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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome back guys. I apologize for the length of the post, it is hard to try to condense 5 years worth of happenings into one post. Josh, now that pictures are finally done, I have to present the knife to Dave. Hopefully this weekend. Just need to go through and give it a final waxing and touch up the edge and make sure it's to my satisfaction of sharpness. Chris, good to see you again as well. Hope you are still getting some shop time. I haven't really kept up with the forums or what people have been posting, but I remember some very nice hamon and beautiful Japane
  2. Howdy Folks, Some of you may remember me from a while ago (about 5 years), and many more may not. I am sure that there are quite a few new faces that have come and gone in that time. For those that I recognize, hello again, and for those who I don't pleasure to meet you. My lengthy absence is the result of starting a new career and moving across the country. Back in 2011 I moved from Colorado to Michigan to work as an engineer at a steel mill. I went with hopes of having success with my career, getting a decent house and a nice shop setup to make knives, buy a bunch of much desired equ
  3. Thanks Peter! Deker, sorry I missed your question the first time I read through things. I'd be happy to send along a full sized copy. I sent you a PM about it.
  4. Thanks everyone! I greatly enjoy reading all of the comments and getting to share in the craft with everyone here. Dan, again, thanks for your great compliments and insights. Your points were very well put. The overall form, lines, and flow of a knife are something that I spend a great deal of time on with each knife I make. I would say that I definately subscribe to the philosophy "elegant simplicity" in most of my work. I definately agree with you that a knife should have its foundations planted firmly on the overall intened function, form, flow, and quality (fit/finish/etc). If a knife
  5. Hey folks, Been awhile since I've been on to share any of my new work, so thought it was about time. I thought you folks might like to see a special project I've kept under wraps for awhile. This knife was a really special piece and represents a few "firsts" for me. This is my first foray into more advanced patternwelding techniques and my first complex mosaic pattern. I got started doing some w patterning a little while ago and ran with that. Since that went so well, I decided to jump head first into some more complex mosaic patterning. Didn't know exactly what the outcome would
  6. Thanks guys. Good to see you again Cris. Haden't seen you around any of the forums for quite some time. Micah, it balances pretty much where my name is etched on the ricasso, maybe a hair underneath (like underline the Fredeen, and its about there). Its got some nice distal taper in the blade and I made sure to leave a little extra length and mass in the handle to keep it fairly well balanced. Just enough blade weight to give it some "power" but not enough to make it slow in the hand.
  7. Howdy folks, As seems to be my "usual" way, I haven't posted anything here for a LONG time. I've been super busy (another "usual," unfortunately), and time to post on forums just doesn't seem there. Anyway, I've got quite a few new pieces I've been working on, so thought it would be about time to share one of them with everyone, and remind folks that I'm still alive. Anyway, here's one of my more recent ones, did it for the PKA Show in Denver. 1095 Blade. Differentially hardened with hamon Overall length: 14.5" Blade length: 8.5" Damascus Steel Guard and Fluted Spacer.
  8. Thanks Brandon. Doing alright I suppose, but, unfortunately, as usual, way too busy, but such is life. How about you? Get re-settled after the fire? And BTW, still planning on donating a damascus ring for you guys... only hold up has been Lawren. I'll be doing another run comming up hopefully this weekend, and might just go around Lawren and raffel it off myself, lol.
  9. Hey folks, I'm back a little sooner than later this time. For those who saw my last thread, I finished up that commissioned knife I posted some in progress pictures of, so thought I'd share. 5160 blade with hand rubbed finish Blade length: 4" Overall length: 9" Stainless guard,spacers, and pin Stabalized amboyna burl handle Inside pocket carry sheath (left undyed at customer's request) Enjoy!
  10. Thanks folks. Here's an "in progress" pic of a little commission I'm in the middle of. Its currently a little further along, but havent had the chance to grab new pics yet (and this one is not a good pic anyway). Its done out of 5160, and has some stabalized amboyna burl for the handle, with SS guard/spacers (which create a fullered effect currently). Its lost a bit of "weight" off the handle and I've slimmed it down a bit to improve the flow, and the guard is finished being shaped, and its part-way into the hand rubbed finish now as well. Pretty much just a bit more hand rubbing
  11. Thanks Noah, glad you like these little guys (both the knives and the rings). I try to keep my damascus ring prices relatively reasonable (this last run went for $100 a piece). I'm not offering the super high layer counts, super complex patterns, stainless steel, and precious metal linings that most of the other folks are (those can definately go for some serious $$). I'm trying to keep these pretty simple (for the most part, I might play with some fancier stuff for the fun of it, but that won't be too often), as I'm firstly and foremost a bladesmith and don't want these to take over, lol.
  12. Hey folks, Been awhile since my last post (such is the usual way things tend to go anymore it seems ). Anyway, since my last post I've finished a few more blades. Some more recently (Dec), and one from a few months ago (that I thought I posted here... but in looking for the thread, it doesnt exist... so must not have). Anyway, thought you folks might enjoy these. First up is a custom commission bird and trout knife I did for a knife collector in AZ a few months ago. Got a nice feather pattern damascus blade, SS guard/spacers, african blackwood spacer, stabalized curly m
  13. Hey folks, Been awhile (again) since I've posted here, but thought I'd let you folks know about this. Today I'll be doing a live broadcast from my shop starting at about 3 pm central, 4 pm Eastern (or in about 20 minutes... If I can get all these notifications posted and get setup by then but I will be one, so don't despair if I'm a few minutes late). Going to be doing a little work on a W pattern billet I started awhile ago, maybe welding up some cable for cable damascus, and possibly forging a knife or two if time allows. The broadcast will probably go well into the evenin
  14. Thanks guys. For those interested, I have a good portion of the pattern welding tutorial up on my website: Fredeen Blades - Tutorials. I'll post it in its entirety here when I get it finished as well.
  15. I have been waiting to post pictures of this blade for probably a month or more. The main reason I havent posted this blade is that this blade is from a pattern welding tutorial I'm currently working on. I documented in pictures, and lots of videos, the vast majority of the process of making this knife. I wanted to get the tutorial up before I posted pics of the finished blade, however with my great lack of time and hours worth of videos to edit down, I've realized that it probably won't happen for awhile. I was also waiting to get my name etched in it (finally got the stencil material, now ju
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