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  1. Wow! What a nice piece. Your work never ceases to amaze me. Thank you for posting. It has inspired me to go back to a previous design of mine and work on it. I love the theme.
  2. Wow! Thank you so much for taking the time to make that video. It would be awesome for more to take the time to share like that.
  3. Uhm, Wow!!! Those blades are awesome!! I can't wait to see them finished. I love your ideas and your work. I am gonna have to show this to my wife she will love it.
  4. Wow, I had thought I managed to get the last one. Someone better jump on this quick. These are wonderful anvils with an impressive rebound. You wont regret getting it. Also I consider it really cheap compared to whats out there. If your interest is bladesmithing you can't go wrong here. Oh, and Chuck and is great guy and very knowledgable.
  5. That looks great Stephan!! I like the design also.
  6. Thanks toxonix. Due to the fact that I have never built a forge before. Could you tell me what to wore it in place with. I have seen a forge that the guy wired the Kaowool in. He had used stainless steel wire and tack welded it into place I think. Anyway, I would appreciate any advice on this. Is there a rigidizer for it or something? I dont mind doing the work, I would just like to know what to do with what. Thanks. Will
  7. I second the ChileForge. I have one also. It is great!!
  8. Thanks for the heads up. If I ever get around to it I will remember to do that. I just have them now cause they were free. I went ahead and put holes in them and I got rid of all of them but 6. So I now have 6 of them put back in case anyone around here wants to build there own forge.
  9. Thanks for the advice Bryan. I do have an auto darkening helmet already though. I will look into the Marinetex.
  10. Yay for you Sam. Don't you just love finding useful objects?
  11. Have you tried this product personally? I will get some if it is good. Thank you for listing it. I was worried about the health hazards of the Kaowool and Inswool stuff. I need it for lining my Heat Treating Drum forge so I am unsure if it is suited for that or not.
  12. Kerry - I will only be Heat Treating one blade at a time myself. But it is good to know that I do have the tank if I need to do more. I wish you much success and I will almost certainly be at next years Fire and Brimstone hammer in.
  13. 911. I laughed so hard at that. Well, I found a suitable piece of 6" square tube. It is about 1/4" thick all around so it is sturdy. It is about 42" long so It can handle sword blades. Now I just need to practice my stick welding and get a bottom ( found a perfect square piece) welded on for it and I will be good to go until I discover something else that I think I need.
  14. Wow!! That is one awesome knife filled with awesomely awesomeness!!! Great job!!
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