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  1. I am speechless and blown away! I think my brain just melted.
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    The Vent

    Well, I loaned my Friends and brother alot of money from my tax money that was supposed to be for setting up my shop and was supposed to get back $200 a week until they paid me off. They bought a couple big tools that made their job much easier and was singing my praises. Pfft, I has been over 2 months and they have only given me 2 payments and so I have to go to Batson's with alot less money than I had planned on. And my shop is at a standstill for the moment. My biggest gripe is that I have yet to even heat up some steel. John/Clay, I feel your pain, Hell hath no wrath... and the legal system is not our side at all. (Somewhat similar experience.) Funny enough though I do have an EX that ended up with someone that beat her after trying for years to get me to do it. Karma I love it!
  3. Those are very nice. What type of wood is that on the first one? It is a nice black wood. I want some to work with. He put some detail work into those I noticed, I like them.
  4. Well dang Mike somehow I managed to over look this post. I didn't see it til today when I just had to take another look at this project. Anytime you are down in this area let me know and I will be glad to meet up and talk about blades. We will even dine at Lambert's if I happen to have the money then. It is always nice to meet up with other forumites and talk shop.
  5. Alan, I think it is nice that they mark their steel also. I am gonna have to get even more determined to find a spring shop around here somewhere. That is IF there is one. From what I have read from others 9260 doesn't want to weld to itself very well. But I am guessing it will weld just fine to others. Thank you for the tip, I do have 2 Sea Robin anvils and a couple of hammers that I bought from Chuck. I am going to try and find a cheaper vise while down there. I really hope Aldo is there this year, I sent him an email a while back for pricing on his 1084 and haven't heard from him yet. What is 1095fg? I haven't heard of that one yet. I imagine that it is a special mix made just for Aldo. Thank you for the info, but I already have some 9260 that I bought from them. I have the order page for the 5160 saved to my favorites. I was just looking for possible alternate (cheaper) sources. I would also like to add that maybe, and I am no expert here. But maybe the extra toughness of the 9260 is better suited for longer blades and the 5160 for shorter ones. That would be my guess about why knife makers would just use the 5160. Maybe you can get it a little harder than the 9260.
  6. Hey Alan where do get 9260 leaf spring at. If it is cheaper than the stuff I bought I would be greatly appreciative if you could let me in on your supply of it. I haven't totally made up my mind, but I am almost sure that 9260 is gonna be the metal of choice for me. I need to actually heat it up and hit with the hammer first. I plan to try 9260, 1070, 1084, and maybe 5160. I will then decide which I like better. Oh and it is unfortunate that you wont be making it to Batson's this year.
  7. I imagine I will be attempting to join in a year or so. I find it all fascinating. You smelt your own metal and then fold it and forge it to a blade. Talk about making it from scratch.
  8. That is sweet I want one to keep beside my bed for intruders.
  9. Oh no, you wont be able to make it. Darn it. I was looking forward to meeting you. But I love the way that you described it. It sounds wonderful. I will be getting my smaller 90# Sea Robin Anvil from Chuck while there, I'll bring my hammers and some metal, maybe I'll get to finally beat on some hot steel.
  10. Hey Chris I wear XL if you don't want it I'll take it off of your hands. I would have pre ordered it and got my own, but I am scrapping and saving every penny for Batson's. It s my first time and I don't know what to expect.
  11. Congrats on finding a buyer. I get so excited about pieces that actually sell. It makes feel all warm and fuzzy thinking that it will hopefully help to provide enough capitol for another creation. Not that I plan on selling mine, but who knows.
  12. Oh I ordered the HabaƱero. It is smaller than I thought, but I am sure it will do just fine. I am STILL setting up my shop. I really like your style. You have a lucky friend to receive such a piece, but then again I have already told my wife that knives will my gifts to people LOL. I am gonna need alot of friends cause I will prolly need a lot of practice. Beautiful knife though.
  13. Hey, I'll be your friend Dave. I like that piece. Oh, got my Chile Forge finally, thanks for posting about them.
  14. As far as I know it is. I preregistered and it was $55 for the whole weekend, I am not sure for just one day, but from the way I understand it if you just show up it is $65. Uhm there is a number you can call to find out 256/232-2645 ask for Judd Clem. Hope to see you there.
  15. Argh! I knew I was missing out when I decided to go to Batson's instead of this one. That is a wonderful sword. I want to make em like that. Wow, wow, wow. As well as the seax you made. Took a look at it also. I would love to learn from you. Hmm, or maybe a visit perhaps. Ill bring the hot dogs and burgers and we can barbeque and perhaps work on your longboat as well. Beautiful work man, just stunning.
  16. After wiping the drool off of my keyboard on several occasions when I was totally stunned by the pics I finally find myself posting a reply. That is some amazing work! I hope to only be half as talented as you are some day. Great blade! Uhm... Wow!
  17. That is a really nice knife there. Someone is gonna be very happy with it. Simply stunning!
  18. Thanks for the replies. I was just curious if this would work. I have also been playing around with the idea of a vertical HT forge with 2 x 1" burners. Some say that vertical is the way to go, but then there are alot of us that just use the the horizontal HT forge. I would like to build just one HT forge. So I am trying to go the best way for now, just need to know if this will work for sure. The Stainless angle iron will cost a little bit by itself. I imagine if I was as careful as everyone else I could just use the Drum HT forge without the sand, but This seems a better idea to me. Anyone that has alot of knowledge on this please feel free to help out please.
  19. That is pretty sweet Dave. I can't wait for the WIP tutorial.
  20. Hey all! I am still trying to decide on how to best build my HT forge. I was going to go with a simple Water Heater forge Like Jesus's. But then I decided that I need more space for the heat to even out. So I have decided to go with 2 x 50 gallon drums that I am going to cut and weld together( not 2 whole lengths just about an extra rib of a drum to add a bit more length to the forge. I am going to insulate with 1" Kaowool 2300 degree blanket. I will be using a 1" burner from here Chile Forge . I was considering welding in a piece of stainless angle iron the entire length of the forge and filing it with sand to lay my blade down in. I figure that the blade will get a very good even heat while still being supported. Here is a rough diagram of what I plan to do. The melting point of sand is like 1500 C so I figure that would work. I am also considering using a gas solenoid valve with a PID controller and a K type thermocouple to control the heat. Tell me what you think.
  21. That is a really nice knife! I love the tsukamaki on it and the cord wrap nicely done.
  22. Bling aside, That is a very nice piece. You prolly wont ever catch me using stainless though, I agree with you about the qualities( or lack therof ) of stainless. I can see the craftsmanship that went into that piece. Very nice Jake!!
  23. That is one nice piece there. I like the handle alot.
  24. I know it is still in the boxes but could you post a pic of the product, maybe from the site please. Oh, Nevermind. I looked it up. Not quite what I am looking for.
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