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  1. I love it, Jim. Your work always makes me feel peaceful. That is a lovely turtle.
  2. that is a very cool object. Is it built up from smaller pieces that were brazed together? Neat approach.
  3. I wax micarta. It helps it a bit. Ren wax. I like it for using knives, and a lot of people are really into the material. I prefer wood, with tung oil or a brushed on poly that has been rubbed out with auto polish. aqua fortis on maple is one of my favorites. I love the shape of the knife, though. That is spot on!
  4. yeah, plus, for us, riveting is dead simple. Buy some copper burrs from Tandy. They are just like nails with thick bodies, and the washer come so they slide better one way than the other. oh, and I forgot to say, I like the work. The birch handle and forged blade is a classic. Both seaxes have great lines, and that last one is just wonderful. Nicely done!
  5. I do the same thing on my sheaths, but I use copper rivets. In the leather world, they call them burs. but, they are really just rivets. Look good, solid, and dead easy to make.
  6. Bundle... that's what the sales guy at the company that sells the psych techniques and trainings I created calls a discount provided when someone buys several items from the same person. It used to be called a volume discount. Don't worry, I am not up on sales jargon, and don't want to be. I just hear this so much I started saying it. or typing it.
  7. great story. I think I would have liked Bob. Love the knife. Is there a special bundle rate for a fellow bladesmith who has bought all your books? PM me about it. take care, kc
  8. that is wonderful! great combination of materials. I like the gentleman's companion knife idea/history, too.
  9. that is inspirational. I think the blade and also the sheath really elevate that one. Great job!
  10. yes - I traded Scott Roush a bunch of very thin (.02") 1095, and he made great stuff, including a basket hilt I think. The piled approach looked very good for him. That is some very promising stuff, for sure.
  11. I like it. glad to know you got good welds even with the old fashioned setup. I usually fold my edge bars a few times, ok, once or twice. Enough to get up to about 30 layers, even when they are just w2 and 1075 (which I my favorite mix for subtle patterning). It looks, "piled." I like that look. make the next one a little bigger!
  12. glad the second time went well. I could never do Forged in Fire, so hat's off. Those are some sweet knives. I especially like the big chopper with the curved blade and no point. That thing is both elegant and wicked!
  13. that is a really nice sword. I love the etching, too. I am going to be engraving a dao fitting set some day soon (ok, months from now after I make the sword). Etching never occurred to me. I love the design of the etching, too.
  14. ha- good for you on the sale! That handle is a beauty. Glad someone realized it and snapped it up.
  15. that was great. concise, and gives hope. It makes the process make sense without losing it in the fine detail.
  16. Congratulations on the Magnum Opus, my friend! We need a big pic of the polished blade! That is a hell of an achievement. Sell it to an Arab prince or something. Then make another
  17. thanks for sharing. This is an awesome build (3 years or 10 years or whatever). Files... files are, "where it's at." I love them, and I am always wishing that I could get by with forging, soldering/brazing, and filing. You and I are alike in the love of files, and in the fact that pictures help to reveal things that would otherwise be missed. I will always look at pics before I consider a piece finished. The one time I did not, I had the pommel of a sword misaligned. Damn it. So, pics before shipping. The people here are great, and so is your work!
  18. I have emailed Michael a few times. He seems a great guy (everyone warned me to avoid politics with him...). But, I really enjoyed talking sword history with him. I went through a cable period I call my, "Michael Bell," years. Honestly, I would love to work with him for a class like that.
  19. I just love that knife. Longmire will know the name, probably (if there is an actual name for it that is English, anyway). great work.
  20. Mattew, I will take you up on that. I figured you used templates. I have a hammer handpiece from magnagraver but I need to get the sharpening just right. Thanks. I will probably buy the templates and set up a drill press with an arbor and lap or just see if I can use them with stones.
  21. I like it! As the others said, the aging added a lot to the overall appearance. Very good work.
  22. off and running. I am happy that you are documenting this for us to see. More!
  23. awesome work, Matthew. Just flippin' awesome. i want to get your help - I need help learning to sharpen gravers and chisels. i am pretty good, but my work would really benefit if I develop this skill some more. killer inlay
  24. That is a very attractive blade. I have done the sanmei to stretch steel from old projects myself. Great trick. Hope the teacher likes the knife.
  25. that is awesome. I love the effect a good photog can have on your work (if the work is really up to scratch in the first place). Makes you feel good, doesn't it? congratulations.
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