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  1. Hey Guys, Here is a video picture montage I threw together...
  2. So who's gonna make one? Not it! (touches nose)
  3. I agree! I especially like how the wire inlay compliments the carving and I love the angled ricasso shoulder. -Nick
  4. Just wow. These are some of my favorite knive made by anyone, anyware, anytime. Thanks for posting.
  5. ^What that guy said. Way, way better than my first knife. Congrats!
  6. Hi Everybody, This is sort of a strange stock removal thing I really enjoyed making. The groove on the bevel side is the first thing I have ever scraped! Sort of cheating on Starrett 0-1 but it's a start. The etch pattern was done using my girfriend's nail polish and Ferric. Awaiting leatherwork. Cheers, Nick
  7. Wow. I really like that. Elegant and rugged at the same time. Might I ask the brand/pattern of file you used for the finer zig-zag portion of the filework? Cheers, Nick
  8. That is a good point Alan. I will have to lay some tomatos down on it and see if there is a taste issue. I suppose I could get it clear anodized if that is an problem. Nothing like fresh tomatos and basil. I have been referring to the basil plant as a pesto plant all summer. Thanks for the comments. -Nick
  9. Heck, you can be an OFFICIAL member of the family if you bring wine. We always have food to suit vegitarians, carnivores and those of the "chosen person" persuasion. The Aluminum forged very well. As discribed to me by Blacksmith Derek Glazer, heat the aluminum until a white pine stick will leave a black smudge. That is forging temperature. Worked great. No cracks! Thanks, Nick
  10. Hi everybody, This is my completed Chrismas present for my dad. He collects various platters and serving trays and is rather Italian. Like, sits in his shack next to his house and cooks sauce with a wife beater on Italian. Like, Cadillac driving, gold chin wearing, Ravioli making, cursing at the Red Sox on the radio Italian. You get the idea. He always serves a Caprese salad with every big holiday meal. If you have not had the pleasure, it is fresh Tomato, fresh Mozzarella, a piece of basil and olive oil. Sublime. I thought I might make him a platter to serve this salad on. And what's
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