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  1. I got in enough shop time today to rough out the quillon guard (416). (the quillons have a peened through pin that will get silver soldered to the body of the guard.)
  2. I occasionally will put a Ferry flip in a canoe just to increase the chances of good welds. I just opted not to this time.
  3. Brian, I did this one without a can but a simple tile cut & weld.
  4. This one has been on the back burner for a while but I finally got the finishing touches done today:
  5. After a bit of massaging I got my little lathe to accept 1.25" which I was happy with. You can see that I hollowed the pommel which is mainly for weight reduction. The damascus billet for the blade is a variation of an explosion pattern. Once I was happy with the pattern, I got the billet annealed and cut into tiles. I'll try to get it welded tomorrow.
  6. It is a 3 jaw chuck that opens to 1"
  7. Recently we've had the largest snow accumulation in the past twenty years and sub-zero temps which have precluded much shop time but it has afforded me some time for design. I believe that for my next project I'm going to build a renaissance style dagger. I have started on a new variation of an explosion pattern mosaic damascus which should work well for it. Since it will have a "busy" pattern blade, I think a fairly plain hilt of blackwood & 416 will compliment it well. My biggest pre-production problem that I see is that my little mini lathe won't accept a large enough di
  8. I didn't get as much activity in the steel as I was hoping for but I'm still happy. There's still some work left to do on the hilt but it's close.
  9. I haven't gotten in much shop time recently as I'm doing some one on one classes but I did manage to rough out the rest of the components:
  10. Thanks, Alan. I think that I like it better than the ivory/stag of the original.
  11. This project has been on the back burner for a while but I managed to get the ivory handle scales glued & pinned. I made a small change to the handle of this one as the spacer between the new & fossil ivory is now of both 416 & brass. Eventually it will get a fuller filed down the center of it (as will the oval guard). Everything is still very rough now as I decided to do all of the final shaping of the hilt on this one after being glued & pinned. I'll just need to be extra careful not to let the ivory get too hot when shaping it. [I've put off makin
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