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  1. I got my cannister welded today but made the mistake of using straight 1084 powder and the exact outline of the Fleur disappeared. I had originally planned on using a 4% nickel powder for contrast and should have stayed with that idea as it would have exposed the profile of the fleur. What I got was only the 15N20 layers which appear quite distorted. Oh, well. I'll still use this billet for something else. Time tonight for some re-engineering. LOL
  2. I've got it engineered in my head. We'll see if everything works out as planned. I enjoy the challenge of doing something for the first time.
  3. For my next big project I decided that I want multiple damascus Fleur de Lis inlays amidst some crushed "W" tiles. I want the Fleur de Lis patterns to be of damascus on a background of plain carbon steel but as they will be reasonably small & thin and normal damascus layers would get lost, I made some 5 layer billets for it. What you see here is approx. 1" tall and 5" long. These three pieces will get band sawed lengthwise so I can insert another flat 5 layer piece in between the halves for the horizontal band in the center of a traditional Fleur de Lis. Once I have the Fleu
  4. The blade here was made from six bars of irregular layers of 1080 & 15N20. The two in the center were twisted less(both left & right handed) than the top & bottom pairs, stacked and then welded like a Merovingian or Turkish pattern. I think that it gave it a very distinct and unique pattern. The handle scales are mastodon with fittings of 416 & some diagonally coin edged nickel silver with a guard forged from a bar of A36 & hot blued in 500 degree salts.
  5. Having completed all of my scheduled classes it's time to work on some orders. This one is a familiar design which I've made before. I'm sure most here will recognize it.
  6. Knives are one of the hardest thing there is to photograph, especially for me. Lol
  7. That's one advantage to forging over stock removal.
  8. I'm not sure what you're seeing in the quillons. There is the peened head of a pin on the end and there's a raised rib where the quillen meets the body of the guard.
  9. Blade: 1080 & 15N20 Handle: Blackwood & 416 stainless
  10. I've gotten the blade to where I want it. Now to complete the hilt.
  11. I've all the components roughed out. Next is to H/T & temper the blade.
  12. I just picked up the scabbard for my rapier. I thought he did and outstanding job:
  13. I got in enough shop time today to rough out the quillon guard (416). (the quillons have a peened through pin that will get silver soldered to the body of the guard.)
  14. I occasionally will put a Ferry flip in a canoe just to increase the chances of good welds. I just opted not to this time.
  15. Brian, I did this one without a can but a simple tile cut & weld.
  16. This one has been on the back burner for a while but I finally got the finishing touches done today:
  17. My first look at the pattern:
  18. After a bit of massaging I got my little lathe to accept 1.25" which I was happy with. You can see that I hollowed the pommel which is mainly for weight reduction. The damascus billet for the blade is a variation of an explosion pattern. Once I was happy with the pattern, I got the billet annealed and cut into tiles. I'll try to get it welded tomorrow.
  19. It is a 3 jaw chuck that opens to 1"
  20. Recently we've had the largest snow accumulation in the past twenty years and sub-zero temps which have precluded much shop time but it has afforded me some time for design. I believe that for my next project I'm going to build a renaissance style dagger. I have started on a new variation of an explosion pattern mosaic damascus which should work well for it. Since it will have a "busy" pattern blade, I think a fairly plain hilt of blackwood & 416 will compliment it well. My biggest pre-production problem that I see is that my little mini lathe won't accept a large enough di
  21. I didn't get as much activity in the steel as I was hoping for but I'm still happy. There's still some work left to do on the hilt but it's close.
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