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  1. Thanks, Jeremy. And no I don't own a surface grinder. When needed I do it by hand on my 2 x 72.
  2. Ready for final assembly (I'll grind & polish the butt cap after all is assembled & epoxied):
  3. I got the escutcheons (416) inlayed and the handle bevels roughed in today. Now once I get the handle sanded & polished this one should be about ready for final assembly.
  4. I've kind of taken my time this this one. I've now gotten all of the machine work done. I think that I'l keep the rest of the handle work until tomorrow to give myself something to do while in my public shop.
  5. You've got it. It's just a ladder that doesn't go all the way across the billet.
  6. I'm thinking of giving this one more of a Samuel Bell type hilt and see if that draws more interest. This is such a subjective business. It all depends on that "one person" to see it to make it desirable.
  7. Some time back I made a historic reproduction of an Alfred Hunter knife that hasn't shown much interest. His handles had such a unique look that I may have limited my prospective customer base too much. This being the case I think that I will give this one a hilt that matches the sheath better. I'll use some walnut burl with 416 fittings and an inlaid escutcheon like on the sheath.
  8. I needed another sign for my public shop to draw attention from another direction. Sometimes simple & to the point (no pun intended) is best so: Definitely the largest knife that I've ever made.
  9. Good job. Building & using a competition cutter is one of the best ways to learn both blade & handle geometry. Use it for different events like free hanging rope, 2x4, straws, etc. and see what it's best & worst at. Also, see if the handle is comfortable and if it stays straight or wants to twist in your hand. All will teach you a lot about design. [Note: Most of the competitions that I have been in have at least one event which requires a pointed blade to complete.]
  10. I got the handle components roughed out today. (the inlay material is bone, handle is ironwood, guard is 416) This will give me something to work on while in my public shop later this week.
  11. One completed, one under way: I'm not sure if I will use ivory or bone for the inlaid escutcheons. I'll have to check my stash.
  12. #1 ready for handle gluing:
  13. Last month's article in Blade Magazine talked about the recent popularity of 5" fixed bladed knives which inspired me to make a pair for the showcase. One here has a 336 layer random pattern damascus blade and the other a mono-steel blade of W1. Both will get handles of desert ironwood with 416 fittings. I got the first handle & guard roughed out before the summer heat today brought me to a halt. It has 10 to the inch checkering on the front of the handle with the back half being contoured. The guard is from 1/2" 416 stainless. The second will get a hilt similar to this but with ironwood:
  14. Will do. I have one pair already signed up that hasn't given me their choice of dates yet. I'll contact you when the next person signs up. I'm asking a $100 deposit just to help cover expenses. Are you going to Central States again this year?
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