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  1. Hahah yea, also, I can say that any sort of idea that anyone knew what the fuck was going on during a close quarters sea battle seems nonsense, because theres no way anyone could see anything at all, and the inside of the ship had to be as close to hell as you could get. Also, the relative drop in velocity of a cannonball which when fired from this cannon was around 360m/s, which only dropped to between 325-300 after penetrating 80cm of solid oak. Unbelievable power on these guys.
  2. Hey Everyone! Got some new pieces for sale, pay pal and I'll ship anywhere. Once again, all forged my myself up in New Hampshire. The Butchers Bowie. 5.5" 1095/15n20 Firestorm blade. Brass and Bubinga handle, 11" overall. $900. "Blood Ash Fighter" - 7" 1095 Blade, Brass guard, stabilized ash handle, 14" overall. $700 "Blood Ash Chopper" - 10" 1095 Blade, Brass guard, stabilized ash handle, 15.5" overall. $700 Thanks for checking it out!
  3. Check out the blog! its in reverse numerical though, from top to bottom, so it doesnt read right but you can get the picture! http://www.vasamuseet.se/Creating-the-Cannon I got really lucky haha.Very much in the right place at the right time. Well, the target was only ever at about 100m, and we fired about half of the shots at that, and then they also did half the shots down range, and it was all collected on radar, so I'm assuming that they will have an accuracy cone, this one tended to shoot low and right a little bit, and at 100m, they were grouping them in about 2.5ft. Granted open air on land is not the same as looking out a gun port in a rolling ship during battle, but they were at least fairly accurate weapons. Thanks Kevin! I'm glad I had the oppurtunity, it was an incredibly unique experience! I wish I could work at the museum forever!
  4. Hey! So, I don't think I ever updated this project on this forum. For those of you who don't know, I was responsible for all major parts of the fabrication of this cannon, the pattern, the mold flask, the cannonballs, the carraige, I had to reverse engineer all of it. Which is 3000lbs, 10ft long, and fires a 24 pounder solid iron shot 2 miles. Then we fired it, 54 times on a ballistic proving range called Bofors Test Center, at a replica of 16th century warship hull made by the museum, which was 10 tons of solid oak. Enjoy!
  5. Axes now going down to $150.
  6. I've got 2 new ones! My paypal is tempestcraft@gmail.com, I can also take personal checks and I'll ship wherever. 1095 bit, 1018 body. 1.25 lbs / 800g ish. 4" / 10cm blades. $200 head, $300 Hafted, plus tax and shipping. 1095 bit, 1018 body. 1.25 lbs / 800g ish. 4" / 10cm blades. $200 head, $300 Hafted, plus tax and shipping. Thanks for looking guys!
  7. Thanks everyone! Dropped some of the prices!
  8. Hello! Got 3 pieces here. 10.5" Pinstripe Damascus, bronze, zebrawood, 16" overall. $600 10" Pinstripe Damascus, bronze, zebrawood, 15.5" overall. $600 6" Pinstripe Damascus, Katalox and bronze handle, 11" overall. SOLD
  9. Thanks Dave! Its all 15n20 and 1095. its a 10 strand construction, 10 pieces of the same steel oriented in different ways, 5 on each side.
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