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  1. I got the d-guard started this morning. The wheat twist was made from 4 pieces of 1/4" round bar. You can see the antique bridge wrought iron that I used for the ends in the second picture.
  2. I got a large Bowie forged, ground, H/T'ed & tempered. I'm not going to get the chevron pattern in it that I had hoped for. For some reason the layers didn't bend enough under the ladder dies. It still has an attractive pattern however. To do something different, I am going to give this Bowie a d-guard with a wheat twist. (A wheat twist is an old blacksmith technique.) I have done this before and it was very popular. I'll try to add some photos as I progress.
  3. It was a beautiful though cold day here in the Ozarks today, perfect for making steel. Here is a Damascus billet that I got to 252 layers and a squeeze done with some chevron ladder dies on it. While the steel was coming up to temp in the forge I also got five blades rough forged and ready for grinding. A good day! As I still haven't decided for sure just what to make from this billet, I think that I'll stop for the day and do some designing. (I should have enough steel for multiple blades.)
  4. Well once again I decided that I wasn't satisfied with the handle for this blade so I got started on making #3. I guess that I'm getting a little fussy in my old age but if it doesn't feel right, I'm not going to finish it. I went with a more traditional look this time which should appeal to a higher percentage of customers. Since I'm planning on taking this one to The Arkansas Show, that should be a good thing. Here are the components roughed out & ready for sand & polish:
  5. Joshua....I am enjoying the trip through these. Thanks for taking the time to share.
  6. Please post a pic when finished. Thanks.
  7. This one has been on the back burner for a while but I've now got the blade ready for hand sanding and the handle parts roughed out:
  8. Looks good! What type of hilt will you give it?
  9. I've yet to do the final hand sanding & polishing to the hilt but all is now assembled:
  10. I believe that it may be slightly stronger. It does need to be warm though. FeCl is probably better at low temps.
  11. This is the first blade that I've etched with ammonium persulfate. It worked like a champ.
  12. I've most of the machine work done. There's plenty of hand work to go however. I've etched this one enough to see that the blade got a secondary hamon in addition to what I had planned. I'm a little disappointed but you never know with W steels exactly what will happen in the quench. It's kind of like Damascus patterns, no two will ever be the same. It will still make an attractive blade though.
  13. Originally I had intended to give this one a traditional dogbone handle with tapered scales & domed pins. However, that would have required removing most of the color from these mastodon bark scales. They have such a nice blue/green color that I decided to leave them natural and not taper the scales. (the escutcheon inlays will be 416) I think rather than using an internal pommel nut, I will through pin the tang under the escutcheons. Since I never do take-down handles it really doesn't matter as both methods work well.
  14. H/T'ed and in the tempering oven. Hopefully I'll have some good activity here. H/T'ed to 1485 & quenched in Park's 50.
  15. Ground & ready for H/T:
  16. Thanks, Alan. I had other work to be done but the shop was so cold that I fired up the forge instead.
  17. With the temps what they were this morning, the forge felt pretty good. I left the tang in line with the blade for the dogbone type hilt. It will get a frame tang with an internal pommel nut.
  18. It's a nice size for traveling so I'm not overly excited about selling it but if someone really needed it I would take $600.
  19. I don't want to hijack this thread but if you decide on a smaller anvil, I have a 125 lb. Trenton that I would part with. Let me know if interested.
  20. Now that my damascus class is over it's time to start thinking about my next project. This time I'm reverse engineering it and creating a knife to fit the handle scales which in this case are some beautiful mastodon ivory scales.
  21. Looks good, Brian. Be sure to show us some pics when the knife is completed.
  22. Thanks, Brian. I thoroughly enjoyed working with you.
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