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  1. The blades make me want to vomit but its... tolerable
  2. This is for a wedding knife for a gent. I had thick steel to start off with so the first weld pass was four layers of 1075 and l6. Then i did a 5 cut and fold to make it 20 layers. . Then after that welded, I did a four cut and got it to 80 layers. after this I drew it out and the forged the blade I will be making the waxes next for the spacer and the buttcap. The handle wood will be mahogany
  3. Finally after more than two years on this project, I am done. It started with making the shear steel up at rics in jan 2011!
  4. short broken back seax is gone. Two left. Who wants em! New prices anthro sword - 275 shipped
  5. Zombie chopper is now sold. All prices and items are current
  6. All blade prices have been updated and removed the sold ones. Let me know if you have any interest.
  7. That is the wax that is used inside of the investment material that then melts out and the metal is poured into its void
  8. Well i am happy to be able to get back onto this project. Life and business surely do try keep you away from passions. Im casting the silver tonight and will hopefully have a finished product by the end of the week.
  9. There are lots of regs on how the blades are to be made but there are so many steels that can work I don't see that as a huge safety issue like the shape of the blade. Yeah I can't get them to get back to me but I was just thinking if anyone thought about what sort of steel would work for constant steel on steel. This is for duke palymar mark
  10. Does anyone know a good starter grinder, something that I can add larger wheels and whatnot to later on as I get more cash?
  11. I have a buddy who is on the team and wants me to make him a sword, but I am wondering what steel would be best used for blunted steel on steel contact that needs to last for more than one round. I Was thinking 5160 or 6150 but any steel advice here would be great.
  12. Prices updated everything has been cut in half. I need these blades moved! let me know if you are interested. Also added another knife
  13. Sales pending on Zombie chopper, small seax, and celtic woodsmans knife.
  14. Im not the sort to be out until 4am every day so I sold it and bought a small gadget company, business is good. Thanks for your compliment
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