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    I'm really into history of all ages but my favorite would have to be ancient germanic and celtic history which are usually the types of blades I like the most. I like being outdoors in general but really enjoy camping, fishing, rafting/canoeing, hiking and exploring.

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  1. All these knives are now sold, thanks!
  2. Small everyday carry knife. Blade is forged from 1084v, edge quenched, full flat grind. Grips are blue multi-toned denim micarta with steel pins. Would work nicely in the kitchen as well. Blade is 4" long, total length is 7.75". PRICE: $60 USD+sh
  3. I agree with what Alan said, an earlier period germanic blade would not necessarily need the fuller, and personally I think they're way cooler as well, you don't see them as often and I like the rounded tips and thin cross section better. Good slashing blades.
  4. I've used O1 before and loved it, and the W1 of course is great but I would quench it in oil.
  5. The prices on the remaining knives have been reduced!!! Many more detailed pics available upon request!
  6. I love how everything comes together in this piece! Everything about it is just right!
  7. That is truly a beautiful knife, something to be proud of carrying every day!
  8. Hey I think this looks a lot better, it's certainly working out a lot better. I brought the edge bevel all the way up the blade as I was advised earlier, I really like it, should be done soon.
  9. I forge it cold but anneal VERY often. I'm talking every few blows if you're really moving some metal around. Just have the forge running and allow the brass to become red hot then quench then hammer some more then repeat. Just CONSTANTLY anneal or it will crumble up on you.
  10. Thanks for the comments guys! Ethan I think what you may be seeing is the handle to my 2500g french hammer, it has a red cap on the end lol! Ryan, I like that idea, seems more precise than hammering. Try it and show us what you made when you're done! Thanks Brent! I'll heed your advice and only use my dinged up hammer on it, good thing I've only used it once with an expensive hammer, I didn't have any damage... YET...
  11. Thanks! That sounds pretty fun to try!
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