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  1. It is Timascus. I was having fun making Timascus for my company Alpha Knife Supply and thought you guys might like to see the piece.
  2. It is pretty. This is bolster stock.
  3. Here is a picture of a tanto I am working on. This is a photo of the hamon at 320 grit. It should be pretty cool once I get it really polished.
  4. I tried to convince my wife to throw fruit at me. She wasn't having it.
  5. I was originally going to be making an integral chefs knife but I kept thinning it out and it got longer and longer... The Pork Sword is 21.5" overall length. It is a formidable BBQ knife. I cut a full pork shoulder in half in one fluid slice, not a chop, a pulling slice. The shoulder was about 4" tall and 5" deep at the cut. That is a lot of flesh for one cut. I built the knife for me since I was in need of a good knife for prepping and serving BBQ. This knife so far has worked great! I might regrind it thinner. I had left the edge .005" thick before I sharpened it. I think I will zero g
  6. Big name for a little knife. This is my first post on the new forum. I need to be better about checking over here but work is keeping me busy! Here is my Iphone Photo. The blade is .110 thick full flat ground to .002" then sharpened at 30 degrees. The san mai is 410 with a 1080+ core. This thing is sharp and cuts like crazy! The handle is carbon fiber and turkish walnut. The thing that looks like a hamon is carbon migration from the 1080+ core to the 410 SS cladding. Crazy! I made the knife so I could to some serious testing on a billet that a customer ordered. Next is my integral
  7. We is www.alphaknifesupply.com and we have stabilized and sold over to 10,000 pieces of wood.
  8. Bellevue is my next door neighbor and I think this place would be awesome to visit. You can try asking nicely and they might let you visit. http://www.japanesesword.com/
  9. I would be leary about using it since it doesn't list the chemicals in the stabilent. We have ours done professionally by WSSI and they use Methyl Methacrylate. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Methyl_methacrylate We have used multiple stabilizers and multiple chemicals and we like this the best. Other chemicals and processes we tried gave us results we didn't think were good enough. Some chemicals don't polish up as nice or give the wood a cloudy look. Some don't penetrate or harden the wood enough. Some make the wood so hard that it can crack apart if dropped. It will cost less for
  10. The hydraulic table used to move much slower then that. It had some 65 year old sludge in and on it that had to be cleaned up. Now it works great! They are super nice. BOTH of mine are auto hydraulic tables. My other one is still at my parents place though.
  11. I am looking forward to trying it out on damascus. Should make cleaning up a billet pretty easy.
  12. I made this video for another forum and thought some of you might like it too.
  13. I like Alpha Knife Supply the best! However I work there. We ship to Canada all the time. Our stabilized wood is all professionally stabilized. If you have any questions you can call us.
  14. http://www.alphaknifesupply.com/ss-sheet.htm We have some available at that link. It is 410 which is similar to 416 but without the sulphur. It will work well for san mai.
  15. Cool knife! I am doing one like that pattern but inverted and I restacked it a few more times to get more jaggedness in it. My bar is waiting to be Ferry flipped after I get the bar cleaned up.
  16. Tom Ferry welds without flux and I do now also. You need to have a very gas rich force air blown hot (2300F minimum) forge to accomplish this but once you get it down you have no weld lines and no trapped flux ever.
  17. Thats cool! I have a Yari that I need to fuller or bo-hi and I might try this!
  18. I will be there at a booth with my wife. Come buy something! (shameless plug) Alpha Knife Supply
  19. I am going to be different and say don't finish it. Keep it that way as a reminder to yourself! I have a huge collection of spectacular failures to remind me not to make the same mistake twice. The good thing is that you made that pattern before so your next one should be better!
  20. I don't want to make you jealous.
  21. I love all those! I have spear envy in a big way right now! I am totally going to make some spear heads out of damascus now. Great work!
  22. I only use known steel type. If I put minimum of 12 hours of my time into a project I want to have a working end product that I am confident in. Buying good knife steel is not expensive. Especially if you are using high carbon tool steels for forging. Case in point Cru-Forge V. A steel designed by crucible steel just for forging into knives! Here are some prices... http://www.alphaknifesupply.com/bladesteel.htm#BS-CruForgeV So ask yourself is it worth the headache of mystery steel or can you spring for the $3.00 bar of steel that will easily pass the ABS performance tests when heat treated
  23. Jesse does indeed have a power hammer. I know the guy who delivered it to him.
  24. It is my pleasure to serve. This knife was a good learning experience. I learned that habaki are a true test of patience! Even though it took many tries to get a halfway decent habaki I think the end result made it worth the effort. Hopefully my katana fittings are easier to make.
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