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  1. Thank you guys I like that "chantoyance" very shimmery looking steel.. Db
  2. A nice damascus EDC knife with cool looking Bark Ivory & palm wood bolsters. I made this to offer on my forum started this Sub Forum late fall 2008 "JD's knife makers forums" . The knife its a Modified Gambler model. An 8" OVL with a hollow drop point 3 1/2" blade to plunge 1 3/16" wide 5/52" thick recurve damascus blade with filework on the top handle area. LINK http://www.jerzeedevil.com/forums/showthread.php?t=48508 Thanks guys for looking … Dominic
  3. Thank you guys That bocote is nice handle wood works easy and does not need stabilizing like Cocobolo or Iron wood does not oil stuff. Jared Z is right Jarad there is some nice tooth to be had from Charles Turnage (where I get mine) and it is all stabilized or it would crumble. Make for an interesting handle. The full tooth a customer sent me from Alaska where it is also found, like Siberia I would never cut up that tooth for handles looks good with displayed knives not that I have many. Regards Db
  4. What can I say but congrats it looks great and its not easy to make a file look good. Heat treating is fun huh? Db
  5. It has been a very good year for me with Stebbins Knives I hope 2009 is as good. The NEWS is sounding pretty bleak out there but my list is long. Thank you to all BF members I see great stuff here from nice people and it gets me out there the Info learned lets say I am a greatful knifemaker and forum member I guess. This Skinner is a Snake Eye pattern Damascus with a very cool Birds Eye Bocote from a piece of milled lumber I have been cutting away and made many knives from for three years now. I Love this wood and have to find another jem! I have enough for one more knife that
  6. Wade very nice knife... Db
  7. Nice stuff Nick I reallt like them! This here is a cool forum.. Db
  8. Thank you guys it is a good knife simple nice steel ... Db
  9. Nice knife Low layer yes I love that its been a long time since making or using it. I have so much 200 layer and up instock. Want to swap some hahha...
  10. Some nice hot pounding there bevels and all... Db
  11. Thank you for the time, your comments and taking a peek at my website my friends. Wade - that is not that little the size is a 5" blade 1 1/4" wide and over 9 1/2" plus OAL... Clint - I will tell you I find stag the hardest scales to fit and get right on a full tang knife... All other materials are a piece of cake orther then stag. Thanks Jared I am glad I made one you like... more to follow I hope Thx for looking Db
  12. Nice job on that tight
  13. I have not posted here in a bit this one shipped last week to Romania I hope he gets it soon! I hope all you guys had a great Thanksgiving Day with the family and friends DB
  14. Awesome JOB a long few weeks I bet? Cool Subby... Db
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