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    Family (Wife and stepson) reading, Psychology, law, public policy (teaching people to get along, take care of one-another, and not destroy the planet in the process). Bladesmithing, Outdoors stuff of all types, esp. camping and ecology, exercise, cooking. Dogs and Cats.

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  1. Kevin (The Professor)

    Rare artifact of the kingdom of Norssex, via Gallifrey

    Alan, Creative and really striking. I like it a lot! The pommel is cool. Not your fault you have too much style for just one timeline. Glad I stopped in to see this.
  2. Kevin (The Professor)

    Handle info section

    Oak is beautiful when stained with Aqua Fortis and then fill the pores with Tung Oil. It is a beautiful combination. Purple/black and brown with gold highlights!
  3. Kevin (The Professor)

    [WIP] Tanto style blade

    that groove is a place for the knot of the handle wrap to sit. It has a functional purpose, and probably has a specific name, too. great work, though!
  4. Kevin (The Professor)

    Seven King Sword

    that is a beautiful piece of craft. I am truly impressed with the effort and outcome. Please make more, and share the process with us. kc
  5. Kevin (The Professor)

    Renaissance Sidesword WIP

    oh this is going to be a beauty. I am really going to enjoy watching it, too.
  6. Kevin (The Professor)

    Back in the game

    Alan, I missed this before. Welcome back!
  7. Kevin (The Professor)

    Completed "Bowie No.1"

    great work, Gary. I love the whole thing, the knife, the history, the collection... yowza...
  8. Kevin (The Professor)

    Nessmuk-ish skinner

    a better grinder does help because it cuts better. People tell you to not blame your tools if things don't come out right. But, your tools do shape (literally) the final product. A good grinder makes a big difference. It did for me, when I switched to a grizzly, and then again when I switched to Uncle Al's. Variable speed is worth it, but it means that you need a lot more horsepower. The vfd seems to take a good bit of power away, I wasn't criticizing your work at all with the picture from Woodcraft. I was just putting it there for reference. The shape of blade you made is a great one. You can make your bevels much more crisp and flat with good files, too. Plus, learning to file is probably the most important thing you can do in terms of working metal and wood.
  9. Kevin (The Professor)

    Nessmuk-ish skinner

    I like it. I made a friend a blade almost identical to that out of 80CrV2, and he swears it is the best deer skinning/cleaning knife he has ever owned. The quality of heat treatment we can do on carbon steel blows away what most people are used to with factory stainless. I do really think that is a great blade shape. The original Nessmuk was a little pointier, I think. I have a copy of Woodcraft and Camping somewhere (on my computer). I may try to find it.
  10. Kevin (The Professor)

    Type XVI

    outstanding. That is great. I am a fan of this sword. Great work.
  11. Kevin (The Professor)

    Hunting Sword--Pro Photo

    Gary, i love that sword. really good fit and finish, and great design.
  12. Kevin (The Professor)

    Ashokan 2017

    Jim Kelso did a some outstanding presenting, and had some of his work there. The pieces evoked the same peace and calm in person. Jim - I sat next to you and the woman whom I assume to be your significant other (I loved the nickname you had for her but I can't remember it I didn't want to be a bother, and I now regret that I didn't say hello. I also admired your style while some of the audience decided they wanted to ask, and then answer their own questions. Smooth.
  13. Kevin (The Professor)

    Ashokan 2017

    Justin - for your first presentation of this sort - it was an AWESOME job. I learned a great deal, and I thought that I had followed both he and Niels Provos as they separately journeyed to making the Wolf's Tooth. This was educational, entertaining, and well done.
  14. Kevin (The Professor)

    Dymarki Świętokrzyskie 2017 in Nowa Słupia,Poland.

    those are some truly impressive spears. You have a nice ability with that hammer. great work!
  15. Kevin (The Professor)

    WIP--A Bowie from Concept to Completion

    that is an impressive bit of pattern welding. I have never gotten around to the Merovingian pattern, but I do like it a lot. The shape of the blade is nice. It is very complex, for sure. More modern than some of your stuff, but very cool.