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  1. hi y'all I had pneumonia. The blade, not the entire sword, weighs around 800 g. Yes - the flutes are always done in that direction on these. It just is tradition. OK - the blade weighs 800g, the entire sword, all fitted out, weighs 981g. Thanks for looking and commenting.
  2. I LOVE it. Great jigsaw puzzle action, and awesome theme. I am bringing my kid this year, he is making a ka-bar inspired knife for a high school project. Thus, I am dragging him to my favorite gathering of my favorite people. I will surely join that raffle. See you there
  3. ok, it weighs just under 800 grams, fittings and blade. 29.5" long. Just at .26" at forte, tapers to .13 or so (I may taper it a little more. Crazy, but I may). Handle is about 8" total. Including pommel.
  4. Jake, that is a really impressive piece of work. I love it. That is the coolest thing I have seen lately. Great.
  5. this is an impressive project all around. The grip, and the lessons learned, are great. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  6. Hello Everyone, I am still making things. I have also been restoring antiques for the past couple of years. I can't post pictures of them, though. The people that own them are often pretty picky about who knows they own them. But, it has made me better, I think. Here is a Qing Dynasty Willow Leaf Dao with a blade with a medial ridge. I hope you like it.
  7. that is a beast of a blade. Awesome. The scabbard is also great.
  8. the details of the fit with the scabbard and hilt are really lovely. Good work.
  9. that is a great piece. The silver (and the texture) set it off very well. Yataghan meets Orc slayer. I love it.
  10. good ideas. The wood handle with the turning looks a little like my FS version 3 that is on the table next to me as I type (that and a kukri). you understand.
  11. that is awesome. it is also about where I am in my own progress. I have some engraving to do in the near future. I am making a Chinese idiom so there is not any background removal, but still similar. great stuff.
  12. I like it. The combination of twisted bars and a wakizashi makes for a nice blade. good work.
  13. that was good thinking to carburize and re-heat treat. Nice move. The blade is small enough that you pulled it off. The blade had some great hada, too. nice.
  14. that is really good creativity on the closure. The cable blade looks good, too. I haven't seen cable much , lately. Matt Berry took some cable from me, and used it to make a serpent that ran down a blade. It was beautiful. Your blade does look a little like a dirk
  15. good knife. I like it, and it will be functional as hell as well as look good. It will be used a lot, too, which is good. Great conversation, too.
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