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  1. well i just got the second bar forged out, took longer than i like to get at it again. i hope to keep this one crack-free, we'll see how it goes.
  2. looks like a fixed blade straight razor haha
  3. thank you very much, it's been driving me crazy trying to guess at what it was haha
  4. C Daniel

    what is this?

    hi, everyone. i've been looking at a lot of old illustrations from the renaissance texts and i've seen one blade type in particular come up again and again and i can't figure out what it's supposed to be. it's shown in detail next to other very detailed swords, so i'm confused if that's a long, continuing blade with a split (or maybe drifted) handle section, or if it's some sort of cutlass that wasn't drawn in quite as much detail? if anyone knows anything about this blade, i'd love to learn more about it. thank you casey
  5. so two muffins are sitting in an oven, and one says to the other "wow... it's so hot in here" to which the second replies "OMYGOD! A TALKING MUFFIN!"
  6. i think you're right, i wouldn't want to give someone a flawed blade and i don't think i'm a good enough smith to fix it even if there is a way to do it.
  7. i've run into a problem, i have 3 cracks (less than 1/16th of an inch) along the spine. is there any solution to this, or should i start over on fresh stock?
  8. seeing the original concept, i didn't think i would like this blade, but WOW was i proven wrong, it's beautiful, great job!
  9. i went into the doctor the other day and he told me "casey, i'm going to advise you stop masturbating" "but why doc!?" "because i'm trying to examine you"
  10. an old couple is relaxing one day and the man asks his wife "now honey, we've been together a long time. can you tell me something that will make me both happy and sad at the same time?" his wife thinks for a while about it and says "yeah, i think i can." "go for it hon" "out of all your friends, you're the best in bed"
  11. so this tom cat is strolling along in an alley and he sees his girlfriend making out with another tom! you know what he says? meow. what the hell else would he say? he's a cat.
  12. ok i did some forging today, and i worked the steel down to the thickness i'd like. it's about 20 inches total, before i've worked on the tang, so the blade will probably be about 15-16 inches. i've aquired a length of copper pipe that i'll melt down with aluminum for the fittings. any suggestions on the best way to get a dark bronze finish without access to liver of sulfur?
  13. i think he would look great with braided copper wire hair. ;D
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