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  1. good ideas. I never would have thought of the wood screw trick in a million years.
  2. good use of the material, for sure.
  3. i like it. It is a unique shape and not so modern. nice work.
  4. Tim, good to see you here. That is a great looking knife. I love the blade and the guard. They have style. kc
  5. Dave - what a great way to make sure you work slowly. Only have one, total. That blade looks great, though. There is a lot happening. nice welding. kc
  6. that is wonderful. I love that control of the material. the spacers work just right, too. At first, I thought it was wire in channels.
  7. that came out splendid. Good work, and thanks for documenting so much of it for us
  8. off to a great start on those. looking great.
  9. outstanding. The dagger with light handle is the best. Hey- so why are you working in your front yard? Their must be a story here. You have had a shop since before I thought of it.
  10. awesome. great to see you here, too. I love the work.
  11. haven't been here lately. I miss it. That is a really lovely handle.
  12. John, do you use files at all on getting the grind lines just right? I think I would have to. I am impressed. Great job. kc
  13. Jake - I have always been inspired by your work. For years. This demonstrates that you are moving up in a serious way. Thanks for showing this to us!
  14. That rocks! Everything about it is just right. Seriously, great by both of you.
  15. that is a thing of beauty. I haven't seen anything that cool in some time. Awesome job!
  16. I like the long one with the fuller the best, also. However, they are all quite cool!
  17. thanks everyone! Alan - yes, I am always working. I spend about 20 hours per week making stuff. It just takes a long time to do each one now. But, it is a blast. I am good with brazing now, and love the fact that so much brass was used in the traditional stuff. It is such a great metal to work with. Sure, there are iron/steel fittings, too. But, I already got to work with steel a lot! take care, kc
  18. Hello Everyone, I am working with Scott Rodell. He designs them, I make them. I can only make two or three per year. Here is the latest. I hope you like it!
  19. yes, good knife. I have a belief that the trend towards thin handles has gone a little too far (narrow really). I think that knifes should have enough for a solid grip and still shaped to tell you where the edge is aimed without looking. As long as it does that, then a handle is a good handle. Hamons are just pretty, and I love them for it. Nice little touch.
  20. I agree with Dave - that is awesome and appropriate pattern welding. It seems like they take longer as you get better, but they are worth the wait. I am honestly impressed by the craftsmanship. I love the contrasting colors in the handle, too. Nice material choices.
  21. I love this sword, since it looks just like it is supposed to (even though I am not sure about historical references with this shape, it's Zorro and who doesn't love Zorro?). The L6 in that section - were you able to air harden it? That would simplify that part of things (but L6 is such a pain in other ways I never use it). But, I don't have your tools or skills, either.
  22. handle wrap looks great. I am usually for no plunge lines on tantos, but that' s just me. The knife is smooth and clean, and looks right. Nothing extra, just a good rendition of the design.
  23. yes, that is very light! The fullering is nice, too. good job!
  24. very clean work on all of these. I am a big fan of puukkos. you render them very well!
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