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  1. Hey Matt, His email is robi5515@bellsouth.net. He is a really good guy to deal with. Will
  2. Jake all I can say is wow! That is one beautiful piece of work there. All you fire beards are actually making me want to try my hand at those type of swords. Stunning work.
  3. That is looking very nice Petr!! I can't wait to see more pics.
  4. Hmm, I guess it was a glitch because I just tried the link again and it works. Great video. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Hmm, it says the video is no longer available. I was looking forward to seeing it.
  6. Hmm, I saw this knife when you posted it and I thought I added a reply. I guess I was just so amazed and dazed that I forgot to. Words cannot express the awesomeness of that piece.
  7. Welcome Dr.Hrisoulas!! I am glad things are going better for you. It will be a real treat to read your posts. The very first book I bought on the subject of making blades was yours.
  8. Congratulations to you!!! Well deserved.
  9. Congratulations!!!! It is well deserved! I love your work. Wear it proudly.
  10. Wow! Love the Knives! Love the shop! I agree about the gear knife being pretty neat. The rest are all really neat as well.
  11. I just donated. I wouldn't have half as much tools or info as I have now if not for this forum. Thank you Don. Donation gladly made.
  12. Very nice tutorial. Thank you for taking the time to show us how to do that. Neat stuff.
  13. That is a very nice unique tanto there. I hope that you are able to get what you need from the sale of it. I would make an offer but I have been blowing all my money on getting my shop set up. I am no where near set up and I am almost broke LOL. Anyway very nice tanto.
  14. Those are all beautiful knives. I kinda like the mystique of there being unknown metal in it. One has to wonder where it has been and how old it is. If metal could talk eh? Anyway, I do agree with Greg I like the last one the most, but they are all very nice pieces. Will
  15. That is one nice looking knife. Every time I see new work from you guys I ask myself about trying it out. I was primarily gonna stick with Japanese type blades, but I keep seeing the beauty of other blades and it is slowly drawing me in. Nice proportions make for a an attractive knife. Thanks for posting. Will
  16. Thanks for the reply Jesus! Anyone else please feel free to chime in here. Especially concerning the 4" pipe inserted into my forge as a HT.
  17. Hi all, I would really like some input on this please. I am considering making a propane Heat treating forge. I was curious about the designs though. I have looked at the Jesus Water Heater Heater forge and I see that the burner is in the back facing forward ( Dragon's Breath Style ). I have also looked at Don's 55 gallon drum forge and I see that the burner is in the front facing toward the rear. I know that there is a difference in the fact that one uses the T-rex atmospheric burner and the other is using a blown burner design. My main question is... Does it matter if the burner is in the front or back as long as the whole area gets heated evenly. I was unsure about this aspect. I am highly considering building a Water Heater HT forge, but if it is more effective to put the burner in the front then I will use that design when constructing mine. I would also appreciate any tips on getting cheap 1" kaowool or inswool. I have looked on ebay and that stuff is still expensive. But if that is my cheapest option then so be it. I have to build this thing. I have an anvil, shop, forge, and hammers. I just need a way to heat treat the blades. I don't have enough confidence or experience to try and use the forge to heat treat the blades at this time. I am eager to get started learning the riddle of steel. On a side note: I was curious about using a 4" pipe shoved in my forge to heat a blade evenly. Just curious about it. Not sure I want to try it, but my funds are running low and I may have no choice but to try it that way even though I would rather not. Thank you for time in this matter if you respond. William Gossett
  18. Well, I just called and pre-registered for this event. So I guess I will see whoever is going when we all get there. I look forward to meeting you guys.
  19. Congratulations on getting it finished. I myself am in the middle of getting a shop set up. I have my anvil, 100 lb. propane tank(empty), a few tools, and my steel all sitting in my front room. My 12' X 16' portable shed will be delivered on Monday. Then I have to add breakers to my box and run the 220 and 110 wire out to the shop. I have been trying to figure out what to do about the floor. I could lay down ceramic tile, but I am not partial to ceramic tile. I would prefer some kind of concrete fiber board or something. If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it. I imagine that it is a great feeling to finally get your shop up and going. Again I congratulate you. William
  20. Well, I have shown it before in this thread Here anyway, this is Chuck showing me the rebound on my Sea Robin Anvil.
  21. This is what Chuck sent me about the anvil. My height adjustable knife anvil is made up of 5 1/4" X 5 1/4" X 12" billets of 1340 double melt Crucible steel square stock, face machined and heat treated in super quench . The steel came from an Army munitions plant that closed down in Mississippi 20 years ago. It was used to make 155 MM Howitzer rounds. I machine and heat treat the top face to approximately RC 50 The steel has 2% manganese in it, so its really tough stuff. Its about the same RC.as my Hay Budden anvil. William
  22. Jesus I have quietly admired your work for some time now. I am thoroughly impressed with your artistic and forging abilities. That is a beautiful sword and it inspires me greatly. I do have one question for you though. Did you heat treat it in the T-Rex burner water heater heat treating forge that you built. I am still deciding on electric vs gas for my heat treating unit. If you can achieve these results with what you have then I will be making a quick trip to my buddy's house to get his old water heater to make one for myself. Thanks ahead of time for any response. You truly are great at what you do sir. William
  23. I'm sorry Bryan I did not get a pic of your anvil. I did see it though it was covered with a tarp. Well, here are the pics of my latest trip down to Chuck's. Chuck explaining things to me. The red hot anvil. The quench. Chuck swirling the anvil in the super quench. Me helping out just a little. Post quench anvil. Me guiding the anvil into my little Kia.
  24. Well I just got back form my second trip down to Chuck's. I went down there to pick an item up and to also go ahead and get the other face of my anvil hardened. I got to watch the process and I even helped out a little. It was a VERY exciting day for me! I can not emphasize enough what a great guy Chuck is. He is a real character and a very knowledgeable guy. I had a great time visiting with him. I'll post some pics when I wake up tomorrow.
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