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  1. I you have added much more value to the coins by including them in this. Wonderful
  2. From someone that struggels with embelishment of any kind it looks great to me. How about a transmition jack with a well weighted base for a macro blacksmith's engraving vise. ~Herb
  3. Greg everything looks great. The Dozier influence comes through but you also have some style of your own. keep on grinding! ~Herb
  4. Havn't been on in a while and look who's here. Very cool Peter. Like the jointery. Looks like it would stand a better chance of fitting my meathooks than an original ~Herb
  5. Just wanted to say that Nick is a really talented craftsman and this class will be worth it for anyone getting there feet wet, or wanting to try something different. NESM is a great venue with lots of recouces and a newly remodled doorm/accomidations. Dereck and the rest of the staff are helpful and knowledgable. Check it out! ~Herb
  6. Matt, A great peek into a wonderful weekend. Ashokan is really the place to be on the third weekend of September. ~Herb
  7. Wow! I've been wanting to try a stacked bark handle for a long time. I love the way you worked in the wood on the ends. How do you go about harvesting the bark. I think Bo Bergmans suggests taking the bark in the spring and it will be easier to peel from logs because the sap is up. Beutiful work Hloh! ~Herb
  8. It's been a while since I've had the pleasure of your dad's hospitality. I'd like to come see this platter in action. Too bad I haven't brought that forming stake to the shop yet. Ithink it would have been just right. ~Herb
  9. Nick that's gonna look great especially after it's been seasoned, for a few seasons, yuk. Is this one under glass at Freeport Knife?
  10. I work in a shipyard building large tug boats. I have seen them all fail. As John Marcus said failure isn't necesarily the tools fault. There is not one stationary belt sander in our whole yard dispite my offer to managment to bring in my Bader for a week to show them what it can do, still not even a little 2x48 kalamazoo next to the ironworker Everything is done with hand held grinders and almost all of that with a 4 1/2". I have a fondness for the large body Makita 4 1/2(12amps I think) for heavy work as well as thier smallest 8amp with a locking switch. The new large body that I saw did not have a lock on feature and that would be a deal breaker. I have been using a bosch for 10 months, and while I didnt use to care for them, this one has stepped up to the plate, That being said when I have heavy work I use a 7 1/2 ' Metabo. It's a real creampuff. I'll have to agree with Sam on the Metabo. I have two at home. One full size body 4 1/2" that survived the fire that destroyed the yard a year ago, still works fine, and a small one with a lock on that I bought a t a flea market for fifteen bucks. I bought a new gaurd and Metabo quick nut for it($25) and put some grease in the gears and it runs like a dream. Beware while milwakee makes a great heavy duty model, The Milwakee you pay $100 for a Lowes or Home Depot, is NOT the same as the $150 ones from MSC or other industrial supply places. For starters a difference of 8 amps vs 12amps and that might also be where the ones with non metalic gearing are coming from. ~Herb
  11. Nick just brought some Stone Oaked Arogant Bastard to the shop on Sunday, very good. I had some of thier 13th anniversary ale on Saturday. Their ales all seem to have a slight "ethyl" taste that I find plesant for some reason. Dogfish Head makes great stuff, I like the Raison de Etre, very malty. If your in reach of some Maine Brews try anything from Gritty McDuffs ,Best Bitter, Or Halloween seasonal comes out August 18th every year. Geary's Pale is a classic around here and there summer is my faveorite summer beer. I need to stop here I could go on and on. Cheers! ~Herb
  12. Donald, The pre-registration was $55 for the whole weekend including a table at the show. I don't know wha the price would be this week. check the ABS website or newenglandschoolofmetalwork.com Anyone else coming? ~Herb
  13. Mat, The Fikes Jungle Honey is ever-inspiring, and you have made a great representation. Also there is much unique style that you have brought along yourself. I've seen some of Jimmy's home movies at Ashokan and he made some really impressive cuts with one. I have one in progress and hope it's half as nice as yours. ~Herb
  14. Wow, I think more things should be made with feasting in mind. That is some absolutly beautiful bacon, and the perfect utensil. Handsome knife Peter. I've got to get som bog oak. ~Herb
  15. Wow Tom! That's quite a showing. I think your table is gonna be empty in short order. Glad you're back in the game. I liked reading your article on swords in one of Ken Warners anuals when I was a kid. I dig the flourocarbon wrap, looks leathery. I haven't had a slow day at work to make a purge bowl, no tig at my shop. Still high on my list to try eventualy Great stuff. ~Herb
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