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  1. good for you, for pushing yourself.

    I am enjoying watching your progress. Thanks for sharing it here. I don't have any useful advice, except for supporting the idea of pushing beyond what are your current limits. 

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  2. OK,

    NASA is one government agency I have never worked for. They haven't needed psychology from me.


    You guys are an amazing group. I am definitely lacking in engineering and physics/chemistry. 


    I am just happy to see the work that Dick can turn out, and to learn from y'all.


    Hi Dick - it is good to (sort of) see you again. Hope all is well. 

  3. Hi Matt,

    That is an impressive amount of control on the pattern and getting all the nooks and crannies to weld cleanly. I liked the sister blade when I saw it at the gathering, and I like this one. You definitely have your feet under you as an artist and craftsman.



  4. I thought you probably already knew more than I could contribute :).

    Thanks for teaching me and the rest of us this bit.

    I don't know anything directly about the bronze swords. But, I am happy to be along for the ride.


    I haven't used yew, but thanks for the warning about it. 


    I have decided to just use soft or hard maple and dye it for a lot, depending upon how hard the wood needs to be. It can be beautiful, and I don't have to deal with the other problems. 

  5. I have made so many handles and scabbards out of rosewood, I am allergic to it now. I only use it for my good friends. Everyone else gets maple that gets died!

    I have no idea about wood on the really old ones, but I think wrapped handles were standard. Textile/cord wraps, not wood at all, was common in the earliest iron swords. I presume it would have been in the bronze. You probably already knew that, though :).


  6. Nice to see this (these). I didn't know you had a lathe :) . I got my Sheldon from the 1960s running recently. 

    Anyway, those are both nice folders. I am impressed. I told you years ago, I can do multi-bar swords, but folders intimidate me. I am impressed!


  7. I LOVE it. Great jigsaw puzzle action, and awesome theme. I am bringing my kid this year, he is making a ka-bar inspired knife for a high school project. Thus, I am dragging him to my favorite gathering of my favorite people. 

    I will surely join that raffle.

    See you there :)

  8. Hello Everyone,

    I am still making things. I have also been restoring antiques for the past couple of years. I can't post pictures of them, though. The people that own them are often pretty picky about who knows they own them. But, it has made me better, I think. Here is a Qing Dynasty Willow Leaf Dao with a blade with a medial ridge. I hope you like it.




    bat motif dao hi res with engraving.jpg

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