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  1. I was wondering if I could posibly get my name changed to C.Edmondson, I thought it might be a good idea since I put that on my blades, I apologize if its any inconvience but I would really appreciate it, Thanks and Godbless,CHarlie
  2. I have a sea robin anvil I got off Rade Hawkins, Both sides hardened and with a stand just like the one in the picture. I am looking for a trade for bader or KMG attachments. I might possibly sell it but had rather trade, I will be at batsons and give it to you. Its never been used. Any other trade welcome also, Thanks CHarlie
  3. Thats seriously mind blowing!!!! AMAZING WORK
  4. I'm sorry but I dont have a paypal account, Its regular voltage plugs into any house outlet. You can tell I know nothing about electricty, thanks Charlie
  5. I thnk shipping maybe around 30.00 dollars or so, If its more than 30.00 I will pay the rest, Thanks for the response,Charlie
  6. I bought this grinder last year and it never got used much, I used 1x42 inch belts on it, Its made by belsaw foley. It has a 3/4 hp motor on it and seems to work well, Probally needs to be greased up and all. When you turn it on you have to hold the tension arm down to get it going but it runs good after that, i will take trade or sell for 150.00 well worth it. I will have to be shipped in 2 different boxes, thanks and Godbless Charlie
  7. Thank you guys so much for your kind comments, I appreciate the advise 3 sister forge, I will definitely put that info to work!!!!
  8. This is my first knife, Hand forged 5160, burl and purpleheart handle and razor sharp. I dont have a etcher yet so I'm not able to put my mark on it. I really appreciate all the help and info I found on this site. I know I have along way to go but I am getting better everyday at forging and on my Bader with grinding, again thanks to everyone espically Will Leavitt for inviting me to his house and working with me on my forging and answering a million questions, Charlie Edmondson
  9. I have probally around 200 different files, some good and some bad, but a company that caught my eye awhile back was sav-edge from Austria. I buy files from pawn shops make different things from them and recentlyfound a couple in a tool box and they are good files, I have used the heck out of them and they still hold up.
  10. I think it looks wonder Mr. Dark!! Gives it character
  11. I dont hunt anymore I guess I have become to lazy, but at one time in my life I coon hunted every single night for around 10 years. I have the up most respect for anyone who hunts with a long bow!! Now thats hunting!! Hardcore, great pics and thanks for posting,Charlie
  12. Sounds good to me , I will give you a holler tomorrow,Thanks Will
  13. I am a newbie trying to learn as much about knife making as possible and noticed a thread from DFOGG about using polymer as a quenchent. I work at a water treatment plant here in Alabama and we put food grade polymer into the water being treated to act as a neutral buffer for water ion charges. Would this be ok to use instead of old motor oil? The metal I use will be 1084 and 5160. Thanks for your help, Charlie
  14. Me and Will banged out a few blades this past Saturday! Man that guy showed me the light I tell ya, Will is a super nice guy and good teacher. I married a gal from Lineville myself, Boy did I make a mistake,LOL anyways we will definitely have to get together and make something sometime, Take care and let me know when your gonna be back down this way,Charlie
  15. I can probally get one in the next few days, It looks great, the spring is perfect, i believe the jaws are 6 inches, It has 50 stamped on the side of it.
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