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  1. Great work Dave. Love the story so far. Can't wait to see the blade finished and more of the story .
  2. Wow! Chris, you really have done a magnificent job on this piece and have documented it beautifully. I love watching masterpieces come together like this and would like to thank you for going into as much detail as you did. I know I certainly learnt a few things! Keep up the awesome work!
  3. Petr, your work is always such a pleasure to see. This is great !
  4. Wow! That is incredible! I would love to watch Mr Barta work .
  5. Very interesting project. Thanks heaps for sharing .
  6. Thanks very much for the info, I really love how everyone here is so knowledgeable and so willing to help and answer questions . Had a feeling that the holes in the center board were for mounting, and that link showed me how. Will be moving house soon so I should be able to set everything up to have the bellows set up in pretty much the same way as the Boonesborough blacksmith. Thanks again.
  7. Hey guys, I recently acquired this gorgeous old bellows. Unfortunately I know nothing of its history but it certainly isn't a new tool . The leather needs a bit of conditioning and it needs a new handle. The leather I am fine with but would anyone have any ideas for attaching a handle? Thanks !
  8. Excellent work as always! Very elegant piece.
  9. I love watching talented people work, keep up the fantastic work!
  10. Great looking knife, looks very comfortable to use.
  11. Beautiful work, you both make an excellent team turning out work that is nothing short of perfection. Very inspiring.
  12. Forrest

    JS Blades

    Congrats Dee! They are all beautiful blades! Guess you can relax a bit now ... or you could always make some more awesome stuff for us to drool over.
  13. Looking forward to this, love seeing the progress of an idea into a finished knife.
  14. Amazing work, knife and sheath are both magnificent!
  15. Have been searching around and have found a few stunning knives with burl handles, it seems that having the 'eyes' (thanks Gyuri) on the side is the done thing. So I shal do the same as it looks awesome . I will be sure to share results, when I finally get around to finishing a knife..
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