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  1. H/T'ed and in the tempering oven. Hopefully I'll have some good activity here. H/T'ed to 1485 & quenched in Park's 50.
  2. Thanks, Alan. I had other work to be done but the shop was so cold that I fired up the forge instead.
  3. With the temps what they were this morning, the forge felt pretty good. I left the tang in line with the blade for the dogbone type hilt. It will get a frame tang with an internal pommel nut.
  4. It's a nice size for traveling so I'm not overly excited about selling it but if someone really needed it I would take $600.
  5. I don't want to hijack this thread but if you decide on a smaller anvil, I have a 125 lb. Trenton that I would part with. Let me know if interested.
  6. Now that my damascus class is over it's time to start thinking about my next project. This time I'm reverse engineering it and creating a knife to fit the handle scales which in this case are some beautiful mastodon ivory scales.
  7. Looks good, Brian. Be sure to show us some pics when the knife is completed.
  8. Thanks, Brian. I thoroughly enjoyed working with you.
  9. Class dismissed: Both participants left with a smile on their face, numerous new skills and a quality mosaic blade. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and look forward to doing it again.
  10. Day #1: I was very proud of the guys today. They accomplished everything asked of them and right on schedule.
  11. One of the students is a forum member. The other a bladesmith here in Branson at Silver Dollar City. It should be a good time!
  12. Tomorrow my little shop turns into a working classroom as my first two students arrive to learn some of my Damascus techniques. Tomorrow their goal will be to design & build a mosaic billet and cut it into tiles ready for the canister which they will weld up on Saturday and forge into a blade to take home with them. The propane tank is full and I have a good supply of 1080 & 15N20. Time to make some steel!
  13. Since the rear piece of 416 won't have an entire tang slot to hold it in place I'll need to pin it both to the rest of the guard and to the handle block. See you soon.
  14. Now that I have the blade H/T'ed & tempered, my next project is to drill & pin, saw, mill and grind these two chunks of 416 into a sub-hilt guard. Here's a rough sketch of my handle concept:
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