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  1. My Name is David Loukides, I have been making knives for about 10yrs. I worked as a machinist, toolmaker, and tool room supervisor. I started in the US Navy in 1977. Then as a machinist and tool maker at a local company and was laid off after 29yrs. I also worked 1.5yrs stint at a small shop. Then I decided to go into full time knife making. My wife has been a large influence in my decision and a great supporter. Recently I attended a class at New England School of Metal Working making integrals with Christoff Derringer. I forged a dagger out of a 1.25" taper bearing. I also was able to perform my JS Bend test while there and I am the happy camper in this picture. There is a lot of learning in this trade and I appreciate any help that you have to offer. Sincerely, Dave
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