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  1. Mosaic Recurve

    Thanks, Ray. I missed the Little Rock Show this year but plan on doing it next year.
  2. Mosaic Recurve

    At 18" OAL I'm not sure if I would call this a large Bowie or a short sword and I guess that either would fit. This is a variation of my spider pattern mosaic Damascus with a blackwood hilt.
  3. A Scary Day Here at the Old Homestead

    I still don't know exactly where it started. I had a professional clean & inspect it two weeks before the fire. It'll have new double wall pipe now.
  4. A Scary Day Here at the Old Homestead

    I probably did utter something when I realized that all that I was wearing was my birthday suit when I called 911 and that the fire department was on their way. That may have been the quickest that I have ever gotten dressed.
  5. A Scary Day Here at the Old Homestead

    Thanks, everyone. I appreciate the concern. I'm just glad that it wasn't the entire house.
  6. A Scary Day Here at the Old Homestead

    Thanks, everyone. The fire started around the flue pipe but no one could find any definite area of cause. I was just lucky to be home at the time and to have a couple of extinguishers handy in order to contain the flames until the fire department got here.
  7. A Scary Day Here at the Old Homestead

    Yesterday as my day was just getting started, while in the shower I heard what seemed to be an unusual noise and went into the living room to find that it was full of smoke. At first I thought that the flue to my pellet stove had become blocked until I saw that the smoke was coming out of the wall. I quickly called 911 and got some clothes on. Grabbing a fire extinguisher I ran outside and tried to extinguish the flames. As they rekindled I ran to my shop for a second extinguisher and managed to subdue the fire enough to contain it to one area until the fire department arrived. Had I not been at home or had the two extinguishers, I'm sure that I would have lost the house. Not a good day! Luckily the weather has been mild so far but "Old Man Winter" is scheduled to be back this weekend. Hopefully I can get more than a plastic tarp in place to keep out the cold before then.
  8. Starting a New Mosaic

    I got the billet tile cut & welded today as well as bladesmithed into a blade. I decided to devote the entire billet into a recurve Bowie style blade which gave me one at 13". [You will see that the white lines at the tile welds disappear as I proceed with the blade.] I'm still debating on the style of hilt for this one. I'll try to keep you updated as I go.
  9. Forge-welding damascus tiles

    The key to getting good welds is to have your billet surface ground accurately before cutting the tiles. This will insure a tight fit between the tiles when you get ready to forge weld them. If you are having trouble holding the tiles tightly together when tack welding them try using superglue. It will disappear as you heat the tiles and will make it easier to hold them together until you get them tack welded. Also, always cut your tiles too thick so that you have plenty of material to squeeze when welding the tiles. Take a look at my WIP. It may give you some ideas.
  10. Starting a New Mosaic

    I got in another good day on the forge today. Here's the billet after a second 4-way weld: I wanted to double the number of the original design vertically so I did a cut & fold: The design here is a little finer than what will be the end result. I forged it smaller than needed to make it easier to cut the tiles. I will cut them extra thick and flatten to expand the pattern and make it bolder as I weld the tiles and blade smith it.
  11. Completed Mosaic Bowie

    Again, thank you everyone. I'm glad that you enjoyed this.
  12. Starting a New Mosaic

    The weather here today was ideal, 60 degrees without a cloud in the sky so I spent the day making steel. This was the first full day in the shop that I've had for a while and loved it. I started with a stack of 1080 & 15N20 with a triple layer of 1080 in the center. Welded: A "W" squeeze and drawn out: Cut & stacked: I added some additional 15N20 between layers: Welded: Squared on the bias: A first look at the pattern when 4-wayed: Welded: I'm thinking that I may give this pattern three 4-way welds for a small intricate pattern. Hopefully that won't cause me to won't cause me to lose too much mass for a Bowie size blade .
  13. Completed Mosaic Bowie

    Thanks, gentlemen. I appreciate all of the kind words.
  14. Completed Mosaic Bowie

    I've also got a couple of mosaic Damascus blades waiting to be H/T'ed that I roughed out the guards for this morning. The one with the Spanish notch will get a New Orleans, F.C. Goergen style hilt and a ball-tip guard. The other I'm still debating on but I'm considering doing a Peter Rose style handle with a half-penny guard on it.
  15. Completed Mosaic Bowie

    I got the inspiration for this pattern from Jean-louis Regel who calls it his spider pattern.