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  1. Looks great. The hamon is quite unique on this type of blade and your choice of pattern is very appropriate visually.
  2. Wonderful showing. I am very interested in this type of blade and thank you for sharing your process and result.
  3. Great looking pattern and very innovative handle treatment. The ingenuity around this place never ceases to amaze.
  4. I have a couple saya nomi from Japan woodworker. I did a saya with a straight chisel and had the edges digging in. It worked but wasn't ideal. I then modified a plain chisel by heating the neck and bending it for knuckle clearance. Better for longer cuts. BUT.. if you get a chance to use a proper saya chisel with a bull nose and rounded sole... they just work so much better. Cleaner cuts and much more control. Nice work!!!
  5. Great looking knife. The textured bone is a perfect detail on this as it divides the horizontal lines of the blade and handle grain. Nice work.
  6. Thanks for posting this. What an amazing tone. It got me looking and listening to many others and it's really struck a chord in me. (pardon the pun)
  7. Fantastic. Boy this gets me excited. So much going on here. Can I come and learn from you?
  8. A tour de force with all things involved. Great colours and textures, and interesting choice of materials. As mentioned, the local source of the materials really adds a personal character. The story and the collaboration with your son in this story and poem is inspiring to say the least. I notice some of your new techniques and again, it's an inspired and an inspiring piece Scott and my hat's off to you. If I can make it to Blade this year I hope to see this or something like it from you...
  9. What a wonderful piece. So very exciting and interesting. The carving of the handle is wonderful.
  10. Fantastic work Scott.. I'm really enjoying, and am inspired by, your story too. What a great thread full of information. Thanks for sharing the geometry and technique lessons.
  11. Thanks for the comments. @ harry_r ... once the groove gets started it's pretty much self centering. Once I established it, the handle was more for ease of hanging onto such a small piece of file and to allow me to bear down a little more.
  12. Very cool! Definitely not seeing Santa in that.
  13. Thanks for the comments. Here's a few videos of how I did the fullers. Ignore my names of the stones.. they're wrong. I can never keep straight how to embed videos here so here's the urls.
  14. Thanks for the comments. They are very much appreciated.
  15. I recently finished this piece. This piece was started back in Sept. and was my first attempt at carving in fullers. The blade is W2 at 8 1/2" machi to tip. The tsuba is an Edo antique. Saya is Massur Birch with horn fittings. Habaki and seppa are copper and the menuki are arrowhead theme. The stand is Ipe. Uchi-sori means "inner" curve and the spine actually drops slightly. This was a popular style in the Kamakura period. - thanks for looking.
  16. Ha Ha.. Nice reaper shot Ray! I've wondered about making one of those myself.
  17. Wonderful. A pleasure to behold and to know that this kind of work is happening out there.
  18. It's a fantastic piece Scott. So very clean but possessing that mystery of the ages. It's one that could be from any time in history, past or future, earth or beyond.. Well done sir!
  19. Fun Post! As much as I like the sword, I really like how you threaded the hangers for the scabbard. Great pics! Love the bowler!
  20. I don't think there was ill intent either as Ito is well respected for his work here. Perhaps the "relic" word on this forum is equated with Serge but it is used by others on other forums. I have used the term myself on occasion and unless I'm mistaken, that term was not coined by Serge himself and I seem to remember that it was used by another maker (perhaps John White iirc) in describing something Serge made several years ago, before Serge began using it as a moniker. Perhaps I'm wrong and I missed it.. Keep up the exploration!
  21. No one has questioned copying as a means to learning. The only reason this thread has drifted this way was because of the simple lack of this explanation. To post work that looks so much like another's and not mention the influence is what is in question here. To equate that so broadly to all katanas or Daos is not the point. Those are obvious and related to hundreds of years of tradition not a particular individual. This is a piece that was initially presented as an individual's work without explanation that this was a study of another individual's piece. It was noted that this looks
  22. Fair enough.. I think that your explanation could have served well in the original post and would have preempted the comments that followed. In that case, since he was mentioned, you should look at Virgil England as well. I know Serge has acknowledged him as an influence.
  23. Mine are white steel laminated to wrought iron.
  24. Just checking as it's hard to see. Having used these two I have, they certainly are designed for their purpose and they work great. Nicely done!
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