the same company for thirty years (a heavy foundry in sheffield, england) and when the boss wasn't present, i liked nothing better than warming some steel up and bashing the hell out of it , or making moulds and casting molten brass into them this blade ( and i'm still unsure whether it would be a short sword or a long dagger ) was originally
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