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  1. John, do you use files at all on getting the grind lines just right? I think I would have to. I am impressed. Great job. kc
  2. Jake - I have always been inspired by your work. For years. This demonstrates that you are moving up in a serious way. Thanks for showing this to us!
  3. That rocks! Everything about it is just right. Seriously, great by both of you.
  4. that is a thing of beauty. I haven't seen anything that cool in some time. Awesome job!
  5. I like the long one with the fuller the best, also. However, they are all quite cool!
  6. thanks everyone! Alan - yes, I am always working. I spend about 20 hours per week making stuff. It just takes a long time to do each one now. But, it is a blast. I am good with brazing now, and love the fact that so much brass was used in the traditional stuff. It is such a great metal to work with. Sure, there are iron/steel fittings, too. But, I already got to work with steel a lot! take care, kc
  7. Hello Everyone, I am working with Scott Rodell. He designs them, I make them. I can only make two or three per year. Here is the latest. I hope you like it!
  8. yes, good knife. I have a belief that the trend towards thin handles has gone a little too far (narrow really). I think that knifes should have enough for a solid grip and still shaped to tell you where the edge is aimed without looking. As long as it does that, then a handle is a good handle. Hamons are just pretty, and I love them for it. Nice little touch.
  9. I agree with Dave - that is awesome and appropriate pattern welding. It seems like they take longer as you get better, but they are worth the wait. I am honestly impressed by the craftsmanship. I love the contrasting colors in the handle, too. Nice material choices.
  10. I love this sword, since it looks just like it is supposed to (even though I am not sure about historical references with this shape, it's Zorro and who doesn't love Zorro?). The L6 in that section - were you able to air harden it? That would simplify that part of things (but L6 is such a pain in other ways I never use it). But, I don't have your tools or skills, either.
  11. handle wrap looks great. I am usually for no plunge lines on tantos, but that' s just me. The knife is smooth and clean, and looks right. Nothing extra, just a good rendition of the design.
  12. yes, that is very light! The fullering is nice, too. good job!
  13. very clean work on all of these. I am a big fan of puukkos. you render them very well!
  14. Jim, I love that piece. It is awesome to me, and really speaks to my internal biologist.
  15. Joshua - you made me laugh, yes, poplar needs paint. It is a bitch to stain or lacquer.
  16. you have to soak the blade at crazy high heat for about 15 minutes (1900F or so). that will usually put everything back into solution. Then normalize twice or three times to get the grain back down. Finally, especially in this case, do a controlled spheroidizing anneal (1350 for about an hour, then down slowly to 900F over the course of 4 hours). That will put everything nicely distributed and ready for hardening.
  17. Alan nailed it. I even had a batch of 1075 that did that, and the reason I bought that particular steel had been that it has a low alloy content to begin with (not all 1075, just this batch - it was below spec on manganese so I snatched up a lot of it). anyway, the knife looks good so far. l like the hamon, and the overall shape of the blade. kc
  18. thanks everyone. I am working on a couple of jian and a guan dao now. The last thing is a sort of halberd. I am actually stoked about it. Today I have to get my tire hammer running. I have been doing all of this with Uncle Al's press (I am on the third motor). But I built a tire hammer at a workshop last summer and it has sat in my shop since then. Just anchored it down last month. Today is the day to fire it up (I got more power for the shop so I don't have to run a damn generator all the time). kc
  19. Hello Everyone, Joshua was kind enough to message me and make sure I wasn't dead. I was having a crisis in an economic sense a couple of years ago, and I was thinking of ways to make more money from the knifemaking portion of my professional life. Well, I did and I didn't figure it out. Not knives, anyway. I have paired with Scott Rodell. He designs Chinese swords based upon original examples. Then, he draws me a one-to-one pic for his design. Then, I make it. It is awesome. I send it to him, and he gives me critical feedback (and if needed, I modify the thing). Imagine if every Bladesmith could partner with a person who is both a historian and an expert with the use of the things we make. It has been wonderful for me. Of course, I can only make about 3 swords per year. Each one is custom, each one is different. Each is made to the specs of the client (Scott works with them the way Holland and Holland would work with someone if they were making them an over-and-under). Here is the last one. The client named it Winter Moon. It has 400+ layers of 1075 and 15N20 with a W2 center plate in sanmei arrangement. The fittings are nickel silver except the blade collar (tunkou), it is sterling. The wood is simple poplar with a poly stain. DON"T EVERY TRY TO PUT THIS ON POPLAR, get better wood. It took MONTHS to get the scabbard right. Hope y'all like it!
  20. Alan, Creative and really striking. I like it a lot! The pommel is cool. Not your fault you have too much style for just one timeline. Glad I stopped in to see this.
  21. Oak is beautiful when stained with Aqua Fortis and then fill the pores with Tung Oil. It is a beautiful combination. Purple/black and brown with gold highlights!
  22. that groove is a place for the knot of the handle wrap to sit. It has a functional purpose, and probably has a specific name, too. great work, though!
  23. that is a beautiful piece of craft. I am truly impressed with the effort and outcome. Please make more, and share the process with us. kc
  24. oh this is going to be a beauty. I am really going to enjoy watching it, too.
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