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  1. Class dismissed: Both participants left with a smile on their face, numerous new skills and a quality mosaic blade. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and look forward to doing it again.
  2. Day #1: I was very proud of the guys today. They accomplished everything asked of them and right on schedule.
  3. One of the students is a forum member. The other a bladesmith here in Branson at Silver Dollar City. It should be a good time!
  4. Tomorrow my little shop turns into a working classroom as my first two students arrive to learn some of my Damascus techniques. Tomorrow their goal will be to design & build a mosaic billet and cut it into tiles ready for the canister which they will weld up on Saturday and forge into a blade to take home with them. The propane tank is full and I have a good supply of 1080 & 15N20. Time to make some steel!
  5. Since the rear piece of 416 won't have an entire tang slot to hold it in place I'll need to pin it both to the rest of the guard and to the handle block. See you soon.
  6. Now that I have the blade H/T'ed & tempered, my next project is to drill & pin, saw, mill and grind these two chunks of 416 into a sub-hilt guard. Here's a rough sketch of my handle concept:
  7. Thanks for the replies. All that I've had a chance to try it was just a brief dip on an unhardened blade where I tseemed to work pretty well. From what I've picked up online is that it works best when preheated to around 100 degrees F where Ferric Chloride doesn't require preheating. I may play around with it more when I have a blade ready for the final etch.
  8. I got blade #1 almost ready for H/T. I changed my mind on the handle for it. I think that I'll go with a sub-hilt.
  9. When ordering some ferric chloride crystals I was sent ammonium persulfate instead. It appears to be a strong oxidizer. Have any of you tried it for etching Damascus?
  10. There's a layer of ice/sleet on the ground but the gumbo pot is simmering and the cornbread is in the oven. Time to relax & enjoy the rest of the day.
  11. I decided to make small gentlemen's Bowies from this billet. Hopefully I'll have enough steel for two with six inch blades. For the first I started with some handle work. The interior squares of the raised checkering will get some silver wire inlay.
  12. Welded. Using the C-channel worked like a charm. The steel definitely has a different pattern (as many made from scrap do).
  13. In preparation for my upcoming classes, I decided to refresh my canister skills. This billet is made of multiple scraps of Damascus that were laying around my shop. I then squared & 4-wayed them as well as wrapping them with a traditional "W" pattern on all sides. I have no idea what this will look like but that's part of the fun of Damascus. Anyway, this one is mainly just to re-acquaint myself with canister (canoe) work before my students arrive. In the past I have always made the canoe from a piece of square tubing which I sawed & welded to size. This time I'm using a piece of 2" C-channel with a piece of 1 3/4" flat bar for a cap. MUCH EASIER! [note the orientation arrows on each component] I'll try to get this welded tomorrow and maybe forged into a blade. (If I'm feeling energetic.)
  14. We'd have some fun if you did.
  15. I look forward to seeing it.
  16. Getting a few last minute supplies for my upcoming classes. During these intense two day events the students will build a cannister mosaic billet of their own design and forge it into a blade to take home with them. I'm looking forward to seeing what they come up with. It should be fun!
  17. There's always some last minute "spit & polish" to be done. Once done this one will be ready to sharpen and add to my inventory:
  18. Once I get a pommel nut made the hilt components will all be roughed out. Then it will be time to fine tune, sand & polish them for final assembly.
  19. My idea was to make this one light & pointy and I think that I'm there. I'll need to take much of the bulk from the guard to match the light weight blade.
  20. I got some of the handle components done today. The guard shown here is laying on top of the blade. I won't slot it until the blade is finished to insure a tight fit. Once slotted, I will contour the ends. The lathe turned pommel here still has the excess material attached.
  21. Shot while normalizing just after forging.
  22. I came up with a new design yesterday that I got started on at the forge today. This one will be a slender and very pointy dagger. I made the Damascus billet from a couple of old billets that were laying around the shop that weren't large enough by themselves. (If you look closely you can see the lengthwise layers of them) I'm not positive of what handle material that I will use but it seems like it needs a black handle with stainless fittings.
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