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  1. yes, I am looking forward to more. The overall piece sort of eludes me right now. I will be glad to see it come together.
  2. that does look great. I am with Alan. I just love well-done pins. They look so much better and just seem more appropriate.
  3. I am late to the game, as usual. I like Alan's idea, though.
  4. nice Noah. The cable looks good in this application. I think cable gets a bad rap lately. After all, it starts as 1095 and then decarbs down to around 1080. Nothing at all wrong with that. good work. kc
  5. Emilliano, I will write you a letter of rec when the time comes. A great deal of stock is placed in letters in the academic realm.] Don't just bend my ear. Let me give you a letter of rec. They mean a lot. Plus, you deserve it. kc
  6. nice little knife. Is that epoxy I see in front of the handle scale on the ricasso? if so, be careful of that in the future. If you catch it quick, you can get it easily with alcohol or acetone. Pretty and functional appearing knife.
  7. w's would make a good topic to show how different things can become from a minor change in the beginning. Also, it would show the squashing effects on the layers very well. Just my ideas. I am glad to see you doing this. thanks. kc
  8. looks nice as a package. How did the tung oil work on the wrap? Did you dunk it, or how much did you appy? How hard is it now, and what colore is it? How dark did it get? I know, a lot of questions. But, I am intrigued to using tung oil for this. good work!
  9. I like the knife, and the hammer, too. I really like the hammer
  10. that is a fine first sword. Or fifth. Very nice lines. The woodwork looks good, too. I am quite impressed. kc
  11. first axe is really heavy, and the rust is more rusty than the nicde, dark patina you would hope to see. Are there any spots where you can see past the live rust? If there are, is it a dark and thick patina? That would sure help. Like I said, that first one is damn thick given the period, intent. You need to get Longmire and Mercier to weigh in on these. They both understand the aging process very well. I would be careful. I am not sold on the authenticity of the first one, because of the size and the rust. But, I am NOT a good source for this information. good luck, and tell us what you learn so we can learn too.
  12. Hey Jim, How does that phosphor bronze age/patina? Is it more like copper or brass (I don't really like the way brass ages, but i love working it, and it is historically accurate for a lot of the Chinese work I try to emulate). However, if bronze that is easy to obtain was to take a more interesting patina or age better, that would be very cool. For me, age better means not just become dull yellow, but develop a spectcrum of oxide colors. I think you know what I mean. Like what you get when you flame color copper. If phosphor bronze does anything like that (how about with liver of sulphur), it would be really cool for some pieces.
  13. Jake - that is a fine job! I like the blade collar touch.
  14. Emilliano, I hope can find a home (professionally speaking) as a teacher. You have a good understanding of the work you do, and you write very well. Those things don't always go hand-in-hand with being a craftsman. Seriously, I think you would excel at it. I need to get my melting hearth fired up. A dao from hearth melt would be very beautiful, and true to originals in appearance (since they melted cast to decarb it). I love the way that material looks. It is more beautiful to me than any tsuba. great stuff, bro.
  15. I like this style very much. The finish is quite good, too. That will be a great knife to show people. That is one to be proud of.
  16. wow. that is just right. I am impressed, seriously. That is a great revival of the form. Congratulations, my friend.
  17. You are the master, when it comes to the pattern welding. I love the way that steel looks, on both of them.
  18. that looks impressive. I don't know a thing about that game, though. Good dedication
  19. going to be interesting. Let's see how the knuckle bow comes out with the points. It will be a bowie/pesh kabz/trench knife. It would be pretty formidable, too. thanks for sharing. I love to watch the process unfold for folks.
  20. JJ - love it! I make pendants and bracelets out of silver often, but just as gifts for my lady. That is a good piece. Did you lacquer it?
  21. congratulations. There was a lot of learning and skill development in that process. I am impressed. I bet you had fun, too!
  22. clean lines. I like those shapes together. lovely work.
  23. that 12" blade looks downright wicked. Seems like it should be for removing limbs (the plant kind... tisk tisk). cool work, for sure.
  24. thanks for sharing this with us. It is a great thing to see and learn for me.
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