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  1. Hi All, Decided to have a Christmas Special early this year. So I am including the my custom Kydex sheaths in the sale price of the following three knives. Enjoy and comments are always welcome. Specifications: Top Knife Penetrator Point Hunter with Rose Wood Scales Steel - 5/32 154-CM to a Rockwell hardness of 60 Length – 8 and 5/8ths inches Blade length from tip to scales is 4 1/8 inches Scales are made from Bolivian Rosewood 3 Brass pins are 3/16ths inch thick Mirror finish on the hollow ground bevel (10 inch wheel), hair popping sharp and well balanced. File work on the spine is
  2. Hi All, Something a little different from the Mongrel Knives shop today. How about a Karambit or if you prefer a Hawkbill fixed blade. The specifics: Steel : .156 thick, 154-CM to a Rockwell 61 Pins: 3/16 416 stainless Scales: Black Canvas Mikarta. Overall length: 9.75 inches Blade length: in front of the scales 4 7/8 inches, convex grind Cutting edge: 4 inches Handle thickness: 5/8 inch Weight: 7 oz. Finish: Mirror on the edge, spine and around the scales, black oxide on the flats. Finish on the canvas Mikarta is through 1200 grit. (looks like carbon fiber) Kydex sheath can be worn
  3. Hi All, Up for sale something a little different today, I am calling it a Pseudo–Hawkbill. It’s not really a Hawkbill it has no curve to the end of the blade as would a typical Hawkbill. It does however give the illusion of it being a Hawkbill or perhaps a small Seax. Excellent balance on this one. When you hold it the balance point is the bottom of your front finger. It feels like it not there in your hand, no weight. It’s really very nice to hold. You can see the production from beginning to end in the Gallery section. So here are the specifics. Overall Length: 11 inches , Weight is 9.5
  4. These are actually a Rockwell 60 not 59 that one goes up later this weekend. Ken
  5. Hi All, Here are the latest offerings from Mongrel Knives. Made by hand by me in the Sunny state of Florida. Both are made from 5/32 (.156) thick 154-CM and tempered to a Rockwell 59. Specifications: Drop Point Hunter with Micarta Scales Length - 8.75 inches Blade length from tip to scales is 4 inches Scales are made from Brown Canvas Micarta 3 Brass pins are 3/16ths inch thick Mirror finish on the hollow ground bevel (10 inch wheel), hair popping sharp and well balanced. File work on the spine is the” Vine and Thorns” pattern Price is $167.50 shipped to the lower 48 via USPS Priority Ma
  6. Hi All, Had some time this week and I have not made any Punch Knives in a while so here is an assortment of new Punch/Push Knives. All are made from 1/8 inch 154-CM all hardened to a Rockwell 60, all come with Kydex belt sheaths. These usually don’t last long so if you want it leave a note in the thread and contact me ASAP. Any way they are numbered on the first image so reference the image and the price if you want any leave a note on the thread and get in touch with me so I don’t get duplicate requests that I can’t fill. I have been having some problems with USPS first class shipping so from
  7. Hi All, Another Bowie, this one is particularly nice. Upgraded the file work and has Wenge scales ATS-34 blade. If you want to see the production of this knife click here http://www.bladeforums.com/forums/showthread.php/1168319-Fighter-with-coffin-handle-a-work-in-process The Particulars: Blade steel: 3/16ths ATS-34 hardened and triple tempered to a Rockwell 60 Grind: Hollow ground on a 10 inch wheel, penetrator point Bolsters and Pommel: 3/16ths 416 the 4 pins are 1\8th 416 as well Overall length: 10.25 inches Blade length: 5 3/8ths inches in front of the bolsters razor sharp Han
  8. Mongrel Knives out of Florida. No its not a frowning face its a Golden lab with little circles as its running feet like the Roadrunner and coyote.
  9. Hi All, Had some time this week so I made a Push knife out of some 3/16ths 1095 and some Ivory Micarta. The Specifications: Steel: 3/16ths 1095 hardened and triple tempered to a solid Rockwell 60 Overall Length: 4 inches Top Cutting edge: 1.75 inches in front of the choil Bottom Cutting edge: 1 7/8th inches in front of the choil Blade length in front of the scales: 2.75 inches Scales: 3/16ths Ivory Micarta to 1200 grit then polished Pins: 3/16ths 416 stainless Overall depth of the handle: .75 inches Mirror finish on the blades extremely comfortabl
  10. Got it to come up with the images. Just reposted the tags from yesterday. Who knows. Enjoy, Ken
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