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  1. To keep with the zombie theme, I suggest incorporating a crossbow somehow, no zombie hunter should be without one. Haha
  2. Wow, that is some beautiful craftmanship, olddog! That is one purse this Viking would be proud to wear. Is the third lid of steel?
  3. Within the last week I've started adding songs as "chuckle music" like Johnny Cash- Ring Of Fire or NIN- Metal. Every time they come on I chuckle. It's so punny. What's your fav anime, Dee? I'm a total narutard, myself.
  4. Punk rock, primarily Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies
  5. you forgot the 5 newbs asking to take up a lightbulb making aprenticeship and the discussion on the different types of lightbulb through history and the halogen/ floresent debate haha
  6. is it just me, or does anyone else wonder what better uses NORAD could be put to besides tracking someone who doesn't exist? hahaha when i heard this, i did the hanging head in shame thing. i knew it was going to happen some day... i just really wish it wasn't our government doing it. haha
  7. ok, we all know that pennies are useless and annoying as hell and that they're made of copper, at least in part we also know that bronze is copper and tin, for the most part. i was wondering if anyone has tried melting down pennies and soda cans for a cheap bronze? if this is a horrible idea, i appologise, but doing stupid things is fun sometimes. haha. also, i'm pretty poor, and i'd like to try casting bronze... hahaha
  8. well, rebar and this red stuff that looks like half an i-beam, i see it being used for like the frames of buildings all the time
  9. how good of a material is construction steel? any specific number of steel? i know it can't be hardened, but is there anything you can tell me otherwise?
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